Myron’s Music Notes ~ Pompeii

il volo pompeii

Il Volo – Live from Pompeii

Filmed on June 10, 2015 from Pompeii, Italy

This review is based upon August 7, Vegas-PBS presentation.

Looking back a few months ago I originally thought I would pass on writing a review of the Taormina concert. Then I changed my mind after watching it again and again. So I wrote the review posted here earlier this year. I do remember thinking that concert should have been the planned PBS special. I knew they were planning one last fall and aiming for Rome but the San Remo / Eurovision competition changed that schedule. They had always planned to do Pompeii but at that point it was raised to a greater level of importance. Tonight I am very glad they did the PBS Special in Pompeii. Taormina may be just a touch more romantic location but Pompeii more than makes up for that by its iconic historical position and representation of all of Italy. If you are going to take an Italian trio and put on a concert in Italy present to American audiences then Pompeii is the place.

I would like to make some comments along the way and then a summary at the end.

Grande Amore

First note is that I like the guys being staged in the middle of the orchestra several times in the beginning of the program and later. Grande Amore has always been a great song for them – works well for their voices and was arranged well just for them. Probably their new signature song. Very nice staging and great lighting. Much better planned than two years ago or the road tour concerts. This is an “Il Volo Song” for sure.

Io che non Vivo (You Don’t have to say you love me)

I prefer the version where first singer starts without orchestra – a capella (as they did in Taormina) and then orchestra comes in the fourth bar. Otherwise this is a great song for them. Orch./piano is a bit too strong on this. I love the new approach to the spoken “patter” that they use between songs. It is much more mature and at ease. It has a more natural feel or should I say they are more at home with it. Feels good and is enjoyable.

Beautiful That Way (La Vita e bella)

The beginning of this was a bit off in rhythm orchestra was not with Ginaluca. Small item which was corrected quickly. This was a lovely song and they enjoyed it as they got going. I wish they would not stage one person on the floor – Piero- while others are standing (reminds me of Christmas special – bad staging). Once again, I like the guys in the middle of the orchestra for a change of pace staging. Nice. This song grows on you. Watch how Ignazio does the transition to the next song off of this song.

New tonight for these concerts and shows: the guys introduce themselves for their solos and it is so much more relaxed and personal this way. I love this : Piero talks about this dream to sing grand opera and how he worked hard for this and how he hopes “he won’t disappoint us” – You gotta love this kid and his humble nature. That phrase really got me.

PieroE Lucevan le Stelle – (from the opera “Tosca” by Puccini )

In the past we have watched as at first, they stayed away from opera, then two years later Piero and Gianluca did two songs from short operas and now Piero takes on a true aria from a full-scale opera and not just any opera – a great masterpiece by the great Puccini – the magnificent Tosca. We know Piero has wanted to do this for some time. And WOW ! ! did he do it ! Piero’s vowels and, therefore, sound is more wide open and larger now. This guy has really been working and how. As a voice teacher/coach I was absolutely thrilled over this performance. Bravo! to Piero !!!


Very nice smooth transition on the staging for this. The guys have a ball singing and “acting “ this song out. The “fight” breaks out and we love it. Who gets the girl ? Ha!

Gianluca lets loose with some wild, powerful singing and he does it well (of course !). Watch that hair fly around. Ignazio and his “Tom Jones” styling. Piero singing his heart out. Funny song and fun to watch.


This has always been one of my favorite songs of theirs. This time around the arrangement is different and the orchestration is very different. Sometimes the featured guitars are too loud and later the whole orchestra is too heavy but it still comes off very dramatic. Gianluca really digs into the soul of this wonderful piece. He is so focused in his energy delivery. All, in all, the guys are more focused in this whole concert than in the past. They are serious about the craft that it takes to make the art of singing. Wonderful and passion-filled song.

Quando l’amore diventa poesia

Also a nice song for delivering passion through music.

Gianluca Anema e core (Heart and Soul)

Once again, I like that Gianluca introduces himself and his song and how he found it. So much more personal. I loved this song the first time I heard him sing it in Taormina with an accordian doing the solo work. This time they are using a soprano sax and he is very good at it. But I still feel the style of the song needs the accordian. Also, drums are too strong on this as is the sax during the verse. Gianluca sings it very beautifully. He can be so romantic when he is alone on an equally romantic song.


Well you can sure tell that the audience was ready for this song. The boys jumped into the deep end with both feet and had a wonderful, fun time singing this with audience involvement. This is great audience participation. Good old work horse of a song and it still is fun after all these years.


This was my one disappointment of the night. This was the weakest of the last seven song – album and here the performance was a little sloppy on the rhythm. Solo guitars and rhythm section were too loud under the singing. Ignazio does enjoy this song and does it so well. I wish they would have done “Ancore” or “Romantica” .

Ignazio Unchained Melody

Once again, Ignazio introduces himself and his song. Love it. It is personal when he talks about his mother’s gift to his papa for the anniversary – this song. Ignazio sang his heart out on this one. This is such a good type of song for his voice. He was absolutely wonderful.

Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)

Earlier we had fun with the audience and now we have fun out in the audience. A very catchy song from the recent album that is perfect for turning up the fun level with the audience.


In the past we have had the song “Smile” written by the great film director and star, Charlie Chaplin and now from his movie “Limelight” we have the great song: Eternally. A great song for the end of the program. Beautiful melody and the guys have some wonderful solos and great harmony. The opening has a wonderful close-up of Gianluca singing the first verse. The camera is right in his face and he sings right to your soul. He has so much inside him to move your soul. This song provided each guy with a moment to shine but also provided some great harmony sections. This may well be one of the best of the night.

La Vita

This song is a nice up-tempo number and works well to finish the concert. I think that they have had some other songs that work better for ending a concert. They could have used their theme song again: “O Sole Mio”. I have nothing against this song but it just does not come off strong for a finale number.

But that is very trivial.

Over all my thoughts are that this is a very fine concert – maybe their best of the PBS concerts – with great choices of repertoire that fits the style and the voices of these three individual souls and talent. I do wish they would have included more from the recent album. My favorite songs of the new batch: Grande Amore and Eternally.

Now let me get personal. As someone who has known these guys since they were 16, 17 and 18 and I have also met them at five different times sometimes for just a few minutes and sometimes for a nice length of time. I have gotten to know them and I have always come away thinking what wonderful and sweet and charming young guys ( boys ) they are. What nice families they come from. Well, here it comes:

NEWS FLASH !!! THE BOYS HAVE GROWN UP !!! These are young men !

We all knew that already but this show brought it home in strong fashion. Based upon the evidence of this concert, this was a show presented by grown-ups.They were smooth and very professional in their presentation and in control of their show. They sang their hearts out for us. The technical side of the singing was flawless as usual and it is getting better and better. I am so pleased to find out that they still take their voice lessons and work with a voice coach and the proof is that they always get better.

Lord ! I do love these three. And now – – the USA/Canada Tour.

This time Las Vegas is on the list.


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  1. Myron, as usual you have hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I do not sing (in public) nor do I play an instrument, but I’ve always considered myself to have a good ear for music..and I love good music! I agree with you about the drums, and sometimes the whole orchestra being too loud! But the guys never disappoint! ! Can’t wait to get the DVD!! Thanks for your review!! Hope to get to meet our favorite trio in March in San Antonio!! Regards from Texas, Dot!

  2. Myron this is a great review. You always point out things that would go un-noticed to those of us not trained in your field. I appreciate that. I have seen them sing Eternally on Youtube and it took my breath away. I agree with you that Grande Amore and Eternally are probably two of their best songs ever! Will see you in Las Vegas!! 🙂

  3. Myron, thank you. Your usual well thought out and interesting review. Bravo to you once again! I finally saw Pompeii last night and it was everything you said it was! The Guys were smashing! Gianluca sang his heart out. I have never seen him appear more natural and confident. His eyes had a wonderful glow throughout the concert! Our edgy Big Guy hit those high sweet notes and I thought I would burst a few times, but since I was at my sisters and it sounded messy, I refrained! He even held still a few times! (insert big sigh of adoration here) And Piero…an opera piece! It Had to be his dream come true! He didn’t hurt my dreams either! Boy is a wonder!!! How did we get so lucky to have all three of them in one package?

    My one and only complaint…No Ancora.

    Well, Myron, as you can tell I liked it too. And “Lord,” I also “Love these three!”

  4. Thanks, Myron! Since St. Louis PBS doesn’t have the sense God gave toast, we will not be seeing an airing of this show (I keep watching the schedule to no avail). It sounds magnificent– just as I had the feeling it would be when I first heard the location.

    1. Have you called the station ? This group’s shows have proven to be big money makers in most markets. Maybe if they get enough calls. If not there might be a way to get something to you (ahem, cough, cough).

      1. Hello! I’m not technically a member of your site, but I had found it a while back and check it every day now! Thank you so much for giving a place I always know I can come and see people who share the same love and passion for Piero, Ignazio and Gian as I do! I live in the Atlanta Ga area, and it’s the same thing as the lady Kelly from St. Louis was saying. I keep checking the GPTV schedule and STILL can’t find an air date for the Pompeii concert for my particular station! 🙁 Do you know why some of the stations don’t seem to be airing it? So frustrated right now lol! If I miss this concert I’m gonna sit down and sob!

      2. Email your PBS station and ask them when they are airing it. Mine isn’t on until August 27. Just google the call letters to get their website and email. You might also be able to call them and ask.

      3. I emailed the PBS manager at my local PBS station and asked him if their station was going to air ll Volo’s special. He emailed back and told me not at this time. He said that when they aired ll Volo’s special in Miami, it didn’t generate enough money. I live in the middle of llinois and not one person who I have talked to have even heard of them.

      4. Hi Jeanne, Do you get Comcast Cable? You can call WTTW PBS channel 11 at 773-509-1111 or Lakeshore PBS channel 14 at 219-756-5656 for schedules in Illinois and Indiana.

      5. Channel 11 showing program 8/17 at 7:30 pm and 8/23 at 6:30.
        Channel 14 showing program 8/27 8:00 pm, 8/30 5:30, 9/1 2:30am and 9/5 4:00 pm.

  5. Myron, when I saw your critique highlighted in my email list I quickly made a cup of tea and sat down to read (twice) your review. I so long forward to your comments. As always, you are insightful and thoughtful in your reviews. Thank you so much for all your expertise, energy and genuineness that are presented in your comments. You are a credit to your profession. Your critiques are the best! Bravo to you and Brava to Marie and the Il Volo Flight Crew for including you in the Il Volo Family!

  6. Thank you Myron! So excited about the Vegas date and anxiously waiting for more info from you. Can’t wait.. Will see you there (fingers crossed).

  7. A wonderful review as always, Myron!!! I have not seen this show yet as my PBS is not airing it until Sept 12th. I have watched all that has been shown on my IPad. What I have seen is just fantastic!!! Our guys get better & better!!! Agree that the orchestra is sometimes too loud!!! They are accomplished performers, young men now. I just love them!!!

  8. Excellent revue Myron. I am so fed up with Canada we don’t get much here & I haven’t seen Pompeii yet except a few bits here & there. Even is just now putting Pompeii for sale. I feel Gianluca is the very best person I have ever heard singing Aneme e core he is so smooth & in my estimation the BEST crooner for the 21st century. Piero’s voice has become so strong & powerful and when I heard Ignazio & Piero singing together I felt Ignazio could sing more operas as well as Piero because his voice is stronger also. Them singing together may not have been in the Pompeii but I sure hope it is the DVD & CD. You are so right Myron they have grown & improved their craft immersurably. My love for them is right up on a par with my own grandson. I so hope I can see you & everyone else in Los Vegas

    1. You might call the local station. Usually when Il Volo is playing cities in Canada, they also check to make sure there is an airing of the special around there as well.

  9. Thank you, Myron, for a wonderful review. My heart swelled with pride as I read it. I can’t wait to watch the PBS special of the Pompeii concert on Thursday night. I am also looking forward to Las Vegas. My heart is so filled with love for these three young men that sometimes I think I’ll burst, but like Marie said, that would be messy, so I’ll hold myself together.

  10. A note to fans that have mentioned coming to Las Vegas for the March 25th concert: Our local Il Volo organization is planning on two possible formats which I will go iinto in detail later. The point is there will be a get-together of any Il Volo fans and hopefully all Flight Crew people that show up.
    The Pearl is a newer, state-of-the-art theatre with 2500 seats. It is beautiful and a very good place for Il Volo.
    The Pearl Theatre is inside the Palms Hotel/Casino on the west side of the strip just west of the Belagio and Caesar’s Palace. The place has been an attraction for big Hollywood stars in recent years. The clubs there are very high end. The restaurants are pretty good and not to expensive. It has about 1000 rooms. Right across the street from the Palms is the Gold Coast Hotel Casino – a more moderate place. Just across the street and up the block is the Rio Hotel Casino – Penn and Teller are there. more info when we know it

    1. Thank you, Myron for your excellent review, as usual. You said The Pearl holds 2500 seats. Is that about the same when they were at the Greek Theater last year in Los Angeles? Hopefully I can go to the Dolby Theater the next day. I hopefully can find someone to go with me, seeing that the area is really not the best when someone is alone. But if I have to, I will ambush someone to go with me!! I have preordered the Pompeii DVD and I will get it in the middle of September, but I will call PBS (we have 3 PBS stations) to see it beforehand. Thanks again for your review. It is always spot on. Will you be coming down to LA to see them again? At some point, I would like to meet all the people I read about on this website.

      Marie: Have 2 martinis and 2 Manhattans with Myron!!

  11. Myron, I think the orchestration is too loud in spots, even on the MP. At first I just attributed this to their having a new guy in charge. Do you agree that this is a problem?

    1. I agree. Also, you may note, that they used two different conductors for that show. I don’t know why. That will have some effect. But mostly it is the person in control of the master sound board and the final mix.

      1. Yes and I understood they parted ways with their original mixer. I wonder if it will help if we complain?

  12. Myron
    I totally agree with your review. Grande Amore and Eternally are my favorites and also Delilah. I always hated that song until now – I wonder why. I was wondering if you have seen Piero and Ignazio singing Core’ngrato and if you could give your thoughts on it when you have a chance.
    Thank you

    1. Of course when they go on tour this 55 minutes PBS program will only be part of what will be 2 hours and 20 minutes of tour program. Then I expect to see some of those other songs.

      1. There is supposed to be a CD from the Pompeii show just like there were for the other DVDs. But I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere. It had a slightly different playlist.

  13. Very good and expertly written review. But I do not agree with the sentence of the song L’immensita, that “This was the weakest of the last seven song – album.” Personally , I love this song ,I think it’s pretty strong, nice,emotional and also I like lyrics and atmosphere of this song , often when I listen to it, I have goosebumps and already brought tears to my eyes. This song is sad – melancholic with the promise of hope for the future, I think it is suitable for dreamer. 🙂

    1. You know sometimes a song hits you different later. I remember when “Life is Beautiful that way” from the movie first came out I did not care for it. Now all these years later (with our guys singing it) I found it quiet lovely and fresh. In short, I loved it. That may well happen on “L’mmensita” . No matter what they gave it a wonderful interpretation.

      1. I use to hate Delilah! Not anymore. If the Boys sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” I would love it. Oh, wait…they did and I did.

      2. It grows on you. I started off not caring for L’Immensita and it is still my least favorite on the MP. But now I like it–it has passion and longing, and they give it their all (as usual!).

      3. Yes, some things take time. 🙂 I just wanted to write that in my opinion this song is nice, but we all have different tastes… 🙂

    2. Marie,
      I did not like the song Beautiful Day by U2, but the version of Il Volo completely changed it and now I love this song,but only if a song is sung by our boys. 🙂 Il Volo also learned me to love some of the songs, which I previously did not like. Another proof of charm and miracle of their beautiful music ! .-)

      1. Absolutely, Lydka. L’immensita was not initially one of my favorites. I love it now! Did I mention how much I love Ancora? Yeah, thought I did.

  14. Myron I thank you for another of your very informative and appreciated reviews of Il Volo.
    I am very curious to know what you think of the combination of Gianluca and Ignazio singing Unchained Melody together? I am also very impressed with the way Ignazio sang with Piero Core’ngrato. He was on a par with Piero all the way!!
    Myron I play Eternally at least twice a day from the time when someone recorded it from their TV and posted it on youtube. I so agree with what you said about Gianluca in the beginning of the song.
    I have to be patient for 3 months before my DVD will arrive in South Africa. I can not wait!!!!

    1. On the DVD you get everything including the (six) 6 songs they filmed but did not put on the PBS special. The duets were not on the PBS special but they will be on the DVD. not enough time. PBS had 90 minutes – 30 for promotional work and about 60 for the actual concert.

  15. Loved your review, thank you Myron! I especially appreciated your remarks about Pompeii as a place as an excellent place for American viewers, I could not agree more.
    Like yourself I too was disappointed with by missing Ancora and Romantica two big favorites of mine.
    Your observation of Piero ” singing his heart out” cracked me up! When doesn’t he? That is always my impression of him. I’d love to ask if he ever has a day when he does not sing! I bet the answer would be never!
    Your last sentence was the big understatement ” This time Las Vegas is on the list” It read like a casual afterthought when in reality I bet you danced for joy! Since Holy Week/Easter is the busiest time of year for me I will not be able to party with you and the rest of all the happy Las Vegas people. I am Very Sad. but happy for you.

    1. I know what you mean. I usually guest conduct for a friend during the Easter week. Had to cancel this time in order to be working on our organization for that weekend.

  16. Myron, so happy you did a review of this 4th PBS special. It was wonderful as usual. I have WPBT 2 out of Miami and they are very supportive of Il Volo. Il Volo has come such a long way and as you said they are young men now. I first discovered them after TLUC was over, on YouTube. So I have been following them, with great love and pride in watching them grow up from ages 14 and 15. With each album that comes out, I like to go back and compare with their first special and whatever the album prior to the newest is. I am not the professional you are, but I sure can tell the difference and improvement with each new CD. Always refreshing to see and hear, they are trying out new things like the duets, and their on stage interaction with each other and the audience is such a joy to see. They are so natural, spontaneous, include the audience and are all out professional performers to the point that you think they have been out there 15 years! I have over the past year, on a few occasions, referred to them as “the new Rat Pack” because of their antics. They are a delight, extremely talented and I look forward to more Il Volo years ahead. I am also delighted that Vegas is finally going to see a long awaited for concert.

    1. Vivian, I have been calling them “The Fab Pack” for years! Gianluca is Sinatra, Ignacio is Dean Martin and Piero is Sammy Davis (great dancer) and their ad libbing is so pro. We all miss our Rat Pack and Our Boys have brought back this wonderful cameraderie? anyway, you know what I mean.

  17. Myron, will ticket sales be available from the venue or on the Il Volo Music website? Thank you for your explanation of the PBS Special.

    1. Thanks for this question. I would either go to the Il Volo Music. com official site or call the Pearl theatre direct. There are a lot of on line ticket sellers who buy out a hundred tickets then sell them for more than they should. There are already two on line that I have found out about. concert ticket sales has become a big corrupt racket in this country. So, once again, go to the official Il Volo site or call the Pearl at the Palms – main number is 702-942-7777 – then ask for box office. or go on their web site.

  18. I wrote the St. Louis PBS station (enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope) and they replied that IL Volo Pompeii will air Sunday Aug.16 at 3:00 PM. Also called later and it was verified. Sure hope it’s on. Can’t understand why they don’t list any of the membership drive programs.

    1. Sure didn’t. It just shows “Membership Drive” on the Guide. It’s annoying. I couldn’t find it searching keywords/titles on the TV or by searching for it online… Glad It’s on!

  19. Hey Myron Loved reading your thoughts on IL Volo PBS Special I’m not I a music professional like you are but I thought the song La Vita was simply breathtaking especially Piero’s parts oh my goodness I hope they sing it when come to the states.

  20. Myron,
    I enjoy your take on Il Volo as you are an expert!! It’s interesting to read an expert’s review of each song in their concerts! We Ilvololovers are deeply smitten by these wonderful young men and are very starry eyed and wouldn’t hear a sour note at all!
    You are honest in your review and I deeply appreciate it and you have seldom criticized them and when you have, it’s very loving and not hateful. L’immensita isn’t one of my favorites either and hasn’t been since I first heard it on the San Remo Grande AMORE cd, but, of course, I’m sure Il Volo sing it better than anyone else!
    Thanks again for your wonderful review! We certainly DO love these young men! WE ARE LOVE! GRANDE AMORE!!
    We are hoping to go to the Nashville concert and Las Vegas! Thanks for the info on ordering tickets for LasVegas!!

  21. Myron,
    As always your Musical Notes are always honest and right on target… I enjoyed the Pompeii Concert and I enjoyed your review as well.. As I read your thoughts on each song I can hear the music playing in my mind, and Il Volo singing to me and only me… That is the magic that they posses… Their beautiful voices and the sincere way they present each song, their emotion just captures you and you feel that they are singing to you and you alone until you hear the audience wake you from your reverie…

    I too feel at times that orchestra is overpowering Il Volo, but their powerful voices can challenge any orchestra and they always win… They are just a sensation on stage…

    I enjoyed every song presented in this concert, but I must say I especially loved each solo … Piero with his humble introduction wowed me and the audience with his powerful voice and perfect execution of such a difficult piece… Ignazio sang with such emotion that it just took my breath away… Gianluca knows just how to use his velvet voice steal your heart and enrapture your soul…

    These three young men have a truly amazing gift and they give their gift to us with every performance…

    I am so happy to finally be able to see them here in our hometown… Here in Las Vegas we are filled with excitement because not only will Il Volo perform a great concert for us, but we will be able to meet so many of our Il Volo family …

    Thanks to Myron’s dream and persistence in working to get Il Volo to Las Vegas, we shall have one heck of a get together on March 25th… Hope to see you at the there.

    P.S. I too think that closing with O Solo Mio would have been a perfect ending to this fantastic concert…

    1. Thanks so much for the beautiful thoughts. You know the more I thought about the ending of the PBS program I finally realized that the ending had to be something different rather than their normal theme song. This concert was all different from other PBS programs of theirs.

      However, when they go on tour and have to fill 2 hours and 20-30 minutes for a full length concert then we will get some of our past favorites back again.

      1. That is very true my friend, also they said in the Detroit PBS interview that Grand Amore was to be their new signature song, and that is THEIR song so I understand that completely…

      2. Myron,
        You are spot on AGAIN! The concerts will be different, I’m sure, because of the time involved!
        The Pearl has NO information yet on the concert March 25th! The agent at the box office stated nothing had been confirmed yet.
        We are planning on coming to Vegas then, so hope info will be given out soon!!!

  22. Hi Myron, thank you so much for your wonderful review of the Pompeii concert. I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out that the PBS special of the boys was on that night in the San Francisco area (Wed night last week). Almost missed it. Of course I taped it so I can get excited everyday. I loved every moment. I was in Pompeii in 2009 at that amphitheater. Magnificent indeed.
    I love Lammensita and Cansone Per Te.
    I will be in Las Vegas in March. Would not miss it for the world. The Palms is right across from the Rio where I will be staying. Your review on each of the songs are right on. The drums are too loud at times and sometimes a!most drowns out the beautiful voices of the guys. Ancora, Romantica and Recuerda Me are all so beautiful. I had the honor of meeting these very talented and very humble and of course, incredibly handsome young men at the Sleeptrain Pavilion in CONCORD, CA on 8/27/13. My kids bought me a VIP meet & greet pkg. I sat in the 3rd row dead center. I can’t wait to meet all of the Flight Crew members and of course, you. ‘ Till then. Thank you again for your wonderful insight.

  23. Does anyone know if any venue has said anything about meet & greets?
    Just wondering when this information comes out.

    1. It’s been very hit or miss. Some venues absolutely deny that there is a meet and greet, and just yesterday, I heard of a venue with a sort of “secret sale” before the public even knew about it, and Meet and Greet tickets were already virtually gone. Best option at the moment? Keeping bugging the people at your venue of choice. 🙂

      1. Boy, that’s really sneaky! Who were they selling those Meet & Greet tickets to, if the public didn’t know about it! Not fair.

      2. Yes, I am a member of PBS and have bought several concert ticketss from them so they called me yesterday and left a message but I was not home til 11:00 am. By that time, when I called, she said there were 6 meet & greets left. I did not get them because I have met the Boys twice and hope to see them in Vegas.

  24. I say this every now and then: concert ticket business in this country has become very corrupt. There are on-line sites selling the Il Volo tickets way over the price.

    I looked at other acts coming into the Pearl this fall and the prices are generally from 50 or 60 up to $100 to $120. So when you see Il Volo for $250. go some place else.

    I will try to keep checking on the real sites: the Local PBS station here in vegas is 702-799-1010 then the next one is the Pearl theatre itself and then the official Il Volo site.

    1. Oh you really hit the nail on the head here. Corrupt is certainly the word for the ticket industry. One site today listed a ticket as being as high as $700+. Outrageous and ridiculous! This is one area I wish things could be regulated. Frankly, I think it casts a poor light on the performance space when they do not control the ticket sales but sell them to the raptors, scalpers, scumbags-greedyguts whatever you want to call them.
      As you can see, I had a very frustrating day looking for tickets to San Jose or San Diego.

      1. No. that one is the box office at the theatre. You can also go on line to the Il Volo official website and – when the tickets are available – they will be a safe bet. The other possibility is that the Las Vegas PBS station – called VEGAS/PBS channel 10 will also be selling ticket packages when they get the release. Their number is 702-799-1010 . Just be careful of other sites because of a lot of graft and greed and corruption. These ticket should not sell for prices like $300. $400. etc. that is way too much. even with meet and greet.
        I will know more later in the week about the real cost of tickets.

        Last year in some theaters the highest price ticket was around $100. and if you went with meet and greet you could get the ticket and the meet and greet for $300. For some venues it is more and for some acts it is really a lot more. Example: a few acts last year were charging $2000. for meet and greet. – UGH !

  25. Myron I love your critiques !! They are always spot on !! My new favorite song is Eternally. It is so romantic and the guys sing it from their hearts with so much emotion that it brings tears to my eyes. However, having recorded the PBS Special and having watched it numerous times I have to say that I love every single song !! My only complaint is the drums !! Too loud and annoying !!! I also wonder why they opted to start the concert with Grande Amore instead of singing it at the end as it is now their signature song. O Solo Mio could have been included too as it started their career just as Grande Amore has catapulted them into the second phase of their career. They truly do belong to the world now !!
    I hope to see you all in Las Vegas !!! What a blast that will be !!

  26. Myron –
    As a trained singer, singing in many church choirs and in A Capella and Concert Choirs in high school and college, I enjoy reading your reviews. I do not know what we have to do to get the volume of the guys’ concerts turned down, but I also have found that there are many places in both the Pompeii and the other PBS specials and in live concerts where the accompanying music, whether a live orchestra or the band, or a music track, covers up their voices, is unmercifully loud and is actually painful to my ears. I love the guys tremendously, and have been so thankful for their talent and their professional musicianship that it squeezes my heart, every time I hear them! But I hate to have that excellence spoiled by accompaniment that drowns out what we came to hear!!

    When I first heard them and recognized that they were actually well-trained music professionals (at 15 and 16 years old!), it just about broke my heart with joy!! I had nearly given up that the younger generation would ever get to enjoy real music, sung by young people their own age, in their life-times. So thankful for Il Volo!! I know our younger generation can see/hear/sing “real” music at school (h.s. & college), but in the general run of things, it has been a concern that if you don’t know anything about rock music, you don’t know anything about music. Ugh. I have a difficult time tolerating rock or any derivative thereof, so have been considered way behind the times for many years!! 🙂 Because it has been hard for me to recognize the real musicianship that rock musicians may (or may not) have, I turned to Old Country, Folk and Bluegrass music, especially Bluegrass, where the level of musicianship on your chosen instrument determines whether you can become a professional and make music for a living. I have enjoyed the high level of crafting music that goes into doing Bluegrass music, and my late husband was at that level as a banjo, dobro, and guitar player. But outside of those genres of music, and some short visitations into classic jazz, I was not hearing anything that sounded like music I cared to hear more than once. And then, along came Il Volo! Hallelujah!!

    Nevertheless, I have a couple of observations on your review. They are not major complaints, just observations: a) I came away from it thinking you had no interest whatsoever in their wonderful little dance routine with Volare, and b) that you did not point out that Ignazio’s vowel production (technical stuff here) has improved remarkably!! He now does much, much more rounded vowels, and the resulting sound is so MUCH more mellow!! Ignazio is proving, over and over again, that he could sing whatever the dickens his dear sweet heart is inclined to sing!! It is thrilling to hear him every time he sings. I, too am delighted that they are keeping up with voice coaches and vocal training. Seems like they could not be better, yet every time they present a new set list, you can tell they have been working to improve.

    By the way, generally speaking, those who criticize the boys negatively have little to say about their technical proficiency, or the presentation of their songs – it has mostly been about how old their repertoire is, and the thought that they will run out of viable “old” music to cover. Well, in that, unfortunately, I tend to agree with them! We desperately need new composers and lyricists to come up with a whole slew of brand new songs in this genre for our guys to turn into mega-hits!! Sure wish I had that talent!! It would be heaven to write for them, and see what I wrote turn into such gorgeous music!!

    I know it sounds like I really like Ignazio, but Gianluca is my favorite. That said, I see nothing that I can add to what you brought in your review, except that he, also, seems to be showing that he can delve into whatever genre of music suits his fancy, so that’s all I will say, also.

    By the way, the other conductor during the Pompeii special was Celso Valli, their new producer. Not certain why they needed him, instead of having Diego Basso conduct the entire thing, but that is how it was done. My personal opinion of Mr. Valli is kind of negative, so will simply leave it at that. It comes from having seen him during one of their Porta a Porta show appearances. The only thing left to observe about that is – if Michele Torpedine thinks Celso Valli is going to be good for the guys, I have no doubt that he will!! Torpedine has been such a genius in managing them, that I have no way to express how much I admire the man, and how thankful I am that he has crafted such wonderful success for them.

    Sorry this turned out to be so long! Ms. Motormouth is now leaving the building! 😀

    1. Linda, Very, very interesting response. I will have to address it later as I am kind of short for time. The two points that you sent my way: the dance moves they used in Volare. I did notice them but I had already gone through and edited because it was way too long. So some things got left out. Re; Ignazio’s open vowels. I did notice it with great appreciation but he had already started moving in the direction earlier in the spring and summer. I have watched as the boys went from good progress a year or so ago to major progress in the recent year.
      In the Tosca piece Piero’s example was certainly the results of work with a vocal coach just like Ignazio. For Gianluca the best vowels of the night may well have been Delilah. Wow
      I do agree with most of the very fine things that you talk about.
      Very interesting discussion. Let us connect again.

  27. hi everyone,

    this is the first time I have tried to get meet and greet tickets, and so did’nt know about the
    Code. About an hour later someone told me I
    could get it from your website,but by that time
    Ticketmaster had sold all of them. All the other
    Ticket outlets have sold their’s as well!
    I am so upset, as I am flying in from Hawaii
    To see the guy’s.Does anyone know of any
    Other places to check for meet and greet
    I do have a ticket for the concert,so I hope I
    Can meet some of you there

  28. Love your review with all your insights, Myron! Yes, self-intros were delightful.

    Still waiting for my package from Detroit PBS, so I have to go by memory.

    I loved Volare dance routine! I feel that movement to accompany music with a beat enhances the feel of the experience, even if it’s a dance scene or a couple on stage. So much more fun when it’s Our Guys!

    L’immensità ~ Perhaps not optimal execution of the song this time, including with overplaying of instrumentation, especially electric guitar, which I could do without! But I have to say that I LOVE this song! It has such a dramatic effect. I can’t listen without dancing or at least seeing and feeling swirling dancers in my mind.

    Truly an Anema e Core filled performance! 😉

    Hope to watch PBS again tomorrow!

    Anyone else waiting for Detroit PBS to send their delayed gift package?

    Smiling to be home and steeped in IL VOLO Love-Harmony,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Ahhh… I, too, got the second letter from Detroit PBS (2nd delay). At least, right now I’m watching the PBS Special.

        In gratitude, Marie!
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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