First Semi-final Results

Can’t wait until Thursdays 2nd Semi-final round and our Guys take the stage!  Update: guys don’t take the stage.  Darn! You can watch it tomorrow at 3 pm EDT.  Use either the link to Eurovision below or, like I did, just go to YouTube and put in “Eurovision streaming live.”  

In the meantime, here’s how yesterday’s first round went. ~Marie

a semi final

We have our first ten finalists Through to the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Semi-Final One Winners on stage
Semi-Final One Winners on stage Thomas Hanses (EBU)
  • Albania

  • Armenia

  • Russia

  • Romania

  • Hungary

  • Greece

  • Estonia

  • Georgia

  • Serbia

  • Belgium

The ten winners will shortly have a press conference where they will also draw their position to be in either the first or second half of the Grand Final.

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13 thoughts on “First Semi-final Results”

  1. Crew, don’t forget to keep your eye on the “Odds Checker” over on the left of the screen in the gray area above the twitter. (No, you can’t read it until you click on it.) It’s how the pro’s are betting on the Eurovision outcome. Careful! It’s for real! Don’t spend your concert cash there. Our Guys remain in second place after Sweden.

    P.S. Gina and Mary Strickler! How would we get through Eurovision without you both?

  2. Marie, I thought Italy has a “free pass” to the final and aren’t performing in the semi final.
    And here is another question: how long is each program? Several hours I would think…

      1. They have that CD signing tomorrow–I can’t believe they will also perform–they are going to be TIRED.

  3. Marie and the whole board…thank you, thank you for keeping us so informed as to what is going on over there. It’s mind boggling, but you all are keeping us up to date perfectly. Can’t thank you enough!! 🙂

  4. Thanks Marie for telling me–my husband has an appointment tomorrow at 5 and I probably will miss whatever it is.

  5. Ladies:
    I believe the guys along with 5 other countries, the big 6, don’t have to sing in the semifinals and can go right to the finals on Saturday.
    Also, there is a Next Male Model contest at Eurovision. Last week, the guys were in 2nd (Gianluca) , 3rd (Ignazio) and 4th place (Piero) in a semifinal. Now they have slipped. If you would like to vote, go to It is a little confusing navigating the site, so be sure to vote for the final. The winner will be named after Eurovision. You can vote for as many as you want on the ballot, but you can only vote once.

  6. Linda, you are right, the Guys together with the other 5 special privileged ones go straight into the finals. what Il Volo had was 1st and 2nd practices on the big stage where there were press etc. etc. there (the other 5 will have the same thing) they also sang at an event where other contestants sang too. I am trying to find out what time (Vienna time) does Saturday start.

    1. Glad to see I am not the only one confused Marie! I couldn’t image them singing after a day of signing. Not the way the fans manhandle them (or should I say womanhandle?).

  7. Yes ITALY / IL VOLO/ GRANDE AMORE is already in the final and they will be now singing in the 2nd half of the contest, we still do not know in what position they will be sining, this will be decided at the end of tonight’s 2nd semi final when we will have the full list of qualifiers for the final round and draws will be made once again.
    It is a tough competition out there and the eastern countries have a sort of shall we say a monopoly over the whole thing in fact they dominated the semi finals with only Belgium being the only wwestern european country to qualify hopefully they will fare better in this round. All forty countries will be voting in the final and the process can take quite some time. Each country reads out the results in turn, once again the order of voting is taken by draw, awarding points from 1 to 7 whcih appear directly on the score board after which the most important points of 8 10 and 12 points are read out, If there is a tie than the country with has been given the most 12 points will win. One think i know for sure is that ON THE NIGHT i will be dying inside with butterflies in my stomach especially when the voting begins – it is going to be a long night and even worse than a world cup final as Eurovision can be so unpredictable !!

    Well I really do wish IL VOLO all the best of luck for the final night YOU CAN DO IT GUYS !!

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