“Something is Happening Here!”

“Something is happening here!” is the first line of a comment Kitty wrote on my post the other day, “To: The Flight Crew”.  The post was about welcoming Jim and Margaret to the Crew.  Comments 30-36 were so profound that I didn’t want anyone to miss them.  So, here they are…

I love this site.  I certainly love Our Guys!  And I am, most assuredly, proud to know all of you.


      • Jim, you acknowledged Il Volo beautifully… We all feel the same as you… We love Il Volo and we all want to protect them as if they were our own…
        To be a Flight Crew member the only qualification is that you love Il VOLO… You passed with flying colors.. Welcome to our family…

  1. Thank you Jeannette!!! I’ll work the Coach and Economy Section on today’s flight and you take First Class for the kind ‘Welcome Aboard’ you and the others have given me,…..now,…where do we keep those little bags of pretzels and peanuts??? Ms. Marie, lol, you bet a circle-saw,…and rude critics too,…those kids are worth every ounce of support I can give them!! After all, my mom sent them to me in her stead this last Christmas. One of the best gifts she ever gave me. I’d like to share this with all of you, too. My buddies have been listening to Il Volo from my downloads on every fishing trip we’ve been on since December when I’ve been doing the driving. The last three trips we’ve taken one of them has done the driving besides me for a change, and when they get to my place to pick me up they make sure I bring “those Italian boys” along with me, lol,…..because they now pontificate we catch more fish when the scaly rascals hear the boys singing from the boat!!! Now how’s that for a “fish tale”?!? But, what is truly charming about my story,….is that I occasionally catch one of the ‘old goats’ (lol), humming an Il Volo tune when they’re puttering about the campsite! And that, Ms. Marie,..is genuinely heartwarming to observe. Thank you all so much for helping me understand this phenomenon better than I could have ever done so on my own. A special thanks to Anncruise and KittyKam for initially reaching out to me with the right directions to take in order to learn more about these three tremendous gentlemen. I thought I was the only one who felt this way after hearing them sing the first time. I could water the front lawn with tears every time I hear them perform the ‘Ave Maria’. Godspeed, Il Volo,…and the Flight Crew, too.

  2. Hi Jim & Margaret I just discovered you have joined our Flight Crew. Welcome & congratulations you both are in the right place. You are a man after my own heart Jim by reiterating how you will stand up for these wonderful young men. That is what I did for one of them a while ago by writing a couple of letters to a few people defending the hurt he was feeling. I think they made a difference because I got 2 responses & things seemed to change for that young man.
    These young men are the same age as my grandson & I will do anything I can for him & I feel the same about Il Volo. There are no other singers on the planet as good & wholesome as they are. My heart overflows with love for these young men & especially Ignazio.
    I am glad you Jim & |Margaret feel the same way as we all do. Have fun blogging.

  3. It is wonderful to read the messages from Jim and Margaret. Jim, my introduction to Il Volo is very similar to yours. I lost 2 sons 6 weeks apart and felt as though I had lost my mind, my soul and my heart. five months later, I first heard Il Volo by a fluke. I was channel surfing and nothing seemed interesting until I happened to stop on the public TV station and Il Volo was singing. Their voices and personalities were amazing. After just a few songs, my stress, tension, sorrow were eased away. I could feel myself relax for the first time in months. I believe these three young men, and they were very young in early 2012, are a gift from God for healing broken spirits. I have heard many others tell similar stories after finding Il Volo. My best to you as you heal from grief.

  4. From Sandi:

    I, too, am an IL Volo lover…perhaps a better description, an IL Volo lover Grandma. I am an mature teacher who has worked with teenagers for many years. I observed years ago that teenage boys were very much like “squirrels in boy suits”. I have loved, guided and at times, chewed on the ears of many of these “squirrels”. I was so enamored with the young men of IL Volo when I first saw them on PBS. They were such a endearing bundle of talent, energy, joy, and young teenager charm that it was love at first sight! I have followed them via twitter and then, I found all of you…my kind of people! Thank you so much. I hope I can be a useful member and friend who is most willing to support and nurture these delightful and inspiring young men. Sandi

  5. Something is happening here! Something almost beyond explanation. It seems to me that we are suddenly welcoming more and more crew members into our family. I am very proud to be able to contribute here, and to have been asked, but I’m even more so now because this site encourages mature fans to feel comfortable voiceing their thoughts, appreciation, respect, and deep admiration for three young men who are giving hope, and joy, by doing nothing more than being themselves. They are able to convey feelings, relate experiences, and make friends without the fear of being laughed at or made to feel strange. The majority of us here, have grandchildren, or even great grandchildren, and at times have said that they care for, and even worry about these young ones as if they were. Not only has it been said that a Grandmothers love must be earned; but once earned, it will always be. I’ve been asked several times why Grandma aged ladies love Il Volo so much. Isn’t that a bit out of the ordinary? My answer has always been: It’s because we ARE Grandmas. We have lived long enough to recognize good from not, and appreciate it when we see it. Kindness, compassion, manners, rank high in our assessment, and have been sorely lacking by todays standards. When we see it, it’s applauded, and cherished. Those young men display, to us, what is the important things that go far beyond even beautiful voices, and looks. God has outdone himself in the creating of these three. Instilling them with qualities that we readily recognize, and never ignore. Because of this, they are gaining, and gaining the adoration they deserve, without even having to try. We do love them!

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  1. Oh, Marie! Thank you for re-posting these few notes. I had, Indeed, missed them and they are jewels. My morning has just been brightened again with love and my head filled with Il Volo music! Thank you again!

    1. Thank you Linda, helping to brighten your day brightens mine!

      Linda P, your comments are always so sweet and cheerful. I look for them.

  2. These are such wonderful comments. I am smiling the whole way through reading them. How to be so connected to others through love is a special blessing.

  3. Sounds like Jim and Margaret are off to a fine start here as part of the Flight Crew.
    Oh and as a side note, I am still laughing at the visual image Sandi shared of her students being “squirrels in boy suits” That about summed it up for me too.

  4. Beautiful insights by all, capturing every emotion I share with you about “our boys”! Grazie!❤️🇮🇹🇺🇸

  5. When I welcomed Jim and Margaret in the earlier posting I forgot to say – in general – it is wonderful to expand and diversify our group. ( I must say it is nice to get more men in here as well) I think that the core of our interest is really very broad = anyone that likes absolutely beautiful music, regardless of the language, sung by singers that are well-trained and have passion. That kind of interest is found at any age, male or female, any kind of education level. I am going to see if my son will join up here. He is in the film business but does a lot of serious music and has been to see Il Volo concerts 3 times.

    Anyway, a big welcome again.

  6. Dear Marie I love your post today it is so nice to know that the way we each feel about IL Volo is not something weird but wonderful and is shared by so many like minded people. What a great site you have for all of us and I know it is only going to continue to grow even stronger as time goes on and more people everywhere learn about our wonderful guys Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlucca. keep up the incredibly job.

  7. Can someone enlighten me as to what the Il Volo men are doing tomorrow morning. Are they playing football or singing & where. I saw an advertisment on Mundial about something but don’t understand it because it is not clear.

    1. The Milan Expo 2015 runs from May 1 through October 31 and the theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. .Monday is a charity football match between current and former players. Zanetti & Friends charity match to highlight the issue and support of children’s nutrition. Il Volo will participate. RA 1 at 20:30.

  8. Ms. Marie & Crew, I have been going back to this thread several times to read Kitty’s “welcome” to me and Margaret that she posted on this site. The clarity of meaning in that first line has caught my rapt attention. I am familiar with Kitty’s descriptive style of expression. I pay attention to what she has to say. She and I have shared dialogue on another Il Volo site and I enjoy her “straight to the point” manner of summing things-up for the reader. Ms. Marie, I am so glad your ‘scales of insight’ also measured the weight and value of the opening line of her reply.

    “”Something is happening here!””

    Yes Kitty,…..it is!!!

    Something so very real to imagine, something so uplifting to the human heart, something so healing to the immortal soul, something so expansive and inclusive for our eyes and minds to observe, something so dignified and honorable in its presentation to us, and frankly,…for me,….something so empowering that it has encouraged trust to exist between total strangers to disclose deeply felt emotional life experiences to each other, and how as a result of simply watching and listening to these three young men demonstrate their Divine talents by singing to us, it has changed us, soothed us, warmed us, touched us, bathed us, and made it better for us in those life experiences in every way Blessings do.

    That Kitty,…is “something” I see happening,…and isn’t it wonderful to be a part of it?

  9. Yes, Jim, you always hit the nail on the head sometimes causing us to face realities we may not want to face so soon. However, when we do face them, it does not change anything because Piero, Ignazio and Gianuca (as I have told you before) are so ingrained in our lives that we can never go back to before, only forward with them in whatever way life turns them.

    1. You’re very right in your summation of the evolution of Il Volo, Deanne. The developmental and maturation reality of these beautiful young men are as mortal and human as with any young man. Their known Divinity is in the zeitgeist of how they came together and of their Gifted talent of song. Their Divine Purpose as it is for any of us, is to develop and grow that Genesis of opportunity to it’s full potential by honing and perfecting that Gift of talent by their own free will. Boys grow into young men, young men grow into manhood, and manhood produces the sage wisdom of a shepherd tending his flock before the veil lifts between Heaven and Earth for evey man at the end of his journey. We will grow with Il Volo every step of the way, and each one of them will give us something to be thankful for every time we hear them sing. I do not take them for granted and I do not doubt the Supremacy of their origin. I accept that I am at this age when they entered my life as Messengers from another place. And, I accept that they will be tempted and tried by the world of celebrity and influence. That will be their choice to make as to how they handle it as they transition into adulthood. But I also know, without reservation, that it will be the guidance and protection of their families, and the intervention of our prayers, and the love we all together feel for them that will be the greatest intercession to keep them safe from harm and in the Hands of God. Of all the things I pray for, I cherish the chance to send Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero to a greater Authority for Protection.

      Ms. Marie once tenderly challenged me to admit that “I did see their Angel Wings” that first night they sang to me. Yes, Ms. Marie, you are right, I did see them, I only feigned reporting it for fear of sounding over zealous in my abiding love for them from that night forward.

      When I leave here, I want to ask God if I can come back as a messenger for these three fellows, like they were for me, should the need ever arise in their lives for just such an intervention. I owe them that one debt no matter which side of the veil I’m on. Godspeed, Il Volo.

  10. Dr. Douglas, I don’t know what topic you are planning for the book you will write, but I certainly hope the passages you have shared with us find their way there. They are beautiful, uplifting and so descriptive of our love for those Angles. I knew you saw their wings.

  11. Marie, I just one to correct you here!! they are no longer Angels, they have graduated to ArchAngels, so they can no longer hide their wings, they are larger than them!!!

  12. Well…as usual, you all have said all there is to say. 🙂 I echo Marie: it is a privilege to be here with all of you. 🙂

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