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When I first saw Il Volo in concert, one of the highlights was their rendition of “Smile.” They brought something to that song that had never been done before. The harmony, the expression, the quality….all perfection. I bought the CD at the venue, and I remember listening to “Smile” in the car on the way home, and being enchanted again at what I was hearing–completely enthralled by their voices.

Barbra Streisand must have felt it, too, because she chose that song to share with them on her tour. What a show stopper that was! And when Ignazio hit the high note at the end–wow–It even made her stagger back a bit. Her “show off” remark was perfect. And did you see the look on his face??? Priceless!

g - all smilesThe fact is that all of these young men have million dollar smiles.…all gorgeous and all unique. Each time I see one I think, “that one is the best” until I see the next one. Gianluca’s smile could be an ad for a toothpaste brand. It is so enchantingly beautiful, teamed with his smiling eyes it takes your breath away. Something wonderful happens to Ignazio’s face when he smiles. It’s like a light was turned on–it just glows, and his face shines with so much joy, you just can’t help but smile along with him. Piero’s smile is touchingly sweet. It tugs at my heart strings and makes me say “awww,” followed by a big sigh. He is a handsome man and his handsome smile just completes it.

It’s always a treat when they are having fun and their smiles give way to great guffaws of laughter. They love top - at Pescara Concert by Mimmo Cusano laugh. They enjoy just being together and having fun with life. And we can’t help but smile when they smile and laugh when they laugh, because they are who they are, and they convey their warmth and joy to all who have the Il Volo experience.

Smiling–it’s such an easy thing to do and so contagious. Their music has brought smiles to our faces when we were feeling down, or facing a medical diagnosis, or experiencing a loss….whatever our need, the music of Il Volo has had a healing effect for so many. We have seen this in the comments made by grateful fans.

i - from loretta 1People often wonder if the guys know just how much of an effect they have on all of us. They see the adoration on the faces of the fans wherever they go, but I hope they know that to so many of us they are much more than just handsome faces with beautiful voices. Because we see in them something above the norm that lifts us up and puts smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

How appropriate it was that someone somewhere in the group of people guiding their careers chose “Smile” as one of the first songs in their repertoire. It’s a perfect song to convey what they mean to us. In our hearts and minds they are always smiling and making us smile, too.

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  1. Wonderful, Mary!!! Such a simple facial expression! What change our smiling faces can make!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero your smiles are beautiful & individual as Mary described!!! Each one tugs at my heartstrings & lightens the moment!!! Smile is a beautiful song, one of my many favorites!!! Grande Amore a Tutti!!!

  2. Once again you are on target Mary and brought a big smile to my face this morning. Thank you!

    Those smiles melted my heart before they opened their mouths. As soon as they did open their mouths I knew I was a fan for life. It was “love at first smile.”

  3. Thank you Mary, you brought back a beautiful memory for me…The first time I saw Il Volo was in the Jerry Lewis telethon back in 2011 … They sang smile and I was taken back by the beautiful voices singing a song that was older than me,,, They also sang their signature song O Solo Mio… Of course I was hooked… Their voices took my breath away, their adorable young faces warmed my heart. and their smile captured my soul… These young teenage boys had so much to offer the world that I had hoped to see them again … Wow, six years later, here they are … Young beautiful men now, with even greater voices, and they are still putting smiles on our faces with each and every new song that they sing…

    Their new album Grande Amore, International Version has a song on it that touches your heart with a smile once again:

    Smile without a reason why
    ‘Love as if you were a child.
    Smile no matter what they tell you,
    Don’t listen to a word they say,
    ’cause life is beautiful that way…

  4. Mary, your post was right on target!!! All three have touched our hearts in more ways than we can count!!! Their smiles light up the room they’re in and definitely light up our hearts!!

  5. Mary, that was beautiful And yes, it put a smile on my face remembering listening to our boys sing “Smile” the very first time. And now we have “Beautiful That Way” to enjoy and love, not to mention the other songs on the new CD. Mary, you named every single reason why I love thee young men so much.

  6. Since I found ll Volo they have put a smile on my face, they have helped me through the months I was in pain with a shattered radial head in left elbow, which is when I first saw them on jay Leno show, I have been hooked on them since! Thank you guys for picking me up with your smiles, and funny things you do during your concerts!

  7. You are absolutely right about their smiles. I feel the same way and love to see them smiling at and laughing with each other. I too wonder if they realize just how much their music and they themselves mean to so many people.

  8. Yes they do have beautiful smiles and personality. They are drop dead gorgeous, good looking, young men. I loved your article!

  9. I just say their interviews in Spain. They will be flying to Los Angeles, then New York & Washington.

  10. Mary, thank you for this beautiful article. For me , their version of “Smile ” is the best version I have heard. They’re my favorite singers since I saw them on PBS one weekend in 2012. Beautiful voices, great music, gorgeous smiles, what a treat for us fans.

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