Personally Speaking ~ Please Come and Join Me ~ Jane

Having lunch at Cafe’ Milano, Washington, DC.


Today, I invite you to come and have a seat with Gianluca.  Share some time with him, just one on one.

He looks like he’s patiently awaiting a friend to converse with over lunch.

His comfortable demeanor along with the  warm welcoming look in his eyes, makes him so approachable.

We know so much about him from following his every move made public on social networks.

His fast paced life never allows him a chance to get to know us.

What would be the one thing you would like to tell him if you were the lucky soul he was waiting for?

To sit across that table from this kind and gentle man and share some time.

Go ahead…he’s been waiting for you.


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  1. OH! I AM SO THERE!!!!

    I would tell him that I think he is one of the most gentle souls alive, that I was proud of his success, that I was amazed by his wonderful baritone and that I loved he and his brothers Il Volo.

  2. Today we pray for our French Brothers.

    And Lord, keep our Boys safe – in the air, on the ground, in a concert hall, at a soccer game – everywhere! Thank you for allowing us the pure joy of their music. Bless them and keep them well. Give them the continued health and strength to spread the love and song that is Il Volo. In Your Name I ask this.

    1. Very nice. 🙂
      Protect my Day
      Blessed be my protection when I go out during day or night, That thou mayest not let any of my enemies, or thieves, approach me, If they do not intend to bring me what was intended from your Holy Altar. Because God the Lord Jesus Christ is ascended into Heaven in his living Body, And so shall my body and wellbeing be protected on this journey. O Lord, bless me and watch over me day and night. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
      Protect my Journey
      In the name of God I go on this journey. May God the Father be with me, God the Son protect me, and God the Holy Ghost be by my side. Whoever is stronger than these three persons May approach my body and my life; yet Whoso is not stronger than these three Would much better let me be!

  3. I would ask him so many questions. The first would be – how old were you when you decided to become a singer since you are so dedicated to being the best – which you are.

  4. Protection from Heaven
    The blessing which came from heaven, From God the Father, when the true living Son was born, Be with me at all times; The blessing which God spoke over the whole human race, Be with me always.
    The holy cross of God, as long and as broad As the one upon which God suffered His blessed, bitter tortures, bless me today and forever. The three holy nails which were driven through The holy hands and feet of Jesus Christ Shall bless me today and forever.
    The bitter crown of thorns which was forced upon The holy head of Christ, shall bless me today and forever. The spear by which the holy side of Jesus was opened, Shall bless me today and forever.
    The rosy blood protect me from all my enemies, And from everything which night be injurious to my body Or soul, or my worldly goods. Bless me, oh ye five holy wounds, in order that all my enemies May be driven away and bound, While God has encompassed all Christendom.
    In this shall assist me God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen. Thus must I, [name], be blessed as well and as valid As the cup and the wine, and the true, living bread which Jesus gave his disciples on the evening of Maunday Thursday.
    All those that hate you must be silent before me; Their hearts are dead in regard to me; and their tongues are Mute, so that they are not at all able to inflict the least injury Upon me, or my house, or my premises: And likewise, all those who intend attacking and wounding me With their arms and weapons shall be defenseless, Weak and conquered before me.
    In this shall assist me the holy power of God, which can make all arms or weapons of no avail. All this in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  5. I would tell him how much joy he and his ‘brothers’ have brought me. I would tell him that I will pray for their safety during their travels. I would tell him how proud I am that he is who he is a kind and sensitive young man. I would tell him that his sharing of self helps a lot of lonely people.
    “Just like the rain that gives a new lease of life to a dying plant, a smile and kind words can help someone who is about to give up”

  6. I hope I have the opportunity this year to tell him I admire his love & caring for his brothers & how when they were being interviewed when they were starting out & being interviewed by some ignorant interviewers especially women that seem to overlook a person who is heavier which they did to Ignazio. Gianlucva told the interviewer to ask Ignazio some questions & if I could have I would have crawled through the computer & given him such a big hug. I love the way he will put his hand on their Piero’s or Ignazio’s shoulder or arm when they are singing which shows to me how happy he is that they are there with him singing.
    How deep his emotions are when he meets someone who shows their love to him as we saw when meeting that young girl on stage.
    And last year I got a big hug from him when I gave him a t-shirt that had a picture on it of which was taken earlier that he had never seen before.
    No matter they are not part of my family I pray every night along with my family for their safety. And I was thinking that if we had known in 2013 that Ignazio was missing we all would have bombarded Miami to find him. And God help the people who had harmed him.
    That is how much I love & admire these beautiful young men who send us their love in their singing & when we meet them

  7. I would tell Gianluca that I love him! That he is kind, compassionate, charming, with a sweet smile that makes you want to just hug him! That he & his musical brothers are in my prayers every night!! His music is wonderful it gives me much joy & happiness!! Thanks, Jane! A nice idea with the lovely pic of our GG!

  8. These are all wonderful responses!
    I would tell him he carries himself with such genuine style and grace. He embodies such fine qualities that every parent would hope for in their child. I would tell him there are no finer gentle men than the three of them on this earth…and that is coming from a parent and grandparent who knows! I would thank him for sharing his gift and his life with us…and give him a most sincere hug.

  9. If I had a chance to talk to Gianluca, I think I would like to tell him that he is the Heart of IL Volo. He has such passion for his work, his fans, his family and his IL VOLO brothers it shines right through him . His tears after singing Grande Amore on his birthday at Sanremo moved us all. I think I may have shed a few along with him except the Pirate Code denies it. I would tell him I wish more men could be man enough as he is to be affectionate with his friends.
    However I think I would also like to warn him about not being too in awe of his favorite US city Los Angeles ” his lady” as he calls it.” It can be quite ruthless and hard. Better he stay the Ambassador of Abruzzo to the world and ciontinue to annoy some Sicilians he knows!

    1. That is so funny – annoying the Sicilians. These wonderful, talented, adorable young men are so much a part of our lives. I just want to give them all a hug and thank them when I see them again for all the joy they bring us.

      1. Then why did you move to Ohio of all places??? Silly Marie, I like LA Very much too and have partied hard and hardy there many times., but for a young man from Abruzzo who is so tender and sweet I fear LA would chew him up and break his heart! If he went there he should always take his Sicilian brothers lest he end up like Ignazio in Miami! God forbid!

      2. I am a prisoner in Ohio! Especially now that winter is on its way. The answer to Gianluca is that he moves in with one of the Flight Crew. Would we ever let anyone hurt him?

  10. I don’t live to far away from DC but he would be gone by the time I got there! I would thank him for being himself and wished many more young men would be like him. IL Volo has brought so much love, happiness and hope into my life and for Gods’ Angels to watch over them and keep them safe. I would then give him a very big hug and say God speed. <3

  11. Jane – that is such an inviting picture. Gian is filled with a great warmth that is contagious to everyone, especially when he smiles, which is rare for him! I’ve often wondered if he ever felt intimidated by Piero and Igna because he is the youngest of the group, or if he ever felt Piero and Igna were jealous of him, because he won the contest? I feel he is definitely the spokesperson for the group! I would also ask him what his secret is for taking a good selfie!

  12. The Light of your Heart shines through your beautiful eyes, Gian.

    Your birthdate of 11 symbolizes Inspiration (in-spirit = Spirit within). You uplift us with your Wisdom and Love.

    Your music is tender-hearted, rich, and deeply powerful.

    Divine Grace angels said to me, when speaking of IL VOLO, “Music is the breath of God.” You and your IL VOLO brothers embody this so beautifully.

    I want to talk to you and your team about a couple amazing possibilities. How about March 24th or 25th in Las Vegas?

    And, finally, I would love a hug!

    Grazie! My heart is full.

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jane, this is such a sweet blog. Thank you! Gianluca’s photo is amazing.

      And, Gian, you can reach me on Twitter
      I’ll watch for your reply.

      The Lord ever watch over you, all of IL VOLO, and your team and families and all loved ones.

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Thank you Gianluca for the hours of awesome content that your magical blend of music gives to me and to so many others.
    I love your glorious, amazingly powerful voice. You are a wonderful person and you deserve every accolade that comes your way. I am so proud of you!

  14. I wouldn’t be able to ask him ANYTHING unless I had a glass of wine in me first, probably…then I would ask how it feels to have accomplished so much at the tender age of 20…does he have any regrets for choosing singing as his occupation…and where doe he see himself in 10 years? Then we’d have a lot of fun talking about other singers, and I could educate him on American music from the ’50s onward…we’d have to sit there for a VERY long time, so I hope he’s up for it! Maybe we could share some strawberries dipped in Nutella, too…and if he gets weary, maybe I could get Igna to fill in for him! (Hey, you asked!) 😀

  15. Gotcha! Cutie! OK! Now listen up! We’ve got to get it set up here to go scouting for abandoned hill towns in Abruzzo! The Flight Crew has a plan to rehab one of those villages as refuge for the three of you to rest and get away from the craziness!! You know the countryside like the back of your hand!!
    OK! Cool!! We got ’em Girls and Myron,Jim and any other misc guys! Me and GG are off on a scout! Will report back on possibilities!
    ( No! Pirate! I’m not going to take the parrot on an adventure!)

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