Condolences for Linda

Hello, Everyone.

I was as saddened as all of you to hear the Linda had passed away the morning Marie called me.  I didn’t know her as well as Marie, but working with her as a board sister was always a pleasure, and knowing that she was a nurse and understood the trials and tribulations that go with that was a comfort and encouragement.  She is definitely missed.

Many of you have expressed a wish to send condolences to her family.  Marie reached out to Laura, Linda’s niece that cared for her, and she was very touched by the gesture.  You can send your condolences to:


Laura Thompson

8931 NW 55th Place

Coral Springs, Fl 33067

~ Kelly


8 thoughts on “Condolences for Linda”

  1. Thank you, Kelly and thank you all for the kind words expressed to me the other day.

    We, and her family, are not the only ones who will miss Linda. The staff of the Rehabilitation Unit loved Linda, and she them. She lived there for over a year. They never moved her to the assisted living facility at St. John’s. They just kept her there. She soothed many temporary roommates along the way. One every week or two. My BFF would do that, a wonderful woman to the end. The Rehab Unit of St John’s is having a memorial mass for Linda Wednesday at 11.

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