Got Water?

First I’d like to welcome Mary Strickler and Gina as “News Contributors” to our Flight Crew Site. They did such a good job throughout Eurovision that we made them stay. They won’t only be reporting breaking news, like this video Mary S. pointed out.

You may have seen this, but did you watch the thirsty guy on the end?

Need a potty break Ignazio?
He’s so bad! Rude too! Never comes over for diner. Doesn’t send flowers, candy or love notes. How rude is that?

16 thoughts on “Got Water?”

  1. I put this picture as our header (photo upper left) today. It’s there just in case there is someone out there who doesn’t think they are all three beautiful. This picture should settle that question for good!!!

  2. Love this video they are all so engaging and funny and also soooo good looking. I love Piero couldn’t take my eyes off him. I especially loved the expression on Piero’s face when Ignazio said they don’t sing opera because you have to study.

    1. This is one of the funniest interviews the guys have done. I like the way Ignazio sneaks the water from Piero. They have a way of finishing each others statements. You don’t see that with other groups. They are still down to earth and still very loveable
      Alice in Florida

  3. Thanks, Marie I love this interview!!! What else can I say!!! I love these Guys!!! They are so charming, funny & handsome!!! Grande Amore!!!

  4. Yes, you always have to keep your eye on “Wild Thing” because he will steal your water (and your heart) but you have to know that Piero knew he was doing it because Piero doesn’t miss much! 😉

    1. Yes, I think that Ignazio thought he was beng sneaky when he took Piero’s water, but actually I thank Piero would gladly give him “the shirt off of his back” or anything else he needed. These boys are so sweet and caring for each other….no competition or jealousy. It’s really quite amazing and endearing.

      1. Mary, I agree with you. It is wonderful to see 3 guys so caring for each other and everyone around them.
        Alice in Florida

  5. Welcome Mary and Gina, your writings are a welcome addition to the Il Volo Flight Crew Blog… You add so much color and fun in your writings … I am so happy to know that you will both be aboard as contributors …

    1. I will help ‘digging” or looking. I am not brave enough yet to venture into a full posting. I just bug the other ladies with ideas “you think this would be good?”.

      1. Of course it will be good Gina… Anything that generates posts and shares your thoughts and feelings about Il Volo is always a good thing.. When you feel the compulsion to write a story, we will be here and I know we all will enjoy it. After all it will be about our favorite subject, Il Volo!!!

  6. I love this video. Ignazio think he is being sneaky when he takes Piero’s water, such an expression! I’m surprised one of their handlers didn’t get him some water. I was also amused with Gianluca and his new phrase” For sure, I’m going to tell you” or just “For sure”. Of course looking at Piero in the center was a very pleasant thing for me ( for sure!) and my my, he still has the nicest biceps!

    1. We may be biased, Connie, but I think Piero has the best everything–biceps, voice, smile, etc. etc., etc. Welcome to our new contributors and grazie to you and all the contributors & administrators of this blog. I love to come here to relax, read & drool over the pictures & videos. It is so great to have a place to belong, where everyone is just as crazy as I am, & the inmates are running the asylum!

      1. Oh we are biased alright, but its hard not to when you look into Piero’s sweet face, those big brown eyes , darling luscious lips and that ever so sexy rrrrrripppped body….ut oh…Looks like I have just gone over the edge again, Quick Lynn, Penina, etc…leap in and join. Drool cloths are to your right. I’m the one in a swoon on the floor.

  7. I have not seen any comment about the Eurovision´s poll. I don´t know if you didn´t know about or didn´t think was important, but Il Volo won some of the poll:

    – Who should win Eurovision 2015? Il Volo in third place (this was not the reflect of people opinion. Il Volo won the public votes), but in third in the final.

    – Who is the best male vocalist at Eurovision 2015? Gianluca in first place; Ignazio in 2nd and Piero in 3nd.

    – Who is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2015? Gianluca in first place, Ignazio in 3nd and Piero in 4nd.

    I think this poll, have had the most votes from Ilvolovers (in Il Volo case of course) so I think the results was mainly Il Volovers opinion, although the europeans have voted too.

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