29 thoughts on “Pucker up!”

  1. I’ll take & return kisses from all three thank you!!! Piero has already kissed me twice on the right cheek, the 85th birthday kiss & the kiss after he saw their Il Volo tattoo! I am willing to share all three but with reluctance!!! Can we wait until Oct or Nov to see them again??? Very difficult!!!

      1. I don’t think they will have to thaw you out, You will either spontaneously combust, or melt at the thought of being in the same room (even if it is a big concert hall) with we know who.

      1. Well..I don’t mean to offend anyone but did anybody see Finland? Yikes! Probably just not my kind of screaming…I mean singing.

      2. Oh goo! You meant scary–bad. As opposed to scary–they are good!

      3. And here I thought they were just a bag of old bones trying to regain their youth! Hmmm, sounds a little like me!

  2. I mean good in the first line–not goo! That’s what happens when your fingers do the walking…

  3. Less than that here are the 10 winners of the first, semi-finalists who competed today:


  4. We all have our favorite. But I was laughing so hard when I heard the Ave Maria story….as soon as possible. 🙂 Gotta love Gian when he gets so sweetly goofy.

    Grande Amore has been going around in my head all day…how about all of you?

  5. I understood they were not going to be in the States & Canada in October & November is this changed???

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