Il Volo Professional ~~ Getting to Work: 1st Impressions and The Media




Oh yeah!  You better believe Italy’s in the house!!!  Throughout the last few days, rehersals have been held for each act, and today was Il Volo’s turn.  After each rehersal, the acts have received critics comments, which has been affecting their rankings going into the competition.  Where does Il Volo stand?  Read on.

There was also a lot of press work and The Red Carpet Event to attend, so our boys were really busy today.  There are many interviews scattered throughout the fandom for individual news outlets.  I have included a couple, but you can visit our affiliate, All Things Il Volo, for more.


1st Impression Rehersal;; Mary


Eurovision Rehersal Day One  Photo Album~~ Eurofestival News; All Things Il Volo



Meeting the Press

Press Conference ~~ wiwiblogs; LiJoy


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Live in Vienna; escaustria; LiJoy


Meet and Greet ~~; LiJoy

Meet and Greet Photo Album ~~; Mary


Red Carpet

Eurofestival News Facebook; LiJoy



esctoday; LiJoy



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On to day two!

~~ Kelly

15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Getting to Work: 1st Impressions and The Media”

  1. This is Eurovision has been a bit confoozaubulating to me. A couple days ago I saw some voting by smaller countries and IL VOLO ended up with over 300 some votes, clearly on top. The Daily Press has them at 81 pts and the nearest to them is Australia for 73 pts. Plus there seems to be so many things on Youtube it makes me dizzy. I wish I could have seen their entire rehearsal but so far I have only seen a bit of it….sad to say our ragazzi did not look that impressive, they looked a bit stiff ( well, to be honest it was at 7:30 AM and I know I am not even awake at that time) and the pitch…did not sound 100%. I know I read someone repeating that a press person noted that they looked uncomfortable and that “Piero looked scared” which I do not believe for one moment. A mere rehearsal would never frighten my ThunderBaron!
    Then the last thing….aww heck, I forgot the last thing. Dang it, I am a confoozeled pirate who is in need of RUM!

    1. Connie, Gianluca did say it was really big stage! Maybe they were a little overwhelmed at first. I know I can barely talk at 7:30 in the morning, much less sing. Do you know what time they will sing in the finals? I know they will warm up a lot before then. As Ignazio said they have butterflies in the stomach. As long as their knees aren’t knocking, they will be fine. After seeing these videos, I have HIGH HOPES for IL VOLO!

      1. Thanks Lynn, Yeah I very much want to believe they were a mite overwhelmed on that stage. Did you watch any of that rehearsal snippet? The thing about pitch really sorta kinda bothers me , but what do I know? I have no idea about the time of the finals. I have high hopes for IL Volo too…I just get nervous about these contests. I was burnt bad once by a contest but thats another story.

  2. Kelly, thank you & your other contributors to this page for these awesome pictures & videos. I could almost feel the excitement our young men were experiencing being at Eurovision & being interviewed. Having the interviews in English is so great. They are being themselves, and charming everyone they meet. I just know they will win over the judges and the people from other countries who will vote for them. If all of us here in the US & Canada & South America could vote for them, they would win in a landslide! Thanks again for keeping us informed of the happenings in Vienna.

  3. Dear Kelly I thought the guys were incredible today first their rehearsal was terrific remember it was only their first one, I know they will be even better the next time they rehearse, as for the press conference and the other interviews they were their wonderful awesome selves, I’m not even gong to look at the polls I’m just going to enjoy seeing them this week. I hope they can really relax and have fun.

  4. Hi well yes the Eurovision can be quite overwhelming both to those participating and also to all the fans out there !!you get such different vibes from different countries that i myself get so tensed and worry so much about how our boys will fare ! they only show a snippet of the rehearsal so as to leave the final result as a surprise to the viewers! no matter what is said before, no matter the amount of pre voting that goes on and all the comments both in favour or against will not really matter in the end as not everyone has the chance to read all but what is extremely important is how the boys will perform on the the final night, the night when the viewers will cast their votes as this is when they have to give it their all and impress Europe, the Europeans may at time be very difficult and critical armchair viewers and are not easily impressed or or simply impressed by something stupid !! I am so very sorry to say so myself about us Europeans so that is why i get these flutters in my stomach as i really do so want IL VOLO to do well and be loved by all just as we love them! It is not going to be an easy ride for them but let us keep our fingers crossed and our hopes up !! In Malta they seem to be very popular too so I am really depending on Malta to give their 12 point to Italy as our two countries are very close and every body understands Italian and love Italian songs. The Eurovision is extremely popular here in Malta and everybody holds “Eurovision Parties” to watch so i will surely be watching and cheering our boys all the way !!

  5. When is the semi final that Il VOlo will be in? I thought it was Thursday but it does not seem to me that they would schedule a signing on a day that they are performing. Someone please de-confuse me! Time and day if possible!

    1. Italy, being one of the big 5 will automatically make it to the final ( together with England Spain Germany and France as well as Austria being the host country after wining last year’ competition) they will however show around 30 secs of the songs of the big 5 in both the semi final 1 on Tuesday and also on Thursday after the rest of the countries but they will not qualify for the voting as yet They will of course be officially taking part in the final on Saturday at. 20.00 hrs European time

      1. So they are not actually in the semi finals? How do they show 30 seconds of the song? Is it a video? Just curious. I was trying to figure out how I could watch the semi final they are in–but if they are not in one, it is one less thing to worry about.

      2. Yes being directly on the final is a relief and one less thing to worry uf we are going to qualify ir not !
        Usually it id a recorded video for the big 5 which is shown in the end after all the othet countries have sung their song
        But on the final nigjht it is all a life direct tranmission

  6. I was reading the comments on the first impressions of Il Volo’s first rehearsal and I really smiled when reading this one.I must share it with you. It is a cut and paste of a very strong opinion. I did not see the dislikes she is referring to. Here it is:

    Nintyskid90 1 day ago
    Wow! So many dislikes! Fearing the competition cowards? 😛 they’re so great, it’s their first rehearsal and they already sound good. Only people who listen to crap music will find this boring. You go guys! I hope Europe shows there’s still some class left in our old and cultured continent. The 12 points of Albania are definitely yours!
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  7. Thanks Kelly for this wonderful post. The guys look like they are having so much fun. Can’t wait for Saturday! Best, best wishes to IL VOLO!!!

  8. Feeling so so scared at the moment ((I do not know why and need to calm down as I am even having palpitations !! ) I really have to stop going through the internet as it now seems that it is going to be a close shave between ITALY RUSSIA AND SWEDEN 🙁 with betting odds in favour of Sweden. I really do hope that the boys will be OK on the night and not nervous as I am as they might now start to feel the pressure of representing their country. I really do worry about them they are still so young !!!!. It is going to be a long long night tomorrow with
    IL VOLO singing last and than waiting for 40 countries to cast their votes.
    I do not think that i am going to survive the night !! really wish that America and Canada and Latin America could help with their votes too !!! I know you would all really have loved to do that ! Well there is nothing that can be done about now so its no use wishing. Let us just keep our fingers crossed for them from now on and hope for the best. I have great hopes for our guys as we still have not yet seen the final complete version and i am sure that on the night they will bring the house down and EUROPE will be in for a spectacular surprise and win them over!

    I am sure that our boys will give their all and even if they do not win they will always be our GRANDE AMORE ! GOOD LUCK IL VOLO !! my 12 votes go for you 🙂 well feeling a bit better now that i have let it all out 🙂

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