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The Big Guy’s 21st Birthday is October 4th.  Let’s send him Hugs and Good Wishes!ignazio's b day graphic

Please e-mail us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com with a birthday greeting for Ignazio. Keep your wishes relatively short and sweet.  Photo’s are great too!  Your greeting will be put into a post that will be tweeted to him on the evening of October 3rd, so that he wakes up to it in the morning of his special day. Deadline for Buon Compleanno greetings are October 1st at 5 pm central standard time. Kelly, who is the only one who knows how, will make a video for the post and add music.

credit Il Volo Campania

I wonder if he realizes that he’s finally old enough for me.

35 thoughts on “HAPPY 21ST IGNAZIO”

  1. Marie, I wonder if you realize that if he is old enough for you, he is old enough for many (oh damn) so many of us! Let’s the games begin!

  2. There are more than just me and Loretta? Oh No! Why would you tell me such a thing? I suppose you think you’re the only one in line for Piero? One brief dance and you get all know-it-all.

    1. Hi, Marie. Do not forget me, NAZIO1. I’m sorry but he realized YEARS AGO that he is old enough for ME and has been waiting for me until his 21st Birthday for a wonderful time when I will see him in person! HMMMM (Don’t say “In my Dreams” LOL)

      1. Well I can guarantee you that’s NOT in my dreams. No surprise really. The surprise would be someone who doesn’t love him…and his two pals!

  3. It is professed by the mental health people that boys do not mature till they are 25.
    Ignazio will be a boy forever. He just discovered the ‘periscope’ and is having a great time with it. Is there a way we could do the periscope. Have no idea how it works.

  4. I have been thinking about Ignazio’s birthday! He will be 21!! Time certainly flies when you listen to beautiful Il Volo music!!! And a portion of your days are spent pursuing these three Italian charmers daily activities!!! Our adorable teenager is now a handsome,compassionate, hard working fun loving, young man!! We all love him! Sorry, Marie! You just can not help loving Ignazio!
    We Are Love! Grande Amore!

  5. Anne, you just said it all!! 21? I have shoes older than that!! May he always be as he is now! I’m not sure the world (let alone us more mature fans) could take more! Yes, I know Marie could, but……

  6. No one that young at heart could ever be 21. He will always be the kid we first knew. Don’t ever grow up Ignazio. Joanie G

  7. I don’t think he will ever grow up. I certainly hope he never loses that big kid way he has! He is not only physically beautiful, but beautiful on the inside. He plays many instruments wonderfully (maybe not the sax). He loves his family, his friends and children. Lately he has been dressing like an Italian cowboy. And I hear he sings well. H E L L O!

      1. thank you so much for posting the Ignazio periscope!! such a joy to watch, I was literally laughing out loud! I’m just now starting to relax a bit and do some serious Il Volo catch up. things will settle down soon, I hope for me, then I can get back to my priorities! lol!

  8. “21” !!! It seems like only yesterday that he was a chubby, adorable teenager with a big voice and dimpled smile !!! Now he is a young man with a big voice,a dimpled smile and a hunky body !!!
    I have been watching his periscopes and my sides hurt from laughing so hard !!! I absolutely love his sense of humor and facial expressions !!! I hope he will forever be the happy free spirit that he is today !! He is indeed a very special person inside and out !!! How can you not love him !!!

    1. Joaniefl you have described Ignazio
      so well. I have been watched him
      since early last year and it seems
      like he jumped from 14 to 21 in
      only 2 years…..he was adorable
      at 12 to 14 years old and has
      not changed….His sense of humor
      is so original…His music and
      expressions just get better and
      better……He is the all-around
      entertainer……He can be so
      funny one moment and then
      sing a song so seriously…..
      He is so talented, in fact
      Il Volo is blessed by God
      with warmth, love, humor
      and talented voices and
      I love them immensely.

  9. The very first time I met the guys (off to the side of the crowd) where I could talk to them individually, Ignazio was the first one (after they knew I was from Las Vegas) to ask if I was going to bring them to Vegas. He has asked each time since then and I keep telling him that he is the one who has the power to make that happen. Well, it is finally happening. He is so special .

  10. Congratulations to Italy, women’s final on Saturday will play Vinci and Pennetta ! Vinci won over Serena, she played fantastic, deserved victory ! 🙂 Italy has a success at US , not only in music, but also in tennis. 🙂 Il Volo have working time in Miami, they are doing many interviews,but maybe they can follow the success of their compatriots. And Vinci was so funny and nice in interview after match. 🙂

  11. First of all – that picture at the top of the post – all I can say is Good Lord.
    Second, Lydka, I am watching Marin right now. Just got off work. I sure hope he pulls this off. I’m so happy about the Italian ladies in the final. Good luck to both of them!! I have taped the matches and will watch later.
    Third – TGIF.

    1. Linda, I am watching also, is after midnight my time, I’m sad and confused, I do not understand why suddenly Marin plays so horribly wrong,maybe the problem is with ankle injury or simply Marin has a complex of Nole….I think that Marin has too much respect and admiration for Nole and it’s about the psyche and they are also good friends, and Marin is a very good-natured and gentle man and this harms him in such matches.This is so horrible and painful for me to watch this match…. 🙁 :’-(

  12. Lydka
    I sometimes feel that way, too, that some players have so much respect for their opponent, that they can’t play properly. Marin seems like such sweetie pie, I wish him well for the future and hope his ankle will be good soon. He can be so proud of his victory last year. They all try so hard, it’s hard to watch them lose over and over again and keep trying for years on end only to never win. That is why I am happy for the Italian ladies. I feel bad for Serena, but this gives someone else a chance and both of them are almost at the end of their careers so this will be great for both of them – whoever wins. Go Italy!!!!!

    1. Nicely written , Linda. I agree with you. After the match I was so sad that I listened to L’amore si muove , to improve my mood, and now I feel little bit better.My time is more than one hour morning, so now I go to sleep, so I wish goodnight or good evening for you. 🙂

  13. Marie
    You can add me to the list for Chicago concert. I got a ticket and will worry about getting their later. I couldn’t resist.

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