Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision: A Formally Informal Performance, 2nd Rehearsal and Press Conference

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OK.  So I was working on a piece about how even though it seems like The Guys might be resting, they really aren’t, but maybe that’s my life.  I’m not sure where the last 24 hours went!  Anyway, we’re on to the second rehearsal, and I’ll get back to the other piece…sometime….

In the meantime, enjoy snippets from the day.  I was working on this post last night when not as many pictures were available, so keep coming back.  I’ll be adding to this as I find more things.




Eurovillage Performance


Second Rehearsal

Il Volo 2nd Rehearsal Eurovision Song Contest 2015  ~~ All About Il Volo


Eurovision Song Contest


Second Rehearsal At Eurovision Photo Album ~~ Credit: Andres Putting (EBU); All Things Il Volo



 Intresting Things

As usual, our friends, All About Il Volo, have put together a comprehensive list of things to see…which includes a play list of videos that might interest you.  Thanks, Marie for the tip. 

Il Volo Links and News For May 20, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo   


Helpful Hints from Mary

Watching_TV1How to Watch
Explicit instructions:

Youtube: Google (or whatever your search is) “Youtube Live” – You can do this on a computer, iPad or whatever you use to access Youtube. You should see a list of choices. I clicked the one at the top of the screen titled LIVE-YOUTUBE. Then in the search area at the top of the screen type: 2015 Eurovision Song Contest: Semi-Final 1. You will then see under Featured Live Events a small screen for 2015 Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Click that screen and a larger screen will appear which will become active at 22:00 hours (or here in Naples 3:00 pm – 43 minutes from now.)

(Editor’s note: I was delayed in reading this e-mail, so the specific Semi-Final she is speaking of is past.  I imagine you can follow the same instructions for the current day’s events.)

For Web TV: This can only be viewed on a computer. Google – when it opens go up to the upper left of screen and click menu. When that opens look down to the left under for the heading NEWS. Look below and click Web TV. When that open go to the right and you will see LIVE NOW and 2015 Eurovision Song Contest – Semi Final 1. A screen on the left will open and ask you to install some kind of app. Do not do that, but instead click NO THANKS. Screen opens and you will be able to view Eurovision 2015 live. You can follow this procedure for Semi Final 2 and most importantly Eurovision Finals on May 23.

The Jury Is In  ClipArt_judges_10

I think we all want to vet this year’s judges.  Have a look to see if you “approve.”       😉


Exclusive: Here Are This Year’s National Juries ~~

13 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision: A Formally Informal Performance, 2nd Rehearsal and Press Conference”

  1. A GREAT THANKS needs to go to KELLY, MARIE AND MARY. The flood of information coming this weeks is a major task to sort thru. I am new at this and tried to help with information I found but I am a novice at ‘copy, share’ and video transfers. I enjoyed just finding AND reading some of the history of Eurovision and the comments so many made regarding the WORTH of this event. No matter what happens Saturday the boys will have ‘millions’ of exposure to new fans. They are the best but so many other factors seem to enter into voting. Politics, like and dislike of a particular country, the tastes of each generation voting and the last performance.

    1. Gina, I’m still planning to use some of your information in an upcoming post. Don’t anyone let her downplay her contribution! 🙂

      1. I loved every minute checking and learning. Until this year I never watched Eurovision or Sanremo so it has been a great education.
        I think after Saturday everyone will be anxious to hear the boys
        do their concerts. I want to hear them sing something else besides
        “Grande Amore”. I will always share if I think it is new and you
        ladies can use or delete. I will not go overboard. My oldest grandson either does not answer his phone or tex back or when he starts texing he does not stop. I always tell him grandma’s phone needs to be charged.

  2. Dear Kelly Just trying to keep up with what is going on with IL Volo seems like a whilwind in Vienna but man oh man second rehearsal so incredible saw them singing in the cold weather yesterday I just hope and pray they don’t get colds or worse yet hoarse.. Love to IL Volo.

  3. Thanks so much for all this information, ladies!! I am at my son’s in the Santa Cruz area. They have been listening & watching with me when they are home! My son was so impressed with the interviews! I assured them that when you talk with our guys they actually have interest in what you are telling them! My daughter in law says their music is so beautiful, far beyond the other contestants. Win or not, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero, we know you are the BEST!!! You are having the time of your lives!!! The Flight continues to soar!!! GRANDE AMORE!!!

  4. I was reading Eurovision stats. The program costs 42 million dollars to produce. They estimate 200 million people will watch. Don’t you wonder how many of those will be lucky enough to experience Il Volo for the first time, open their eyes wide and fall in love like we did?

    Win or lose, what amazing exposure.

  5. ITALY – IL VOLO – To sing LAST at the finals! How about that saying “Leave the best for last”! Whoever runs this Eurovision must know that saying too!!!!!

  6. Last ones to sing are always fresh in the judge’s mind. All the others tend to get mixed up.

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