Il Volo Professional ~~ Abruzzo Celebrates Gianluca and his Il Volo Brothers

Il Volovers OfficialHi, Everyone!

We just had a day to celebrate Ignazio’s amazing accomplishment –being named in the annals of  “Memory” alums for his contribution to that song’s history (Yay!)  Today, we recap last week’s celebrations in Gianluca’s honor.

In an email from Mary B., she summarized it all very succinctly with a few interesting items of history as well:


“Recently Gianluca experienced what the Abruzzo newspaper, The Messenger, described as “a week of fire.”
First the young Rosetan was named, “Ambassador of Abruzzo 2015” by the city of Roseto. The award for this honor was a statue depicting the warrior Capistrano, a well known historical figure. The original statue was found buried in the soil by a farmer while working in his field, and is now on display in the National Archaeological Museum of the Abruzzi in Chieti.

Gianluca was also given an award by the publishers of the Eldos News, who named him “World Ambassador of the city of Roseto degli Abruzzo.” This award was a plaque in gold and silver made by the prominent goldsmith, Roberto Talamonti. Piero and Ignazio were also included in this event, being named Honorary Citizens of Roseto and receiving awards printed on parchment and roses made of silver.”

Enjoy the photos/videos/articles below, and since all good things come in threes, I’m going to guess that there will be another reason to celebrate the amazing guys soon!   😉

~~ Kelly


Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook
Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook



Il Volo Links and News for August ~~ All About Il Volo







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by Consiglio Abruzzo


Premio Rosetano dell’a a Gianluca Ginoble ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official Facebook


Stefania Orsini; Il Volovers Italy Official

Ecco a voi un video dall’evento di ieri sera a Roseto!
Grazie Alba!; Il Volovers Italy Official




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Gianluca Received Recognition ~~ All About Il Volo




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Maristella Urbini; Il Volovers Italy Official




Il Volo a Roseto: Ginoble ambasciatore nel mondo, Piero, Ignazio e il manager Torpedine cittadini onorari ~~ (article and video)




Maristella Urbini; Il Volovers Italy Official




Giulia D’Anteo Photographer – Oltre l’obiettivo ~~ Giulia D’Anteo Photographer – Oltre l’obiettivo Facebook




by Rete 8

15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Abruzzo Celebrates Gianluca and his Il Volo Brothers”

  1. Congratulations Gianluca, Ignazio & Piero its wonderful to see all three of you have been given the honour of Ambassadors of the world so richly deserved. Italy has three wonderful Ambassadors to be proud of.

  2. When was Ignazio honoured for his singing the Memories song its the first I read of that. Where was he honoured?

  3. Penina when you mentioned Montreal being easier to get to from what I understand it is 8 hours to get there, is that right? Also when you look at the weather pattern lately from Toronto to Montreal sometimes the weather is horrid. But then February is horrid. I heard a while back that this year is supposed to be easier & not as bad as the last 2 years so I hope the guy that broadcasted that knows what he is talking about. I thought Orillia would be easier to get to & not very long a couple of hours perhaps. If it was’t February which I think is the worst month of the year, just my opinion, then no problems but when we all have to rely on the weather anytime could be bad. So we all will forge ahead & weather be damned. I’m not missing an Il volo concert come hell or high water. Even if I can’t go to as many as I would like to as least I will see one & it better be a meet & greet. I need my Ignazio fix.

    Jeannine I am praying for your Dad that his operation is a total success & you will have no more worries.

  4. Great article and photos! These three deserve every honor and award out there! I am thrilled to see them receiving so many accolades for all their hard work and for being the great human beings that they are!
    Marie, do we have a new Flight Crew member named Mary Jane B? 🙂 🙂
    It was Mary B. who wrote the wonderful article that Kelly mentions. 🙂

  5. I’ve called the concerts I want to go to. Some don’t even have Il Volo listed or know who they are. So I guess we can twiddle out thumbs for a couple of months. Drat. Patience Loretta patience.

  6. Loretta, I’ve called the Las Vegas venue and the nice young girl said they don’t have tickets yet either, but “this must be a pretty special group in that people are making their room reservations already for this concert.” I said, “Why, YES they are and told her to go to Youtube and look them up and come join us at the concert!!” 🙂

  7. The DALLAS, TX concert will be on March 19, 2026 at the Majestic Theatre. I called their office at 214/670-3687 and the young lady had to dig but did find the paper that listed them as one of their events. She did not know anything else. So I followed Mary Jane and asked her to check them out on YouTube and that she can see them from 2009 to 2015. She took my e-mail and said she would have to check with the promoter and would let me know the details. I know there are a few of us from Texas on this site. The PBS special is Sunday the 16th so maybe more people will get to know Il Volo.

  8. Kelly, I knew if I did an Ignazio post you would have to follow with this one! Our Gianluca so cute, talented and deserving! We both love Piero too. Now what are we gonna do?

    Seeing “Pompeii” in 2 hours!

    1. Wish I was seeing Pompeii! And it just happened to fall that way with Gianluca; didn’t go looking for it–promise! Piero’s time is coming….I believe in the good things that come in 3’s!

  9. Wonderful Kelly –You covered the award festivities from the beginning to the end with these amazing photos and videos. Gianluca’s face said it all !! He was beaming from ear to ear !! And Ignazio, Piero and Michele were given recognition and were beaming too !! My heart is bursting with love and pride for these amazing young who deserve and have achieved and so much recognition at such a young age !! The future holds much, much more for them !! There is no end in sight for our lovable,huggable and incredibly talented guys !!

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