We have decided that this website would not get involved in the negative Eurovision controversy. That’s not what we do here. We all know those amazing Guys and know how much notoriety was gained for them because of Eurovision. It’s hard to be mad about that!
This is probably the least angry article that has found it’s way to my mailbox in the past week. I think it’s fair, I think you would like to read it…she sums it all up nicely. It was written by Vivian Liebgold and sent to me by Jeannette.



It hasn’t died down – social media of all types is still very active with the opinions; still the topic of conversation all around the world! I have had these past few days to absorb and reflect; watch the number of views grow rapidly on YouTube and music charts, reviewed comments, articles, posts on Facebook and elsewhere. Like everyone else out there I was shocked and disappointed UNTIL the true results were revealed in black and white for the whole world to see. Then the most important vote of all, the popular vote, was announced that Italy was #1 and that’s where the tides turned in my thinking about the outcome.
So, yes, I do want to thank those few who tried to suppress the vote and keep Il Volo in 3rd place. Through your arrogance and false sense of power you opened up “Pandora’s Box” for yourselves, which day by day, all around the world, we are learning more about! Conversely, while Il Volo walked away (with heads held high) in 3rd place for Italy, they were ultimately rewarded with something even more amazing than that glass trophy! Sometimes “Lady Fate” steps in and corrects an injustice. This is one of those times! They ended up with something far greater than that 1st prize: The massive press and media coverage continues showing outrage and support; increased sales of their music; Grande Amore on the top of iTunes charts, etc.; people everywhere singing the song; millions of new fans who have shown so much love and support for them. I believe this has had far more power and impact than walking away with what should have been their rightful 1st place prize. The recognition and pay-off is proving to be much greater as a result. I call it poetic justice! Thank you to all the countries who voted in support of them.
Written by Vivian Liebgold 5/27/2015

22 thoughts on “MY PERSONAL THANKS TO THE JURIES! ~ Vivian Liebgold”

  1. Thanks for expressing my feelings. They gained respect, fans and maybe a lesson that things are not always fair in this world of ours. They are stepping into a new stage of their careers and we fans need to double up our support to see them thru this.

  2. I have already thanked Vivian once, but will do it again! This was beautifully written and I’m sure expresses the feelings of ilvolovers around the world! Thanks, Vivian !!

  3. Thanks Vivian for writing what is in your heart. My thoughts exactly. Now Erovision knows they have to clean themselves up. Il Volo will always stand tall in everything they do & think. They conducted themselves with integrity & now the whole world knows Il Volo for how fine & honest they are.

  4. Vivian, what you wrote is so true. I’m sure that as they gain more celebrity, they will face many challenges which might upset and confuse ordinary people in the limelight , but our guys are not ordinary. They have shown us that they are level headed, strong, smart, and in control. They will face whatever comes their way
    with dignity and come out on top–probably smiling and singing.

    1. I featured Vivian’s article because that is exactly how I feel. Mary B., THAT is also exactly how I feel and will continue to feel
      while “smiling and singing”!

      1. Marie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for featuring my article. I chose to do it to give voice to what everyone else was thinking and feeling, as well as try to get people who could not accept the outcome to see it this way. I especially want to give special thanks to my special friend Jeannette for bringing it to your attention in the first place. Thank you for this honor!

      2. Vivian, thank you for expressing what we all felt. I basically emailed this view when I saw the results of the popular vote–Il Volo was so far ahead of the second place finisher it was amazing! We all knew who really won!
        They should just do away with the jury altogether after this. Let the people vote for the winners from now on.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with what Vivian said great post. Sometimes when I think of the injustice done do our guys at Eurovision by the so called jury I still get a bit annoyed but my oh my look at all the new fans they have won over also the European press they are the best in the world.

    1. And the amount of new fans they have is simply amazing. Has anyone looked at the Grande Amore video on youtube lately–it had over 29 MILLION views this morning!! Two weeks ago that was only 3 million. WOWEEE

  6. So eloquently stated. My thoughts exactly. I find myself so excited looking forward to their next stages. Europe has fallen in love with IL VOLO. Good karma comes back around too.

  7. If you have a chance and review my article recently, I talk about how it depends so much on what the judges background is and what they are looking for. All the competitions here in the states are the same way. Remember that there was controversy around the San Remo festival and Il Volo won that one.

    Some day I am sure they will win the award they dreamed about 4 years ago – the American Grammy Award ! When that happens we will cheer ! ! ! But some people will complain about the voting. That is the way it happens .

  8. This was a beautifully written article and oh so true! “the stones rejected by the builders have become the corner stones” the Jury did indeed do them a favour and they are reaping the fruit. God has a way of turning things around, and here is the example. thank you Vivian, you hit the nail squarely on the head. and I agree fully with Myron: it’s just a matter of time before they win a Grammy. they are too good to be ignored forever.

  9. I was in U.K. at the time they performed on Eurovision and as always they wee great, wha t beautiful young men they are.

  10. Thank you, Vivian for the lovely article! Our guys were just magnificent thru out the days of Eurovision!!! When it was announced they won the popular vote & the Press Award I was thrilled. Much better than the biased jury votes. We will love & follow them where ever they lead us!!!

  11. Thank you Marie for posting Vivian’s beautifully written article … She has had a difficult week and this just lifted her spirits to not only see her article here on the Flight Crew, but also to have so many of our Il Volo family here understand and embrace her feelings and respond in kind… Our Il Volo Flight Crew Family enjoying Vivian’s article is just another reason why I say, Il Volo brings people together with their love and and that love is shared here on the Flight Crew…
    Thank you all for helping make Viivan’s day a happy one…

    1. You and Vivian are certainly welcome. Thank you, Jeannette for sending it to me and you, Vivian for allowing it to be shared. You are an intelligent author and expressed beautifully how all our hearts are feeling right now. I hope to feature one of your articles again. You deserve many happy days!

  12. Marie, Thank you again for this honor and your kind thoughts. I appreciate the invitation to share other articles in the future. I look forward to having the opportunity to do so.

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