Personally Speaking ~ A New Ad We Can Only Dream of…



This deal succeeds in combining UNRIVALLED CLASS AND ELEGANCE


The external lines exude a DYNAMIC TRIO and sport EXTRAORDINARY SINGING ABILITY

From every vantage point.

The interior combines THREE ITALIANS  dressed in ITALIAN PRIDE

Whose voices can stir up strong emotions in both the driver and any passengers.



State of the art audio from these THREE set new standards high above the rest!

Their MIGHTY VOICES and the engines roar is FEARSOME

as it comes to a CRESCENDO and sends

A genuine SHIVER down the spine at the highest revs!

Package designed according to the taste and expertise of their FANS.


36 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ A New Ad We Can Only Dream of…”

  1. Dear Jane,

    In the mail please find my credit card and a letter from my financial institution.

    I would like one of the products delivered to the address accompanying the above mentioned letter. Cost nor car color is an issue. Please send ASAP!

    Thank You in advance.

    Marie Crider

  2. Oh Jane!!! Such a fun, happy post! I’ll take the extra special model that comes with the three Italian singers dressed beautifully by Armani!!! Do I need to purchase three Maserati autos to have the Bel Canto included?!?

  3. Well ladies, let’s all stand in line behind Marie as SHE is the one waving the credit card out there!! 🙂
    I will get you each one just as soon as I see them on the market sold JUST LIKE THIS!

  4. Jane, what a thinker you are! My credit card will not cover thid, but am putting my home on market for down payment!! Don’t tell my husband! He’ll never understand! I think my daughters will help me! Any color car will do, just let it include one each Armani suit! I can get Texas wear at Walmart!! SERIOUSLY! Thanks for the laugh!! DOT…..

  5. Great post. I will try to go the LEASE – INDEFINITELY route. I would like all three but if there is a problem IGNAZIO has to go with the car. Leasing might go faster so SORRY ladies that might have to got thru a financial check.

  6. Jane! Creative thinking with this! Genius!
    It’s hunting season up here. Do you think Armani would do camo for the guys?! Would Maserati do a custom camo paint job?

  7. Jane, you bowled me over with your post! Love it! I was at the parade and saw first hand how beautiful they looked in that Maserati; however, they made the Maserati, not the other way around! Had a wonderful time a the parade!

  8. A really, really good one, Jane. You can order me one, too, and put it on Marie’s credit card. Black looks great on both the car and our three young gentlemen friends, so please order black for me.

  9. I’m thinking I probably need to order one for myself FIRST and test drive it…just to be sure it’s safe for all the rest of you! Marie so generously is sliding her credit card my way, so I’m SURE she won’t mind covering the bill for the testing of this new product. Hey, maybe Suzy will be asked to try out this model, too, on one of her sites! Either way I will gladly drive it around the country so EVERYONE gets a test drive.

  10. Perfect ! I have driven the Maserati Quatroporte (4 door sedan version) and it is truely a great car. Powerful, elegant and full of romantic passion. Gee, now I wonder who else fits that line – – hmm ? let me think ? Must be someone that fits it ? Any help ? Well, I guess we all know the answer.

    1. Pick me Myron. I know, I know. Ha,ha,ha. I love this site. Our ladies sure know how to make one’s day. I can’t wait for the LAS Vegas concert. I hope to meet you Myron and many of our friends here. It will be so exciting. Gianluca is my FAV but I love all three. Thank you for all your hard work to bring this get together for us.

  11. Jane, you killed me with this post! 😀 I’m not a “fancy girl”, though…I’ll take one order of Ignazio on his blue Vespa…on Marie’s charge card! 😉

  12. little side note: The 4 door version of the car costs about the same amount as the cost we are paying to get Il Volo to Las Vegas. Interesting comparison. As far as the boys – worth every dime ! ! ! !

  13. I would love to have a model like that. Those descriptions are out of this world!! Greatness at hand… I believe it will be priceless… Thanks I was laughing all the way.

  14. You can deliver this deluxe model including the three exquisite upgrades to me at any location !!!! Any time of day !!! I’ll be there in a flash to pick it up !!!

  15. I am ordering just one of the Maserati with all the upgrades (3 Handsome Italians in their ARMANI get up). I prefer midnight blue with white interior please. Oh, by the way, please charge shipping and handling including bubble wrapping for the three very FRAGILE ITALIANS that make the car, to MARIE. Thanks Marie. You are such a sport.

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