UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision: Finale Night with Letter to The Guys





I’m going to try to keep up with the news as it comes in tonight.  Usually with blogs, you read from the bottom up, but I’m going to do it backward.  I’m starting with the question: “Who Is The Next Winner?” as posed by Eurovision, and will end with Il Volo’s final standing…believing with my heart that I already know what it will be.  😀

Have fun!


Post time; 1:48 CDT

Post time; 2:36 CDT

Post time; 2:59 CDT

Post time: 3:03 CDT

Odds on favorite throughout this process, Sweden, performing now.

Post time: 3:43 CDT

Up to number 20 now.  I’ve been having computer issues…sorry.   If you are tweeting, hashtag #ITA with your tweets.  They are being counted!

Post time: 3:47 CDT

Gian is missing his mum and Erny…

Post time: 3:52 CDT

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Post time: 4:02 CDT

Two performances before theirs, Italy has dropped to third in the Oddschecker betting grid.

Post time: 4:07 CDT


TheIlVoloversMX Facebook; Mary
TheIlVoloversMX Facebook; Mary










Post time: 4:11 CDT

Crowd starts to cheer from the first note…they are into it!

Post time: 4:14 CDT

Time for voting at home…

Post time: 4:19 CDT

Post time: 4:24 CDT

I think The Guys are happy with their performance!  😉

screen cap from Eurovision live YouTube presentation
screen cap from Eurovision live YouTube presentation


Post time: 4:40 CDT

Voting is closing…in 10 secs…

Post time: 4:50 CDT

It’s time to announce the winner…

Post time: 4:57CDT

12 points to Italy from Malta

Post time: 5:00 CDT

12 points from Greece

Post time: 5:01 CDT

12 points from Romania

Post time: 5:04 CDT

12 points from Albania

Post time: 5:06 CDT

8 points from Azerbaijan

Post time: 5:07 CDT

8 points from Latvia

Post time: 5:08 CDT

Italy currently in 3rd place.

Post time: 5:13 CDT

8 points from Belgium

Post time: 5:15 CDT

Italy remains in 3rd place

Post time: 5:18 CDT

8 points from Sweden

Post time: 5:20 CDT

8 points from Australia

1/2 way through, Italy remains in third place

Post time: 5:26 CDT

12 points from Spain

10 points from Austria

Post time: 5:29 CDT

8 points from Slovenia

Post time: 5:31 CDT

8 points from UK

Post time: 5:35 CDT

Italy remains in third place.  Breaks 200 points.

10 countries remain

Post time: 5:37 CDT

12 points from Israel

Post time: 5:39 CDT

12 points from Russia

10 points from San Mareno

Post time: 5:44 CDT

12 points from Cyprus

Post time: 5:45 CDT

Sweden announced as the winner.  No one else can catch up.

Post time: 5:50 CDT

12 points from Portugal

8 points from Georgia.


Il Volo finishes in 3rd place with 292 points.



Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca ~~

We said all along that win or lose, you guys had our love, devotion and unwavering support.  While the result is not what we had hoped for, we love you even more — if that is even possible.  You came, you saw, and you held the audience in the palms of your hands while staying true to yourselves in your characters and your music, and those are the marks of true champions.  I’ve no doubt that participating in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest will add to your careers in amazing ways — ways we can only begin to imagine. 

We wish you every success in Europe, Boys, but hurry back to the US where nothing but our “Grande Amore” is waiting for you!


Kelly and all The Flight Crew

14 thoughts on “UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision: Finale Night with Letter to The Guys”

  1. Hi Gals I,m glued to my computer. Don’t come to my door. i wont answer. Joanie G

  2. I have to say this, before the final result is revealed: I have come to a new appreciation of IL VOLO. I know so many ( okay all of us) were disappointed when we figured out that IL VOLO was not going to do a full tour in the states. We all looked forward to seeing them in person.
    But… as I reflected on Sanremo and now Eurovision, I am no longer sad that they will not be on tour here. We have been right there as much as we could watching each step of the way. We have watched rehearsals, admired photoshoots, sat in on interviews and read reviews. We have had the luxury of yawning and rolling our eyes each time some interviewer asks about “operatic pop” or how they came together as a group but….each time we have watched them answer politely and clearly their memories and their thoughts on the topics. They never fail to mention how much they miss their families and appreciate them ( Ignazio was so sweet when he told all of us that he talked to his mama at night and in the morning too) and THEY NEVER FAIL TO THANK THEIR FANS. They also never fail to delight in all their experiences: the basketball game, the charity events, meeting other singers and charming the press. They revel in the chance to do all these things AND present their music,Italy’s bel canto, to the world at large. All while having what looks like a marvelous time.
    We have been fortunate to be part of this because they are so savvy with social media and because they love us.
    Now I must stop, my monitor is getting fuzzy.

    1. So well said ! i have watched many if not all of their interviews/ articles and all the press fell in love with them ! even ending wining the press prize too ! All of Europe fell in love with them, their simplicity and humbleness, their love for their country, their families and their music shone throughout . They have managed to put Italy on the highest podium . The crowds in the arena loved them and on the final night one could hear the crowds in the arena belting out GRANDE AMORE and cheering for them ! Pity they only had one night to show their worth but apparently it was enough for Europe to fall in love with them. they gave a lesson of class and managed to warm the hearts of a “cold” Europe and Europe loved them for it by voting all out for them! pity it was the judges’ voting ( which was 50% of the final vote) that let them down ! Thank you for having me in your group and be able to share with you all the love we feel for
      IL VOLO !

  3. They sounded stupendously if that is the right word I can’t stop crying they were spectacular & the crowd went crazy. I was shouting along with them. They were the BESTEST singers that went on stage, I feel in my heart they have WON.
    Thank you Kelly for the information you have gathered which I have to read yet. Also Marie for giving us the links to watch I didn’t know how I was going to find a link.
    On the Eurovision site it stated press conference for winners at 1.00, does anyone think it will be 1.00 p.m. tomorrow & will be about 7 am tomorrow morning, I am guessing here

      1. Yes they were amazing Kelly. Thank you for all you and the others do to keep us informed as to what is going on with our ilVolo boys. I have been reading the website, just not posting much.

  4. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca I want you to know you will always be NUMBER ONE in my heart! I was so proud of you today! My congratulations to Sweden for winning.

  5. I sent an email out to a few people just before the final round started saying basically win or loose we will celebrate them and you all are. Bravo ! I have been through a large number of vocal contests, choral festivals, etc. and they are rough. younger participants tend to think in terms of win everything is great or loose and everything is terrible – especially high school and jr. high. college less so. I think our guys are beyond that extreme reaction but we can help by tweeting, emailing ( I just sent one to the boys a few minutes ago. Now that this is over I hope they get some rest but then its back on the road again. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are professional vocal artists in the highest sense of the word.

    What do we do? celebrate them and work and nudge them to do a longer tour of the USA/Canada this coming fall /winter.

    1. Myron,
      You are so right. All we can do is celebrate with them and hope and pray that they do come back to the USA for another concert tour. I have loved, loved, loved these boys from the first time I saw them on PBS. They are number one in my heart.

      I have not gotten to listen to their whole performance yet, just the small clip on here and they were fantastic. I will have to dig on the internet to find it. They keep getting better and better each time I hear them sing. I hope the boys get the much needed rest also.

      Yeah for ilVolo coming in third place among all of the other countries and especially their first time at Eurovision. From what I could see in the short clip, the audience loved them also. How could they not. They are the best in my eyes.

      Thanks Myron for your inputs on here, I always enjoy reading them.

  6. Thank you so much guys for a wonderful performance..in my book you are NUMBER1. Now we look forward to the release of your next CD..cannot wait !!! Enjoy, and have a great tour of Italy this summer and please come back to Florida USA soon.

  7. GUYS YOU ARE WINNERS hands down. No matter who they put ahead of you. I definitely don’t agree with the voting. But Italy has now been recognized as having the best singers on planet Its going to prove a winner for you in your continued careers. My heart is bursting with pride as if you 3 were my own grandsons. If you feel you can only do CD promotions this year then work on what next to do & get some much needed rest. We’ve on top of the interviews & your rehearsals so we have been still well aware of how you were doing & supporting you all the way. Next year is another year to decide if you want to try again. In My eyes & all the rest of us at Flight Crew you don’t have to win anything because you have always been winners.
    Kelly thanks for telling me the time & I loved your letter to them. hope they read it also because I want them to know how we all feel

  8. IL VOLO may not have won the Eurovision but they have won the the hearts of Europe winning the televoting !! -ITALY 366 votes RUSSIA 286 and SWEDEN 279 a runaway vote for IL VOLO ! but unfortunately they were only let down by the judges who placed Itlay in 6th place !! this lowered drastically the accumulated vote 🙁 still so very proud of our boys and proud also of MALTA who was the first country to give IL VOLO 12 points ! Just remember this IL VOLO ,,, Europe loves you too ! actually crying while writing this ! LOVE YOU IL VOLO OUR GRANDE AMORE XXX X

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