It is 2:32 a.m.  As you can imagine I’m a little tired, but still keyed up.  The dinner and after were AMAZING.  Story later.  Wanted you all to know right away what I heard from “the horse’s mouth” .  Concerts in February in Detroit and Miami –  wouldn’t tell me where else.

YAY!!!! And of course, I kissed that dimple AGAIN!    Yikes!


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  1. I’m happy for you that you have survived once again being surrounded by IL VOLO and especially Mr. Dimples in the flesh. Yay!
    But gheeeeeeeeeeze there are concerts set for Detroit and Miami? Not even a crumb of a mention on the West Coast or Las Vegas? … the pirate is reduced to piteously whining….

    1. Not a crumb of mention. There are more cities… Just wouldn’t tell me where. You should be happy there are concerts in the near future! I guess pirates don’t jump up and down for joy, even when talking about a great treasure!

      Packing computer up. Heading for home soon! TTYL

      1. Us pirates have greed and need issues (and knee issues that stops us jumping up and down for joy)

  2. Was there a hug and a snip.? When can I expect my envelope with the lock.?
    Mary S. and I consoled each other thru e-mails and are waiting now for our DVD to arrive. (3 t0 6 wks). Told my household to expect meatless meals till I pay for it.
    In the end I felt it was worth giving my donation to Detroit PBS since they are so loyal to Il Volo.

  3. I watched every minute of the concert. I always do my PBS donation when they are showing IL VOLO, even if it’s a repeat. I seldom say I’m lucky to live in Detroit area, but right now I think I’m very lucky. Premiere PBS showing and now you say a concert in February. Thanks for the news flash.

  4. Marie, you lucky gal! Can’t wait for the “whole story” & don’t leave out the “yikes” details! I, like the pirate, am reduced to pitious, pitiful whining!! Dot in Texas!

  5. Marie I Can hardly wait to hear about your most fabulous evening !!! And your ” Dimple Kiss” !!!!
    Needless to say I am already plotting how to get front row seats for the concert in Miami in February !!! A million thanks for that exciting news !!!!!

      1. Leelee—Front row seats only !!! Have to be fast !!! Hope they haven’t jacked up the prices too much !! But whatever it is it is !!! I would prefer another venue in Florida. Miami gets a noisy,rude crowd. But—–I’ll deal with it if need be !!! As long as I can see our guys in concert and go to a M&G I’m a happy camper !!!

      2. Joanie, front row is the only way to go in Miami. I remember what Linda and I went through last time and how many people were walking in front of us, talking around us, etc. Folks thought they were in their living rooms instead of at a concert. The good seats at Miami will sell out fast but I have no doubt the front row seats will belong to anyone from the Flight Crew as we are all most determined!!

  6. Dear Marie I think we are still walking on clouds like you were I can’t believe that IL Volo is coming back and only going to two cities in America they probably don’t know what cities they will be in so I guess we’ll just have to keep watching for any new info on tour if U S. Did anyone in your group get to see Piero.?

  7. Marie,
    I believe that you have spent a nice evening 🙂 . I saw some pictures of PBS,maybe I saw there also ladies from Flight Crew 🙂 . I look forward to the story of this evening, which you will share with us. 🙂 Have a nice rest after beautiful event with our sweet boys. 🙂 I rejoice with you that you will be able to go again next year on concerts Il Volo ! I have read that the boys are planning for next year around 60 concerts worldwide as a tour with new album, that should come out Sept. 18th.

  8. Great to have dinner with you last night. A reL pleasure to meet you

  9. Marie, I’m sure you gave him a kiss for me right in these dimples! Ah…. how sweet it is! Can’t wait to hear/read all about your evening with “the boys”!

    1. If we could I think I would have to break my piggy bank to fly across country to be with y’all. What a hoot that would be!

  10. I hope a whole bunch of us are able to go to the Miami concert !! We can all stay in the same hotel ( hopefully the one the Guys are staying in !!) and share all our adrenaline together !!
    Somewhere down the line we must have some connections that can help us get front row seats !!!

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