a little of this, a little of that, and a little bit more; but still
“SHARING THE LOVE”, together!!
Who knows what it will be!


OH MY GOODNESS! This struck me as hilarious, and provided me with my laugh for the day. The question was: What is the proper way to eat spaghetti? Here are some of the replies!

#1 with lots of tomato sauce.kitty spaghetti 3jpg
#2 with pesto and cheese.
Okay, right off the bat, I could tell this would be interesting! My intent was not in the culinary sense, but rather the proper etiquette for it’s consumption! Geezers! Let’s try again!

kitty spaghetti9#3 Lots of sauce.
#4 No, light on the sauce!

Oh, here we go again. Forget about your stomach, people, and pick up your utensils!

#5 What age group, are we talking, babies, kids, or adults?
Really? Just pick one!kitty spaghetti10
#6 In Italia, we use a spoon and a fork. Pick up some on the fork, then twirl it around in the bowl of the spoon. Then, use the fork to put it in your mouth.
#7 No,no, use the spoon to the mouth!
#8 Use just a fork, cut it into small enough pieces so it don’t dangle. You don’t want it hanging out your mouth. Too messy, doesn’t look nice!

kitty spaghetti7#9 Use a knife and a fork.
Oh boy, I could tell this one certainly wasn’t from Italy! Probably an American tourist. Pretty conspicuous! Hey we’re not eating steak here!

Well, this is the last one, thank goodness! And it’s my favorite. Diplomatic, simple, on point, and it came from one of our own!

#10 Any way you can get it in your mouth!kitty spaghetti11
Figures, don’t it? Thanks Marie! Just proves, humanness prevails even when it comes to spaghetti!! It’s not a beauty contest, but just don’t invite Martha! Pass the wipers, you know them thing-a-ma-jigs! Whew!

Till next time; Keep on practicing that Il Volo smile . Only you can perfect YOURS!

CIAO, Kitty

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  1. Penina, maybe we’re looking at the same picture. Orange and black blouse. Beige shrug. HUGE smile. Hair a cross between Shirley Temple and Little Lulu. Left hand……

    1. We ARE looking at the same picture–I didn’t notice the shrug at first. Great picture!
      You look P-R-E-T-T-T-T-T-Y happy! I wonder why…

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