We’ll Take Third

Well, Our Guys were Magnificent!  I couldn’t be more proud!  They were in a group of winners who are amazingly talented.  Here are the top five:

1. Sweden
2. Russia
4. Belgium
5. Australia

More on this later.  Too exhausted to write.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who just started breathing.


37 thoughts on “We’ll Take Third”

  1. Third Place is not bad out of 40 countries. Of course, we know they are still #1 with us. Keep up the good work guys, we still love you. Looking forward to the new CD in September and your American tour.
    Alice in Florida

  2. Time to rest and rest and do something silly. (Contests are really hard). Then back to work doing the thing they do so incredibly well – live concerts.

  3. I think I am starting to breath again. I said when this contest started it didn;’t matter to me whether IL Volo won Eurovison or not because I still think they are the best and you know what after watching them all week how amazing,they were. I hope they can get some rest and I can’t wait till they come back to America again. Love to IL Volo.

  4. I am so very, very proud of them. My heart just swelled with love as I listened to them sing. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, you will always be Number One in my heart.

    1. Couldn’t be more proud. Not only did they perform perfectly, but they proved to be the ambassadors of good will that their country recently proclaimed them to be. It seems that they made an admirable impression on all those that they met in this learning experience. They achieved their goal of bringing their bel canto music before the world. Bravo!!

  5. Guys you have the right to feel really proud of yourselves. Your composure & your camaraderie towards the other contestants cheering them on made you look as big men to them & others in the Eurovision community. You are 3 beautiful caring & compassionate your men & I for one am proud to know you.

  6. I’m very proud of them!! Everyone there loved them and their music. They just have never really toured Europe. If you noticed, several of the countrys that voted said they loved Italy! Who doesn’t love our Boys. They said they would tour Europe next year. This has been a wonderful experience for them and they for sure are the best.

  7. They achieved a great feat by making to the top with a song everyone calls “opera”. They met and charmed and impressed the Press and people like you and me. There were people before them that sang classical music and were rejected so they opened a tinny path for the next artist. I am glad it is over so we can now concentrate on all the concerts and then again spend anxious moments waiting for the videos each night.
    We have a couple of weeks to rest.
    No matter what we say I know that for a few moments it hurt but they are surrounded by a great family and fans at home that Eruvision will be a memory before long.

    1. Gina, they havn’t toured Europe yet. They were not as known as the other so called artists. But next year they will tour Europe and they will know who they are then after seeing them on Eurovision. They will be just fine.. I just wish we could show them our love now.

  8. Gina you are so right I feel sad for IL Volo because they worked so hard but what you said about them going home to great families and their hometowns is so right on.

  9. These guys are our heroes! I nearly burst with pride hearing the audience respond to them. Selfishly, we’ll have more time to enjoy their talents if they are not hosting next year, tho they could have done it well. I’m eager to get that next album! Rest and be proud, Il Volo.

  10. Third out of 40 is a triumph. We are bursting with pride . I am waiting here in the U.S. so I , and all of us crew, can show our love. Joanie G

  11. I am so proud of our guys!!! They had such a wonderful experience participating in this Eurovision contest!!! As was said above, they are great ambassadors of good will. Go home to your families, celebrate your 3rd place (an honor ) & rest & relax !!! Our love is with you & you are the Best, always!!!

  12. If you read the comments after the song on YouTube, every one of the 500+ comments proclaimed our charmers the winners. They couldn’t believe Il Volo did not win!! So they might not have “won”, but they captured the hearts and ears of the listening European community. They have gathered more IlVolovers to the fold! They are the best and we know it!!! Rest and enjoy your time at home, guys! So proud for your performance!!

  13. When they sang so elegantly, enthusiastically and with passion it gave me goosebumps. They were so handsome with those suits, hair cuts and so proud to sing in the contest. I am so proud of the boys, I think they were the best act. I’ll take 3rd any day for being the first time for them at EuroVision. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca I am so proud of you and my heart goes out to you for the wonderful performance you gave. You are number 1 with me.
    All my love to you and your family <3

  14. I am so so proud of our boys, they did amazing! But they did not deserve to finish third. If you look at the televoting results, the public voted Italy FIRST, followed by Russia, then Sweden. Juries, which make up the other 50% of the vote, ranked Italy third, Russia second and Sweden first. These juries are supposed to be professional, but some ranked Il Volo 25th out of 27th…hardly great judges of music. I really don’t want to seem like a hater in my first comment on your great website, but it makes a mockery of the contest when the clear public favourite finishes third. Imagine how Il Volo feel knowing that they won the hearts of the public, and it still wasn’t enough. I’m from Ireland, and I voted for Italy, but literally none of our votes matter now, because of the juries.

    1. Welcome to the Flight Crew, Lia. I don’t think you’re a hater; you’re just “callin’ ’em like you see ’em!” I think some of the voting was politically motivated, and was not based on the merits of the song or the performance. I also think (based on a question about Italy’s economy at one of the press conferences), that there was no way they were going to let Italy win & not be able to host the next contest. At least if IL VOLO won the hearts of the public, that is what matters, even though it didn’t win the big prize. The public is who buys the music & the concert tickets, and our guys will come out ahead in the end.

      1. I definitely do think that there was something fishy about the juries, politically motivated or otherwise. I don’t think Italy’s economy was a factor though, they are one of the Big 5 and contribute financially to the contest, and wouldn’t have had too much trouble hosting it in my opinion. It just feels awful, knowing that before the final even began, there was nothing any of us could do to help them win, the juries had already handed the trophy to Sweden.

    2. Welcome to The Flight Crew, Lia. You just tell it like you see it. The truth neither recognizes hate or love,…only justice, and therefore freedom from indifference, and that makes all the difference.

  15. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio…you were superb in every way. We have loved you from the first time we saw you and will continue loving you for all that you are and all that you will become. We are so proud of you and all that you stand for. You continue to be shining beacons of light and love in our world.

    1. MaryJane, you have written it so eloquently. It’s almost like you read my heart & put it into words. I must have listened to Grande Amore hundreds of times since IL VOLO first sang it, and I got goose bumps watching & hearing them sing for Eurovision. They sang from their 3 hearts & one soul in that performance, just like they always do. I hope that Italy is as proud of their ambassadors as we ILVOLOvers are. At least the press corps recognized what charming & sincere young men that Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca are, and awarded them the press award. They are definitely not going home empty handed. I also believe that they won over a lot of new fans and friends through the Eurovision contest. Our Italian “boys” will surely be beacons of light & love in the world long after everyone forgets about the song that won & who sang it.

  16. Correction on my previous comment: I just checked and the actual jury votes were:


  17. Well the music afficiendos ( so called)of Europe have “spoken” their opinion, that is just what it is!,
    Just an opinion, not the truth or the facts, given the “climate” and the prejudices over there
    regarding good music, good vocals, good boys!
    But we in the rest of the world know better, and there IS whole world out there for them to serenade, and we are waiting ,ARENT WE.??
    My ol g’ma from Nebraska said
    “WELL DONE” in the end means much more
    Than any “well said” Sooooo!
    Heartfelt congratulations, to THE VOLO from the rest of the world (that couldn’t vote )

  18. Thank you, Marie & Kelly, & everyone who kept us aware of the events in Vienna this past week. Thanks for the links to watch the contest & the interviews, and all the pictures. Kelly, I loved your letter to the guys a few pages back. I hope they read it so they will know for sure that we still LOVE them & are so proud of all they have accomplished. I am eagerly anticipating videos of the concerts in Italy this summer, and the arrival of their new CD. Marie, you can stop worrying…Ignazio’s beard is safe! BRAVO IL VOLO!!!

  19. I am glad the contest is over, sad they did not win but not terribly sad because in reality I think they did win. They won many many new fans, they won the respect of the press that interviewed them over and over. They already had our hearts and of course, Italy has finally woken up to what a amazing wonder they have in those three wonderful men. Now I hope they can get a few days away with their families and friends and relax a little bit before they set out on their European tour.
    I will continue to pray for their good health, excellent voices, sweet spirits and wonderful character. Time for them to hugged and kissed in the arms of their families and friends.
    We can wait, they are worth it.

  20. Congratulations to our guys for that great performance. They are the best. It does not matter that they were ranked third in this contest. To us fans, they are number one !
    Thanks to the flight crew board members for all the updates leading to this contest.
    Myron, now we’re ready for that concert and convention in Las Vegas.

  21. Voices with the clarity and brilliance of a perfect Diamond, the passion for entertaining and singing like a fiery Ruby, pure loyalty and kindness like a stunning “true-blue” Sapphire, their genuine humanity in today’s world is more precious than the rarest of Emeralds, and each one of them a Pearl of great price that can never be bought. They are of course,….invaluable,….priceless,…and nothing is capable of judging what they are worth to the world. I wouldn’t trade the love, pride, and respect I harbor for these boys if someone handed me all the gold and silver the Earth has produced. The benchmark of personal and professional standards set forth by Il Volo will always win the day, no matter who wins the race. I congratulate all the participants on their performances, and I thank their respective countries for supporting them as an entry to Eurovision 2015. And, I thank God for giving Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero the grace, humility, and integrity to win the hearts of everyone who hears them for the first time with their message of Love through song. Godspeed, Il Volo.

    1. That was lovely Jim, thank you so much for your eloquence. Grace, integrity and most especially, humility are not words I hear associated with many people these days but I would say Ginaluca, Ignazio and my darling Piero have it and then some! They inspire Grande Amore in us!

    2. Kudos, Jim. The precious gems, which you describe so eloquently, are the gifts that our dear ones give to us, their devoted fans, to cherish and wear proudly.

  22. Firstly, welcome to our new commers I see here, please join us as often as you can. We are crazy, smultzy about the guys, and sometimes argue (in fun) about which one we cater towards; but no one could love them more!

    Secondly, nice to hear from you Jim, hope everything is going well. Weren’t the guys wonderful? Of course, that’s not a surprise to us here is it?

    Charmed the press, charmed the performers, charmed the interviewers, charmed the audiences, charmed waitresses, should I go on? That’s just who they are. Can’t resist them! They certainly have it all, and don’t we love them! In my opinion, they won something far more valuable than a glass michrophone could ever be worth. The RESPECT of everyone around them.

  23. Congratulations to Il Volo for their amazing performance, press award and their many new fans!!

  24. Our wonderful Guys already have more accolades and honors than anybody else that was in that competition, and that’s a fact. I think third place is commendable, considering all of the countries involved in the voting, most of which Il Volo has never performed in. They got to be on a world stage to present their beautiful bel canto music. They have been doing pretty well with their career anyway, so this “loss” is minimal, in my opinion. They sure made a favorable impression on everyone they came in contact with, didn’t they? But we knew that would happen! Now, onward to bigger and better things, I’m sure!

  25. Congratulations to our precious Il Volo!!!! I am bursting with pride. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero will always be Number One. And it looks like the rest of the world is catching on.

  26. Congratulations Il Volo!, I am so proud of them. I have listened to so many of their interviews. They spoke about wanting/hoping to bring their bel canto music to the European countries and the response was so amazing! Also in their excitement, did they hear how loud the audience was shouting “ITALY”. They were definitely the favourite. They highlighted Italy to all the countries watching Eurovision on their TV’s, successful in what they hoped for in their interviews ~~ Italy must be so proud of them!
    Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero ~ YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.

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