A Retrospection on Il Volo

Sometimes I do wonder…you know how every parent thinks their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world? Most of the time they’re not! Oh come on… you’ve seen ugly babies. Not yours, I’m sure! And certainly not these:

a - for retrospection

But, well…what I wonder about is.. maybe it’s that way with my Il Volo Boys. Maybe they’re not “Angels from Heaven”. Maybe they’re not the most handsome men on earth. Maybe they’re not the nicest guys that ever lived. Maybe they’re not really even the worlds best vocalists. Maybe, like the ugly babies (yes, I said it again), it’s just my biased point of view that makes them seem that way. I’ve been thinking about that alot lately. I’ve had time to think about it…No US/Canada concert schedules to post. No Las Vegas camaraderie to plan for. Still no phone call from Ignazio. Yeah, I’ve had time.

Finally netted them.  Taking them home.
Finally netted them. Taking them home.

I wonder if I’ve been fooling myself. Maybe they are just an ordinary cute little Italian boy band after all. Not at all the “beautiful babies” I think they are. I wonder if anyone else has had that thought. I wonder if anyone else thinks there’s a chance they are just that and only that. 

Oh… not any of you! You Flight Crew people won’t even understand what I just wrote. It’s way too far out of the realm of possibilities for you.

Never mind. Don’t even bother reading this.


12 thoughts on “A Retrospection on Il Volo”

  1. Yes Marie there is a possibility that they aren’t the most beautiful babies I’ve seen (but I still would have liked to have taken the little guy who is not smiing home with me, he is just my cup of tea). BUT you have to admit they are the most handsomest MEN on earth at least the talest one is & he is still my cup of tea. NO you still can’t have the monopoly on him.
    BUT as far as talent there are NO OTHER singers that can compare. AS far as humour there is no other talent as MY Ignazio. Oh by the way I told Ignazio you were too busy so not to disturb you.
    Glad you brought these thoughts up Marie, good to hash them out. Hope your week-end is wonderful & your sister’s foot is healing. Nice chatting with you.

  2. Goodness Marie, you made me nervous there for a minute. They are the best and will always be the best! Anyone that cannot see that is just being mean and jealous! Love to Il Volo today and every day.

  3. Marie! Have you lost your mind??? You can not even let those thoughts go through your head!!! Of course they were the most beautiful babies!!! The most handsome young men & the best singers!!! And the greatest personalities!!! So that adds up to our charming Italian Trio!!! Our most precious Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! Grande Amore!!!

  4. Marie,
    I know you are just joshing with us. They are the most handsome, talented, kind, gracious, sweet and humble young men. I am sure they were very cute “babies”. I wish them the best in the Eurovision competition. I also wish I could go to Italy to see them perform but I can’t. I know it seems like they will never come back to sing for us this year but look at all the opportunities they have be given and they should drink up all these experiences they have had so far. We should cherish all the times we have had with them. It’s a lot for them at their age to absorb this incredible journey they’ve been on.
    Fino a tardi

  5. Marie, I knew you were kidding! We’re all getting a little antsy right now..we have this need to be In Vienna to give them moral support!! Mental telepathy is our only chance!! Oh, and by the way, I thought the same thing when I saw them netted! ! What ever happens WE KNOW WHO IS THE BEST!! And didn’t Gianluca say something about coming to Phoenix? .If I start now, “by the time I get to Phoenix, they’ll be waiting”!!!!! Dot…..

  6. Dear Marie I know you’re only kidding about our guys so what if they weren’t t the cutest babies in the world they sure have grown into handsome young men and we all know how they can sing don’t stress about Eurovision I figure if they don’t win so what I know how much I love them to me that’s all that counts and I’m guessing you probably feel the same way so I say to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlucca go to Eurovision have a great time, be themselves, and just sing like they can they will be just fine.

  7. Marie, if I had seen these BABIES when they were babies I don’t
    think I could have kept from giving them a hug and kiss on the
    cheek. They look so sweet, like they could do no wrong. I hope
    they win, but win or lose, they will still be great singers that touch
    my heart with talent and passion. We’ll just love them all the
    more and they will just keep getting better and better.

  8. Marie, marie, Marie. I understand how you’re feeling. It’s all the stress of Eurovision. In all our hearts, win or lose, they will still be our boys. The best looking, best singers and the most elegant looking guys on this planet. They have a great shot at this competition. Let’s all hold hands and say a prayer for them.

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