Today in Pompeii

It hasn’t been this HOT in Pompeii since the eruption of Mount Vesuvius!


The Boys are there today taping a PBS Special to be shown only in the Detroit area, including Canada. It will be on  COX Cablevision, July 6th at 9pm EDT.  The special will also be shown on other PBS stations in August.

The program is being taped in front of a “by invitation only” audience. I didn’t get one.  Thanks Lijoy for the photo’s.



I think my sister, who is a Piero fan, and I are driving 255 miles to Detroit and renting a hotel room just to watch them on TV.  My sister must be hooked.


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  1. Just for once I wish I still lived in Cleveland, OH. I would have been away 169.6 mi and 2 hrs and 38 mi from two hours of joy.

  2. Good luck to our Boys tonight in Pompeii !! I’m praying that the weather holds up so they will be able to successfully tape what is going to be a truly amazing PBS special !! March 2013 was the last time they taped PBS Specials so I am thrilled about this new one !! I have to wait until August to see it and believe me when I say that the wait will be excruciating !!!!!

  3. I think that although all the fans love the group Il Volo as ensemble,so each of us has his favourite who loves a bit more than others. 🙂 I and my mom, we love all the boys, because they are really 3 voices constituting one beautiful soul, but our favorite is Piero. 🙂 He has beautiful strong vivid and rich voice, he is able to sing in opera style and also pop style .Piero’s voice is unique, he sings with a great passion and love, and is more incredible because he’s only 21! I think , he has unlimited career choices ahead of him.His natural talent makes him so great singer ,so young, but sings with the mature, professional and experienced voice.He can reach high notes without any trouble.His voice is powerful and at the same time tender, sweet and lovely, he has a great future as an Opera singer as well as any other type of music, in my opinion. His voice reaches deep into your heart and soul, the voice evokes the emotion that brings nice tender feelings, positive mood, sometimes goosebumps, sometimes brings tears to my eyes, feelings of love, joy ….His voice can only get better in time !Also part in which he sings in Grande Amore is most impressive, most beautiful and the biggest emotion in vocals, my opinion. I think that in the future he will be the great Italian tenor like Placido Domingo, I love his interpretation of the song No puede ser ( ! It is nice to me and mom that he cultivates his spirituality.Piero is a beautiful, modest, funny , gentle, sensitive and charismatic young man. Owner of a rare talent: with his clean and powerful voice and an exciting and breathtaking interpretation. Gianluca is the most serious of them, I like the entertainment – joviality ,sometimes madness :-)), spontaneity, mutual jokes that can be seen from the Sicilian boys.Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, they are all great, but my personal ranking is the order in which I wrote their names.:-)
    Marie, your sister has a good taste. :-)))) When you decide to go to Detroit, so I wish you a nice trip and enjoy the performance of our boys, it will certainly be a great experience ! I would like to be tonight in Pompeii…..I can only dream about it. :-)) At least I look forward to moment when I will receive the ordered CD + DVD San Remo Grande Amore. It can not be bought in my country , so I ordered it ,special for myself, in one Slovak music store. 🙂 I also look forward to a new CD which will be released in the autumn ! 🙂 I wonder what new things the guys will prepare for us and how will be sound their music,their next new beautiful ….I think, I’m not the only one in this. :-))
    Marie, I wish you all the best, I sincerely greet you ( and your sister) and thank you for all the nice articles.

    1. My correction: I wonder what new things the guys will prepare for us and how will be sound their music,their next new beautiful SONGS ….I think, I’m not the only one in this. :-))

    2. What a perfect way to describe Piero’s voice, I just melt when I hear him sing. However I feel the same as you do, all 3 have beautiful voices. Thank you for the best wishes and the greeting. From the sister.

  4. Oh, Marie, you know that he misses you. What would he do without you???? 👨🏻🇮🇹

  5. Lydka, Your description of Piero’s voice and persona are so perfect. It’s exactly what I see in him and why I love him so much. Ever since I heard that voice coming out of a teen-age boy I was hooked…he captured me completely and that has never changed. Thank you for your words–they are so true.

  6. Marie I didn’t get one either I guess he wasn’t able to swing 2 invitations. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful time in Detroit watching the PBS station watching our heartthrob.

  7. Okay Marie, I just want to state for the record… I am officially jealous… I have never been jealous of another woman in my life… But today I am… Booo Hooo, I want to be there too… Will you at least think of me while you are watching our beautiful boys? And no Nanna nanna nanna’s when you tell you sister that old Giglio is not here to see Il Volo perform… If I find out you did, I will have to put the Italian curse on you… LOL

    1. I really like you Jeannette, but I doubt if I’ll be thinking about you while watching the Boys. Sorry! How about after?

      BTW, I gave all of my sisters gold Italian Horn pendants for Christmas. One of them will break the curse.

      1. Well there goes my curse right out the window, I guess I will settle with you giving the flight crew details of the PBS Concert as soon as you get back to your computer… Well, without the curse you will live another day to tell us all about the PBS Special… That will make all of us happier than trying to figure out if an Italian curse really works on an American …folklore says, you have to belive in it before it can work… Leave it to an Italian to make a curse with exceptions…

  8. Lydka, you captured the very essence of our magnicent Piero!!! Thank you, a beautiful post! I love Il Volo so much!!! They have brought so much love, joy, & beauty into my life!! Grande Amore to all this lovely Wednesday!!!

  9. Dear Lydka so glad to have another Piero lady in our midst. I love what you said about him sometimes it so hard for me t put into words how he makes me feel but you did it. Welcome to the Flight Crew post more. and Marie that’s alright I can wait until August and you can bet I’m gong to have my dvr ready to record this concert.

  10. I see other the Pompeii concert will be shown on other PBS stations in August. So maybe we won’t have to wait very long to see it. I will be watching the PBS schedule for dates and locations where it will be shown. With my luck the Charlotte, NC PBS station will probably be the last one to show it.

  11. I just checked on and here is what I found out:

    Have a question or comment about the scheduling of a program?
    Contact your local PBS station because all scheduling decisions are made locally.

  12. I really LOVE Oregon, but when I hear this news, I almost wish I lived nearer to Detroit. Jacque

    1. Jacque, I don’t know if I asked this before but where in Oregon are you? I’m in Gresham near the beautiful Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood. There is one other Oregonian on board the Flight Crew and that is Jeanine who is over in Lake Oswego.

  13. Old hippie that I am, I love how Gianluca referenced “the great Pink Floyd” in his Tweet…they recorded their album “Echoes” in Pompeii in 1972…no audience. It’s one of Floyd’s best!

  14. I am another Piero lady, and I have to agree with everything that Mary B., Anne Quinto, and Luckylady said about our Piero. They have expressed exactly how I feel about him. I, too, wish I could go to Detroit to watch that PBS special. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that my local PBS station will carry it.

  15. One interesting fact about the song Grande amore, did you know that?The song was written in 2003 by the singer Francesco Boccia, and composed by Ciro “Tommy” Esposito.It was performed by the Boccia itself and proposed for Sanremo Music Festival in 2005, but it was rejected because it was considered too old.

    It was shelved for twelve years, and again proposed for the “Newcomers” section in the Sanremo Music Festival 2015, to be performed by duo Operapop (formed by Francesca Carli and Enrico Giovagnoli), but their participation was denied due to festival age restriction. It was also proposed to be performed by Orietta Berti, who although praised the song, refused because she wasn’t available to participate in the festival.
    Carlo Conti, artistic director and main presenter of the 65th edition of the festival, was not satisfied with the first proposed song by the trio Il Volo and after hearing the song “Grande amore”, recommended to the song’s editor Pasquale Mammaro (manager of Operapop) to contact manager Michele Torpedine and assign it to the operatic trio Il Volo. Song lyrics were not supposed to be changed, but on the behalf and desires by Il Volo, two verses were changed; “regina dei giorni miei” (queen of my days) became “respiro dei giorni miei” (breath of my days), and “sotto al tuo portone” (under your doorway) became “senza più timore” (without more fear). The lyrics were changed because as the original version refers to the serenade singing by a lover under the balcony to his lady, Il Volo felt it was too old style for their young age.The song is not addressed to a natural person, but it’s an idea of declaration of always valid love

    1. Lydka, you might already know this but as a Piero girl I know you will like it said all the same: It was Piero that liked the song first and encouraged his brothers Ignaizo and Gianluca to join him in making it their hit selection.
      As for me, my beloved Thunderbarone forgot to send me my invitation to Pompeii so I guess I am going to just hound my local PBS station to get hold of this program and play it pronto!

      1. When I joined the Ask Eurovision, so one of my questions was ,why Ignazio and Gianluca did not like the song from the beginning. :-)) I asked if they would like to change anything on that song and why?But my question wasn’t answered.:-)
        I greet you and wish you all the best. 🙂

  16. I love reading the comments by Flight Crew members! So informative! Information that we couldn’t get else where! Marie, did you notice that Ignazio has shaved so that the famous dimples once again shine?? Marie hope you get to check this out on person in the not to distant future! I know I won’t get to, but I’ll take your word for it!!….dot….

  17. Ignazio shaved!!! *gasp* OHHhh NOOOOOOO. I liked his stache and chin whiskers! Now I am sad. Well, I am actually sadder that I didn’t score a ticket but….HEY, just how in hell did anyone score an invite? Do you have to be related to the pope? I hope this isn’t a snub on pirates! Or Crazy Americans!
    By the way, my memory of Pompeii goes back to 2003 when Europe was having one of the hottest summers ever. I was in Pompeii when it was 114 degrees! YEOW!

  18. In an interview, Ignazio is the one who said he didn’t want to record the song, not Gianluca. Piero’s voice is certainly strong and beautiful. Ignazio’s voice without a doubt is beautiful. When they perform American songs, Gianluca who loves Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc., performs these songs beautifully. I by no means think that Gianluca’s voice isn’t as beautiful as Ignazio and Piero’s. Ignazio said in an interview, that Gianluca usually starts out the song because he has a romantic voice. I sometimes think that Gianluca is slighted, because he doesn’t have a powerful voice as the other two. I have also noticed on this website page, I don’t hear many comments about Gianluca. So, I just wanted to express my opinion. It takes all three of them, one baritone and two tenors to make this beautiful music. Like they have always said, “this is our power.”

    1. I always manage to hear Gianluca just fine. Yeah Piero astounds us with his power and Ignazio with his vocal heights but Gianluca’s voice sweetens and smooths with a silky texture that is every bit as beautiful as it also supplies a polish and gloss . Each voice, all three are spectacular in their own right. Together they create a rich harmony that depends on each of them as one voice! I know I am a vocal Piero fan among other Piero fans and I know we have a few Ignazio fans ( just a few…) but I know Gianluca has a firm hold on fans too. I think that just as Gianluca is a more reserved fellow than the other two I think his fans are just a bit more reserved as well.
      Oh, its my own opinion, take it as it is. I love our Mr. Smooth, Mr Dimples and Mr ThunderBaron all so much!

      1. Jeanne! Slight that awesome baritone? Not us! We swoon over our male model all the time here. Fortunately for this website you can’t see the drool! I try not to go overboard with his praise because I don’t want to start any rivalry between he and Ignazio for my affections. I have other dreams too!

  19. Oh Marie, your sister has such wonderful taste in men. Piero sets my heart
    aflutter every time I see him. Oh, and I live in Detroit. Hmm, wonder if I
    an find a place that has COX cable. Not a popular cable provider.

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