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  1. OOPS!

    For those of you who get our posts automatically sent to your email, there was a hiccup this morning. I haven’t a clue what happened. I also haven’t a clue why this one isn’t lined up correctly. Sorry.

  2. Leelee, I used to consider myself a sufficient cook. Think I’ll make the dip, but I have never used, or heard of – caster sugar (granulated?) icing sugar (powdered sugar?), Vanilla essence (extract?), cannoli chips (will broken ice cream cones work?). Looking for enlightenment here.

    Ineke and I will be expecting a Ricotta and Orange Cake in March. I know you and your cooking skills. Please don’t try to make it yourself. Surely you know where there’s an Italian Bakery.

    1. Marie! Caster or castor sugar is a superfine sugar. Somewhere between regular and powdered but not powdered! Not really easy to find over here. Make your own by whizzing in processer. Icing sugar is powdered sugar. Vanilla essence is vanilla extract.
      Yes, you can use broken ice cream cones for chips or if you have a wood pile handy use wood chips!

    2. LeeLee and Marie, I can help! There is plenty of Caster sugar and Icing sugar available in South Africa. I will bring some over.

      Yes LeeLee, I agree with Marie, your Ricotta and Orange cake will get us into the Italian spirit! LoL!!!

      1. Ineke, I will need all the help I can get. However, please be careful bringing anything “powdered” through the airport or else Marie and I will have to bail you out of prison (LOL!). I can see airport security saying “Sure, it’s caster sugar”.

        Marie, you’re on your own. I couldn’t enlighten you if I tried.

      2. Wow, thank you LeeLee for that warning! I never thought of that!! No more Icing or Caster sugar for your Ricotta & Orange cake, anymore!!!!!!

  3. I can not eat anything but celery sticks and water if I want to be ‘slim and trim’ for my “Meet & Greer” in March. I have “sinned” yesterday. My daughter and a friend brought me a huge cheesecake for my birthday and I ate most of it. I am now trying to close my eyes when I see pretty picture of food. I did peak at your post and rushing of to do my volunteer work at the Pantry to use up the calories.

    1. Gina, we must have very close birthdays, and similar problems with well-meaning family and friends! Believe me, it will take more than a celery diet to get me back to “slim and trim” for our “Meet and Greet” in March! But then, haven’t grandmothers been given a pass and are allowed to be roly-poly?

      1. Linda, have a wonderful birthday ! I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine. 🙂

    2. Gina! Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! ( You could try dipping the celery sticks in the water and pretending!!)

    3. Happy Birthday, Gina and Linda! 😀

      To get “slim and trim” I would have to go on the celery diet until March 2020. I am an eater! If I volunteered at a food pantry I would eat all the food then feel the guilt until my next volunteer visit. Then I would eat….well, you get it.

    4. Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday, Gina ! 🙂

  4. No pass LindaP we have to look svelt to outdo our competition the younger generation. No roly-poly looks or bags under our eyes or gray hair showing. We have to look drop-dead beautiful (hoperfully) with lots of struggling

  5. LeeLee, good sounding recipes! I might wait until after March also to make and inhale these. I think I have come up with a way for the guys to go “ga-ga” over us at the M&G’s, much like they do when presented with a BABY in the line up! If we write our name with the word NANNA in front of it on our name tags, we are SURE to be lifted high above their heads, cuddled and coddled just like we see them with the babies! We know how special their Nanna’s are to them…we can’t go wrong! The entire line comes to a halt when a baby is put before them, so why not Nanna’s I say? 🙂 🙂

    1. Jane, the thought of any of them even attempting to lift me over their heads like one of the babies is making me roar with laughter. When we were at the M&G last year, they lifted two girls that were in front of us. So I yelled out to Ignazio “Me next”. Well of course there was total fear in his eyes, but with the sweetest voice said “I’ll try”. Of course, I had to say “I’m just kidding” because I hoped he would not think I was serious. I can see the headlines on that one now: News at 11,

  6. Leelee! Nice recipes, thanks! I’ve been looking for a recipe for the orange and ricotta torta for a while! I ate this in Italy and it was sublime!
    When I go to the concert in Albany I’m not doing the M&G so all I have to worry about is fitting in the seat!! Heh! Heh! Put that fork down!!

    1. Thank you, Lynn. I’m so glad then that I had this recipe for you. Please don’t listen to Marie. She truly wants the orange and ricotta cake.

  7. Great news ! CD L’amore si muove,FIMI has confirmed, is a platinum disc ! 🙂 Congratulations guys! Another success in your pocket and I am convinced that many new are on way to you ! 🙂

  8. Oh shoot! I just went grocery shopping and forgot the celery. I hope carrot sticks will do. Jane has a good point. Our guys just love babies, so maybe us nonnas can get the same attention if we admit we are grandmas, because they certainly do love their grandparents!

  9. Linda, Happy Birthday. I was 80 on the 16th. Still in shock wondering how I suddenly arrived at this age. Problems with being ‘skinny’ at this age makes your face look 100. So I am going on a new diet of self control. One of my doctors used to say “please eat green”. My new worry is what do I do when I suddenly am facing the boys. Worry also adds wrinkles. Anyway all these issues should keep me busy till Dallas. One of my son’s friend’s owns a limousine company in Austin and for my birthday gave me a free tour in a pink limousine. Now I am upset I did not choose Austin for the boys concert. Life can be a challenge.

      1. Marie! I’m thinking, you’ve got Pirate’s sword. You might as well take the parrot, too! Please! Take the parrot!

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