Time to Rest

After all the “goings on” interviews, press conferences, rehearsals, Semi-finals, rules, instructions, videos, slide shows, (taking a breath here) betting odds, multitudes of articles, polls, time conversions and photos, not to mention Conchita (?). Plus all the helpful emails from Gina, Mary S., Jana, AAIV, Madeline, Lijoy and the Eurovision people, I’ve finally figured out what’s going on and it’s over. Figures.

What winners our Boys are! They won 3rd place, the press award, the people’s popular vote and many, many new hearts! I know them inside and out, yet they took my breath away on that stage!  Also, my personal Boy didn’t have to shave his lovely beard.  

If you haven’t read the pride our Crew has for these winning men we love, scroll back to my previous article “We’ll Take Third” and read the wonderful comments.

All that’s left is for our Gentlemen of Il Volo to get plenty of well earned rest in the arms of their families. Here’s how Guys.. just stay away from things that start with a “P”. I don’t mean pasta and pizza. I mean planes, press conferences, polls, and photographers (perhaps Piratesorka and Penina too).

It’s also time for the whole Flight Crew to rest. God knows we lived anxiously through every moment with them! So, thanks to Mary S., I’m helping you relax.  Just sit back, smile, enlarge this to fill your screen and say awww..

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  1. I hate to speak for Kelly, but I will. With the help of Gina (how many emails a day? Gina) Mary Strickler (she can tell you every rule and regulation) and Jana (what a bright light and my newly adopted daughter) we knew EVERYTHING about Eurovision. What a great job they did!!! Thank you Ladies so much!

    1. Absolutley speak for me! 😀 I said at the beginning I couldn’t do this event without them, and I don’t want anyone forgetting it. 💗

    2. Oh, “mom” you are so sweet!! 🙂 You share all things with your daughter, right? Lol! Grazie! Yes, Gina, we enjoyed all of your emails! You and Kelly kept us current with all the news…

  2. Awwwww!!! Love this Il Mondo!!! Many thanks to our Flight Crew staff, you did a wonderful job!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero you are fantastic!!! You shared your Grande Amore with everyone!!! Let your families enfold you with their love & rest & relax!!! We Are Love!!!

  3. Happy birthday Jana
    Marie you chose the perfect song to relax with which always starts me crying.
    Congradulations to all you ladies who helped Kelly & Marie put all the information together. I know without a doubt this is the BEST Il Volo fan club anywhere & on the internet & I am sure the Il Volo boys know that as well.
    Now on to hearing about the CD promotion & where they are going to be at different stores in the cities they have chosen.
    Some people are still mentioning concerts in October & November so I hope that is true.

  4. Thank you Flight Crew Board for the outstanding job of teaching us as to what this event was all about and the mind boggling job of keeping up with the daily, hourly, minute by minute saga as it unfolded. THAT in itself deserves a crystal trophy as far as I’m concerned. You are all treasures in our hearts! Grazie!

  5. Just an aside. I read all the proud & heartfelt comments about our magnificent Il Volo boys from others on the previous page & I wholeheartedly agree with every word so eloquently written from the heart. My heart is overflowing with love for these beautiful young men & for my special young man that I can’t eloquently put in words what’s in my heart. Thank you for doing that for me.

  6. Oh, how I loved them back then, and oh how I love them now. They were magnificent yesterday. All my thanks to the Flight Crew Board members and the others who worked so hard to bring the excitement of Eurovision to us. I was glued to my computer from beginning to end, And yes, it was exhausting and disappointing for our boys, but I know that Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca won many new fans in all of Europe. I am so proud of our boys!

  7. For both the Flight Crew and “Our Boys”, you are awesome, fabulous, fantastic, amazing, incredible, wonderful, exciting, extremely _________(you fill in the blank) gorgeous, gracious, humble, I need help for more adjectives but I think everyone gets the message. Thank you Flight Crew for keeping us up to date. And thank you Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca for BEING!!

  8. It has been hard to have ‘withdrawals” and i have to keep my “mouse” from swiping the after the fact reviews. I learned something today that i suspected that the judges can manipulate the outcome. One article explains how the judges take the possibility of public votes and give their support in a way to counterbalance so their choices have a better chance.
    No matter what the boys are the best and we will see many good things come out from their visit to Vienna.

  9. MARIE, KELLY AND JANA I had a great time this week exchanging our ideas and feelings. Will have to do it again when there is a big event. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. yes, that was fun!! What do you think the chances are, that the boys may be in Detroit on July 6 at our PBS station? They have almost 2 weeks between their June 24 and July 11 concert – I’m sure they could fly here for a few days for the July 6 showing on our Detroit PBS??? How long does it take, as they say to “put a show in the can?” Ok, how many parties will Detroit be hosting? Lol!

  10. I hear Piero say at one of the big press conferences that they had done 27 interviews the day before. It just boggles the mind to think of doing interview after interview without getting snarky or dull but there they were, being charming as usual, taking it all in stride. It is so obvious that they have great love for each other and with that love comes a great deal of respect for others. I can think of American men who can learn a great deal by their example of grace under pressure.

    Now there is that one little thing I read above that I just cannot ignore. Somebody whose name starts with a “M” is looking for trouble, BIG trouble!

  11. After reading all the posts above, I just have two words…”Grande Amore”…..♡♡♡♡♡♡

  12. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch the video of them doing Il Mondo, it still brings tears to my eyes and is still my favorite song. They make such beautiful music but there is just something about the way they do the song that transports me to the clouds.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANA! From celebrating Il Volo, to celebrating your birthday. You also need a rest! I just finished watching their performance from last night, for about the umpteenth time, and I still fill with love and pride every time; but this last time I saw some things that I really hadn’t noticed before.
    #1 The audience started roaring even before they took the stage, in anticipation of seeing them.

    #2 Everyone that I could see were all wildly waving their flags, regardless of their country; and repeated this every time the guys held out those long, unison notes together as one.

    #3 It looked like the green room was upstairs over the audience, with a railing in front of them. As soon as it was Il Volo’s turn to sing, many of them left their designated places to sit, and instead, came to the railing to watch.

    #4 AND THIS WAS THE BEST! Our wonderful Gianluca, the second time he sang by himself, gave us his adorable WINK (left eye), as if to say THANK YOU, All is Well. That’s when my tears refused to remain hidden any longer. Sniff!

    These very, very special young men show such a connection with their fans, no matter the age, or the country, or the circumstance; and no matter the occasion, on stage or off, they are who they are and make us feel special too. Aside from their incredible talent, we love them because of their nature. Charisma is something you can’t fake, you either have it or you don’t. That’s the little extra God placed in them as He sent them off to the world, and to all of us. Don’t know about you, but I feel blessed too! In considering how we feel, I feel like I have to say”thank you” to their family for the guidance and the love they have provided, and continue to provide. Blessings to you also.

    1. Grazie, Kitty!! Yes, was a bit of a letdown them not officially winning, but you are certainly correct in that they won the most important parts! Yes, our group noticed the wink as well. We were having some technical difficulties with our streaming, so missed a bit of the beginning, but it was the most wonderful performance ever, that is sure! You know, I really thought we would cry, but I think we were too angry that Sweden won! Lol! I did have a lovely day though!

  14. P.S. Don’t anyone try to tell me that Il Volo did not win Eurovision 2015!! They won everything that really is important, and the results will come back to them 100
    fold from now on! There will be no stopping them now. Okay, I’m done. I promise! For now.

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