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GINA – May 29 at 8:14 PM
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I did my civic duties this morning lugging boxes and stocking shelves [at my local pantry] so this afternoon my back insisted on a rest.

I can not remember if we did a segment of FORGOTTEN MEMORIES.

Have people list a forgotten memory or song.

(ok Gina, you go first. ~M)

I forgot how much I loved the boys singing “Painfully Beautiful”. Just listened to several on YouTube. Wish they would do an updated version. Gina

Gina, I found a cute one to share:

Now here are two of my good memories. Real oldies that I will never, ever forget. 

This may have been the first time I heard Gianluca’s speaking voice.  Combined with what he said and how he said it I was floored.  I am floored every time I hear it still.

And this one… Watch very near the end.  Emotions take over.  How is that even possible for a 13-year-old?

How about you, Crew?  Feel free to embed your favorite video or tell us your “Forgotten Memory”.


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    1. Oh Eileen, What a treat to see this video….this is how they looked and sounded when I first saw them in Milwaukee in 2011, and they jumped right into my heart and never left. And Donna, your memories listed below are also some of my best. I loved “Painfully Beautiful” when they did it in the aforementioned concert, and also thought that it was underrated. Thanks for these reminders, ladies.

  1. Oh Marie, that video of 13 year old Ignazio is one of my favorites. By the end of it I am sobbing. Who can forget Ignazio teaching us how to cook Chicken Marsala or his “Lion King” keek? Great memories, speaking of Memories, love that song and the emotion. There are two new memories I will treasure, the interview with “thirsty Ignazio” and Gianluca practically climbing on the table and Piero pulling him back and the soccer game the other night when Gianluca scored and ran to Ignazio who lifted him up in celebration. Priceless.

      1. Two of the clips in the above video brought back personal memories to me. The first one was seeing Ignazio crawling on his hands and knees in a carpeted hallway and tackling a big blue muppet under a table. That location was in the Raleigh, North Carolina PBS studios. That was the day in 2013 that the Buon Natale concert was televised and a along with a PBS pledge drive.I called in my pledge from Charlotte and talked to Ignazio on the telephone? A memory I will never forget. The other clip that jogged my memory was of Ignazio taking the Ice Bucket Challenge and having a bucket of ice water poured over his head. That is a bitter sweet memory since I lost my brother, David, to ALS, a few years earlier.

    1. And who can forget Iganzio doing pushups onstage in Boston, or those concerts when Piero and Ignazio had drumming contests?
      There are so many wonderful memories it is hard to pick a favorite one!

  2. BIG THANKS TO MARIE and also the other ladies with the “gift of the pen”. Due to my two grandsons my day begins at 6:00 AM. Thru the years they “saved” animals and now entrusted us to take care of them. Zero and Molly the dogs and Pixie and Isabella the cats. So I am so glad to sit down after my ‘chores’ each morning and check for a new “POST”.
    I think we forget the enormous amount of MEMORIES there are of the boys working their way to the great performance at Eurovision. PLEASE KEEP POSTING.

  3. I’m at a loss for words. This is so beautiful watching our Boys grow up with their never ending talents! They are so precious to me as I know they are to everyone who has watched them on their journey. Thank you ladies for this treasure.

  4. I remember the second time I saw Ignazio when he came down the aisle & I went into the aisle & shook his hand & someone behind me took a picture.

  5. Oh all these videos just bring back so many beautiful memories of our three young boys of Il Volo… I have two videos to share that are from 2011 … They warm your heart to see how young they were but yet so powerful and had full command of the stage at such a young age…

    The Wind Awards are tonight and so I chose the video of the first time they sang at the Wind Awards as guests… Tonight they will be honored by receiving the Wind Award… These are our boys to men, for sure…

    Il Volo – Il Mondo – Wind Music Awards 2011

    The second video is so darn charming that I could not resist adding it to my favorites collection… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

    Il Volo Mallorca June 2011 wetten dass – 3 tenöre…

  6. I remember the first time I actually saw them in concert in Minneapolis. I was spellbound. I could not believe I was actually SEEING THEM IN PERSON! The way they would hold their hands up to FORM a heart and beam at the audience after a song and the way they would hold their hand OVER their heart, smile and thank the audience so graciously. Their mere presence simply put a spell on you as it does to this day when we go through the Meet and Greet line!
    Beautiful idea for a post here. Thank you so much for thinking of and doing this.

  7. Thank you ladies for the these priceless memories. My favourite has always been Il Mondo & as usual with tears

  8. She held herself together with a lot of control & if It had been me & Ignazio kissed me on the cheek I would have broke down & cried like a baby.
    These videos are like watching our children grow into astonishingly handsome young men. Their integrity & class is oozing from them that no one has the capacity to match. They will always on top.

  9. Perhaps it’s not quite vintage yet, but I’ll never forget my birthday concert experience from last year. Somebody was kind enough to film it. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!

      1. Sorry I don’t remember. I was pretty focused on the stage most of the time. Can’t remember why. Sure!
        Next time, we’ll meet!

  10. First I wan thank Marie for giving me step by step on how to embed a video. Next, I hope this works. This video is one I saw several years ago and I loved it as it was a comparision of Andrea Bocelli and Ignazio singing Il Mare Calmo della Sera. Hope this works. ShareEmbed

    1. Mary I saw it Bocelli singing & Ignazio after him. I saw that when it was posted a few years ago. Amazing

  11. Ladies….all these loving comments and videos are just amazing and beautiful. Every one of you expressed exactly what’s in my heart about our (now) young men. We all have felt as if they were part of our families, they have welcomed us in and shared so much. We have witnessed their growth into manhood with affection and love. Aren’t we so blessed to have them in our lives, uplifting us, making us smile, laugh and cry. Thank you all for sharing these wonderful memories. Il Volo is LOVE! ♥♥♥

    1. Okay Harriett, do you have to make me cry so early in the morning… You expressed it even better than all of us… Love is in the air thanks to Il Volo and the Il Volo family… It has been fun sharing videos from the early days of Il Volo…

  12. Dear Marie I love these older videos I don’t know how to embed video’s but one of my favorites which is still on youtube it was published in 2013 but was recorded earltier than that maybe 2012 anyway IL Volo was going to sing E la MI Viata but before they sang the song the tv host surprised Piero telling him his grandfather and grandmother were sitting in the audience. OH man the look of first surprise and then the love between Piero and his grandfather was incredible and then to top it all off IL Volo san E la Mi Vita and man did they sound good.

      1. I love this one Marie, I love how these boys love their Nonno.. The genuine surprise on Piero’s face and the hug just warms your heart…

  13. Dear Marie thank you so much for finding the video just warms my heart to see it again and when the host walks Piero back to the stage to see the emotions on Ignazio and Gianlucca’s faces priceless. What a great video. Again thank you so much. for embedding this video I appreciate your kindness so much.

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