A Couple Reminders ~~ Pompeii Airing and Final Call for the Keepsake Book

Watch a Live Stream of The PBS Presentation!




Try this link to see if you can’t wait to see the presentation!







scrapbookIf you haven’t sent in your greeting/picture of the keepsake book that the Flight Crew is sending to The Guys, this is your last chance.  I will be placing the order in the next day or two to give us time to get it shipped.

Please send your greeting to us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com ASAP!   😀

23 thoughts on “A Couple Reminders ~~ Pompeii Airing and Final Call for the Keepsake Book”

  1. Marie, I’m sorry. Am not aware of the Keepsake Book. Where is the information? Can I send the picture with me and the Boys and a note of good luck?

  2. Thanks Kelly–I sent my message and photos for the Keepsake Book this morning. I hope it’s all ok. The line setup in my message did not look good when I sent the e-mail. I hope you can correct some of the paragraph so it reads better.

  3. The show will be on PBS WTTW, channel 11 in Chicagoland area on August 17 at 7:30 pm and August 23 at 6:30 pm Sunday. If anyone is interested in the Lakeshore WYIN PBS schedule, let me know. I have it.

      1. Hi Linda,
        You can call Dan at Lakeshore at (219)756-5656 for any upcoming shows. He is so helpful. The schedule for il Volo is as follows: Aug.8 4:00 pm, Aug. 27 8:00 pm, Aug.30 5:00pm Aug 31 12:00 Sept. 1 2:30 am Sept 5 4:00pm

  4. Detroit Public TV has Tweeted that there will be NO streaming tonight of the Il Volo Special…..

  5. I am assuming that 9:00pm means 8:00pm central since Detroit is eastern. But I am also wondering if it will be live streamed at all. too close to premiere. and all those local presentations in August.

  6. Whoops! I got a “delivery status failure notification” email. I forgot to say failure last time. 🙂 I hope we can get this sorted out before it’s too late for me to send my note.

  7. I emailed the Buffalo PBS station WNED to find out when they are showing Live From Pompeii. This morning they answered it is being aired on Sunday August 23 at 9 PM and on August 27 at 9:30 PM. Good news for those of us in the Toronto/Buffalo/Golden Horseshoe area!

  8. Ann
    thank you for the Lakeshore dates and times. This is airing about a week earlier than the WTTW. August 8th is the day before my birthday. What a great unexpected gift.

    1. Your welcome Linda. This station plays il Volo all year! Usually around 2:00 am every couple of weeks! Anyway, my birthday is August 5!!! So you are a Leo and it is my birthday gift too. Now if they would only come back to the Chicago theatre.

  9. I have always wondered why they usually show these during the night. It’s great if you have insomnia! I hope they will be at the Chicago Theatre and I can get better, closer seats than in Milwaukee last year and a more productive m & g. I had the chance to talk to them last year and could only stand there with my brain on hold.

  10. Thank all you ladies who are posting news of your visit to Sicily and the pictures too. So glad you could make the trip and share with those who could not go.
    I enjoy all the comments . Hope you can keep up this site as it soothes me.

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