3 thoughts on “Just Good News”

  1. It’s going to be a long wait for August to roll around here I’m afraid. The snippets from the special are just wonderful. So fun to have new songs to hear them sing to us. And FINALLY, Ignazio and Unchained Melody!! We have been patiently waiting for him to grace us with that heavenly song. Yeah!
    Gianluca, we all knew you would pull the NUMBER ONE spot in this contest!! Ignazio and Piero…you are ALL NUMBER ONE in our eyes. Thank you for the countless hours you put in and your loving devotion to your passion for music. You continue to make the world a better place song by song…and with every beat of your hearts.

  2. Ignazio sang Unchained Melody when he was interviewed at home. Hope it is going to be on a CD

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