Happy Anniversary, Il Volo Flight Crew! Our Present to You…






Hi Everyone!

Can you believe that it’s been two years?  I can’t; the time has really flown.  Thank you so much for you comments.  I hope that you have enjoyed the time as much as I and are looking forward to many more years.  🙂

Marie mentioned that we had something planned for today, and I hope you’ll be as excited as we are.  But first, you might need a little back history.  When we started here on WordPress, we got started and then learned a lot of things as we went;  we didn’t know all the functions/capabilities of the website.  One of these areas was with our pictures.

You know we have lots of them here, and we will keep putting them up until we run out of space for storage….but….. that created a bit of a problem for us.  When we went to our media library everything was so disorganized that we couldn’t find pictures that we knew we had used before, and we realized that our readers couldn’t go back to look at pictures easily either.  Since we are always looking for ways to make this site better, we came up with a way to fix it, and thank our lucky stars that a volunteer answered Marie’s plea for “clerical” help.

Julie B. has been a godsend and somehow has been able organize all of our pictures into Photo Galleries for everyone’s enjoyment…and we are opening those galleries today!




Julie has done an amazing job organizing all the photos and suggesting how best they should be featured, and we are really happy with the results.  Thank you, Julie!  Marie and I so appreciate you doing this for us — all of us!


heart clip art


I think everyone is a pro at using the site now, but for anyone that isn’t sure, here is a quick tutorial of our GALLERIES and how to browse them:


Find the GALLERIES link on the left side of you screen.




Hover over the link with your cursor, and a sub-menu will pop up.   If you click on GALLERIES instead of hovering, there is a pretty introduction page only; there are no interactive links.


gallery3Slide you cursor over to the year you would like to look through, and a list of that year’s months will show up.  If you click on the YEAR you want, there is a pretty introduction page only; there are no interactive links.



gallery5You can slide your cursor again over the month you would like to search through for a list of events in that month, or you can click on the month itself.  Clicking on the month will bring up a Table of Contents page.  Each event listed on that page is a link that will also take you into the gallery…gallery6





gallery7You can look through the pictures on the gallery page, or you can click on a photo to look at it more closely.




gallery8Easily scroll through the pictures with the arrows on the side.




gallery9Go back to the blog home page by clicking the “x” .




I hope you’ll enjoy looking through all the photos — they go all the way back to when we started in August of 2013.  Happy Anniversary, everyone! 

~~ Kelly

24 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Il Volo Flight Crew! Our Present to You…”

  1. Kelly and Julie, this is wonderful! I just played with it and it’s so easy and quick to locate what you want to see!! Thank you for the labor it must have taken to create this. I love the graphics as well!

  2. Thank you girls, Happy Anniversary and I enjoy and appreciate the hard work you put into this site. Hugs

  3. Marie, Kelly and Julie what a great idea and a great job putting the photos together so we can go back in time and look at all the photos so easily and see how our young men have grown. Thanks for all you have done for us and to make us a part of your lives with IL Volo.
    Again Many Thanks,

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful site. Happy Anniversary!! IL Volo lover from the beginning.

  5. Thanks Kelly and Julie for putting the gallery section together it makes it so easy to go back and remember the beginning. I call my handle as you know luckylady51 because I was so lucky to find Il Volo on PBS in June of 2013 now I find out the Flight Crew started in August 2013 and that’s what month I went to my first Il Volo concert. That’s why I’m so feel so lucky to have found IL Volo and your site. You have both been a godsend to me you make my life that much happier. Thank you so much for all you do.

  6. Thank you so much for this fun photo gallery !!! It’s so much fun to go down memory lane and relive the journey our guys have been on over the last few years. As the saying goes ” You’ve come a long way baby” !! That goes for both the Flight Crew and Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero !!! Happy 2nd Anniversay !!!

  7. Thanks so much!!! I love all of the posts and you just made it so easy for us to go back and view the photos of our precious IL VOLO!😍😍

  8. Marie I didn’t hang up n you my phone died it is only a cell phone & apparently In can’t talk long when it is long distance.

    Thank you to the ladies who asked about me. I have decided to wait for a hip replacement so I am not laid up when the Il Volo guys are going to be here. My motto is Il Volo comes first, Il Volo FOREVER. Apparently NO Toronto this year. Please say a couple of prayers for me so I can achieve what I started. If you think I am crazy you’re right I am I HAVE to see Ignazio.

    1. Loretta! Hi! Good to hear from you! Which concerts are you looking at? I can’t figure out what to do.

  9. I’d like to add my thanks to you dedicated ladies for putting all of the pictures together for us! You all are the best! <3

  10. Marie & Kelly your posts, picture & anything you think up are always tops. we are lucky to have your dedication.

    Marie I am stealing your pictures of Ignazio if I can

      1. Loretta,
        P.S. you already have that last video. I may have gotten it from you.

        Seriously, I will send you whatever pictures you want. Just promise not to drool on them.

      1. Kelly if you do any praying say a couple for me I am trying to stay pain free until after the concerts, I hope, I hope, I hope

  11. I’m glad you all like it! The lion’s share of credit definitely has to go to Julie. I worked with her on publishing pages, but the organization and labeling… all her. 🙂

  12. Marie never saw that last video before so it wasn’t from me. If I drool all over the pictures I can’t return them hee, hee.

    1. Loretta, we have missed you here. Glad to see you are back & with your usual sense of humor. I am praying for another elderly lady (my Mom) to stay healthy & mobile until she can see IL VOLO, so I will add you to my prayers. I am sorry for you that they will not be in Toronto, but I am ecstatic that they are coming to New Orleans!

  13. It’s great, Kelly! How much did Julie want to knock me in the head for all the unlabeled pictures?

    Julie you are a miracle worker! It’s awesome!

  14. We have an awesome Flight Crew, but the administrators rock! Other websites are fine, but the Flight Crew is wonderful! It is very, very informative, BEAUTIFUL pictures, videos, more beautiful pictures, and the laughter!! Of course, there are Marie’s poetry and her articles on Ignazio 👨🏻 Thank you for everything! 🇮🇹💘💕💞😘

  15. Thank you lynngba14 for your prayers. Your Mom & I have to keep moving or we will stiffen up like a board. Glad to hear you will see the guys in New Orleans you are going to have a blast. Well Orillia doesn’t seem to far from Toronto & seeing that it is a casino that will be a nice change. Now we have to hear from the theatres as to when the tickets go on sale. Problems always problems but boy are these precious guys worth it.

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