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  1. Thank you Marie, my DVR is set. How did you find out about this? Strange program for them to be on. Do you know if they will cook or sing?

      1. It is doubtful they will sing, but I don’t know for certain. I watch this show. There have been singers as diner guests before. They (usually, again) just remark on the food. I have never seen the guest sing. Sigh

  2. Thanks for the heads up. That makes it 6 P.M. PDT. I hope it will be shown here. Joanie G

    1. FOX.com time schedule for Hell’s Kitchen tonight shows it to be at 9:00 pm both Eastern and Pacific time. I am going to call my daughter in California to let her know to watch it. She told me once her family watches it. I don’t so I am happy to know about it & have the DVR set.

  3. I watched this show, and they were hardly on for a second. Ignazio said it was delicious & then they were gone! I had a feeling that the order with the fish was going to IL VOLO’s table LOL.

  4. I watched Hell’s Kitchen, watching very carefully for Il Volo, if they were on it I missed them. Did anyone see them??? I must have blinked.

  5. Yes, IL VOLO was on the show last night (from their visit to New York). There were over two hours of show taped but that is what we were left with. Il Volo walked in the door for dinner and later we hear them comment on how good the food is. Like some of you said above “if you blink — – – you will miss them”
    Makes me wonder why is management wasting their precious time on something so trivial. No singing, no interview (that we know of) . As long as they were in New York they could have done: Today Show; Tonight Show; The View; Good Morning America; Kelly and Michael Live; and some others where they could have sung and /or be interviewed.

    I must say the boys did look great ! ! ! Was that Maroon jacket that Gianluca had on ? I like that.

    1. At least they enjoyed a good meal, even though they didn’t have to sing for their supper! But any regular viewers of this show would have thought they were Nobodies. Only we know they are the Best of the Best. And they did look real “snazzy” for that brief second that I saw them.

  6. Yes, I call that a “nano-second” that they were on. Sure hope someone starts getting them back in front of American TV audiences SOON! They looked awesome even if it was for only a nano-second. 🙂

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