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  1. I love both these photos!!! Our elegant Trio & the casual pic!!! Actually, I Love any photo of the guys!!! Not too fond of some of Ignazio’s scowling pics but that is just Ignazio!! A great photo choice!!! 💖💖💖

  2. Yesterday there was a charity match ” il partita del cuore” … literally translated ” a match from the heart” played in Italy to raise funds for heart research and IL VOLO were called to form part of the football team of singers which was made up of mainly italian singers, Eros Ramazotti, Marco Mazini to mention a few and they played aginst renowned players and other tv personalities and actors such as Del Piero , NedVed and Raol Bova. The football match was transmitted live on RAI 1 . All the players got to wear their favorite number on their football gears, Ignazio had number 94 – the year of his birth, Pietro No. 93 also the year of his birth While Gianluca opted for no. 34 the year of his grandfather’s birth! It was a very sporting event played in a friendly atmosphere in front of a full capacity crowd at the the Turin stadium home of JUVENTUS ! people were urged by the players ( including our boys) to send in their donations via telephone calls and sms . It was a huge success and over 1.8 million euros were collected before and during the match. The final result ended with a score of 4 -4 with our GianLuca scoring a beautiful goal in the end after his team was trailing to a 4-3 in the second half. Piero played in the first half and Ignazio later on replaced Piero and Gialuca than replaced Ignazio to give everyone on the reserve bench chance to play. It was a lovely evening and really enjoyed watching the boys enjoying every minute of it especailly after Gianluca scored the last goal of the match to give a well deserved draw to his team He was greeted with big bear hugs by both Ignazio and Piero !!

  3. Thank You Christine! The look on Gianluca’s face after he scored the goal was something! At least what you could see of his face jumping up and down. Then Jumping into Ignazio’s arms – Awesome!

  4. Thank you Christine for a great post on the Charity Soccer Game, of which our guys participated in… Of course we are not surprised that they would join such an event because we know that they are always giving their support and love to charities, one of the many things we love about them… And yes, Gianluca making the last goal and jumping into Ignazio’s arms, Piero going to them from the sidelines, is just them showing us their typical Il Volo love…. Il Volo once again gave us reason to be proud and love them as we do…

    1. I also Love both of the pictures also. So handsome in their suits. Sorry I missed the soccer match also but i am sure they had fun as they always do.

  5. They are indeed gorgeous men. I love watching their hands, typical Italians, they talk with all sorts of gestures. I am greatly amused whenever I see a photo of them and they just have to do some sort of hand gesture, the one that stymies me is the need to POINT at someone or something. Note Ignazio is using the old double point gesture.
    Obviously Italian mamas don’t tell their kidlets “its not nice to point” but in the end its all okay because I would be thrilled if any of them (Piero) pointed at me!
    Thanks Christine and Marie.

  6. I like the first picture best. They are all 3 smiling! Just warms my heart. Did I see the wiwibloggs Best Male Model Contest correctly? It showed that the poll was closed, and that our Gianluca won it! Ignazio & Piero were a little further down, but they had really good numbers, too! I thought the poll was open until June 5th. No matter, IL VOLO made a very good showing, “for sure”.

    1. Yea they are wearing the offucial uniform of the italuan singers football team very smart:)

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