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Flight: “Now the Grammy ‘

Guests in Bari of Panorama of Italy , Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca Flight recount the successes of a whole career on the rise, with some still dream in the drawer: “Filling the stadiums with our music and winning a Grammy”

“In America we are with 2 albums in Top5, ranking first in the classical and early in the pop – Ignatius explains in Bari, guestPanorama of Italy and his companions – We received a tweet from Britney Spears , I gave five to Steve Tyler, Lady Gaga made ​​a selfie with us and filled us with compliments. ” A spell began on the stage of leave you a song and literally burst on to the Ariston, managed to transform a dream into reality : “We could not imagine a or two years ago that one day we filled the Arena – continues Gianluca – Greater love has changed my lifeand has given us the opportunity to create a repertoire and win a lot of people. ” Not to mention the increasingly strong affection of the fans, as told by Piero, it is made ​​”by 80% of girls and 20% of adults. Three generations that follow our concerts. ” Yet not everything that glitters is gold, as quell’Eurovision touched with a finger : “It was a small disappointment. We were first in the televoting, but the jury did not make us win, and there It is anger. And who comes back there? “ . The future, however, it’s all for them, between the desire to stay together for a long time (“Why we should split up and destroy all the more beautiful?”) And a final grand prize to be won: the Grammy.

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Let’s see…who lives here?


Nice flashback, Lynn.  When our boys were Babes in New York.  Cutest faces ever! 


Well Ignazio, how about this challenge?

 Nice, however…I would not want to eat that particular pizza!



A peek into the Guy’s friend, Minio’s shop, “Luxottica”.  He must like Il Volo too!


Ah, an Italian ghost story.  Start at the beginning of the video, but for the end of the story, go past the italian telling around 5:50.

~Thanks Lynn!


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  1. Lynn, Looks like Our Guys are a little mad at Eurovision! Don’t blame them. It will be interesting to see what happens after the Boys win Sanremo again.

    I love looking back at the Guys. It seems they grew up too quickly from those cute little Italian Boys to those so handsome Italian studs!

  2. Wnderful entertaining photo & story Lynn, Great pictures of Abruzzo
    Great pictures Lydka
    I wish we could have more subtitles when Ignazio & the guys are performing. Even though I can’t u derstand Ignazio he is still funny & I am getting a kick from his performing & expressions.

    1. Loretta, today at morning under article Recipes of Italy I’ve added 3 videos of the boys with subtitles from Las Vegas. I do not know whether you saw them… Have a nice day! 🙂

      1. Hi Lydka I did see the one video of Ignazio doin g his comed skit with English translation but couldn’t fine anything but I did see all the pictures above

    2. Hey Loretta! A while back Marie directed us to a site which posts Il Volo songs, interviews and videos with English subtitles.
      Here is address:

      They just posted the video of the Guys in the kitchen at Avo restaurant where Ignazzio did his pizza thing!
      I put this site on my home screen and check frequently!

  3. Hope Ignazio sees that perfomanance from the pizza guy. Can you imagine how funny Ignazio would look trying to do those moves. And he would carry it off with his on special pizzaz

  4. How I would love to visit and go thru those castles in Abruzzo! Thank you Lynn for the ghost story. I imagine there are lots of ghosts roaming around in those spooky looking castles.

    1. Allene! Let’s go! You, me and Gianluca will go looking for abandoned villages for the Flight Crew to restore!
      And look for ghosts in old castles! Getting up the hills should be no prob, we’ll just rent donkeys! You didn’t think I was going to WALK up, did you? And don’t let Pirate talk you into bringing that parrot! She tried that with me!

  5. Imagine my startlement this AM when I checked the blog and saw my name! Scared me, it did!l
    I sent Marie most of these videos for her entertainment and didn’t expect to have them posted! Some of them are rather long. Sorry!
    Since I visited and fell in love with Italy I ‘ve read newspspers, blogs,books etc. just to satisfy my curiosity about that wonderful country! I tend to wander around to see what I can see!
    Other Crew members post really interesting stories, recipes and bits and pieces. It’s so much fun and educational to read all these things!
    Thank you!
    Giuseppe Minio owns the shop shown above where Piero gets all his glasses! He is mentioned in the Il Volo book. He did something great for Piero! I will say no more ! No spoiler here! You’ll just have to read the book to find out what he did!
    Gracie and Ciao a tutti! Lynn

  6. Thank you, Lynn. I enjoyed all of this, especially the trip down memory lane of them when they were so young. Loved watching them play soccer, then singing with Gianluca having gum in his mouth! Abruzzo photos breathtaking!

    1. Hey! Jane! Somehow I’ve appointed myself as another ambassador for Abruzzo! It’s an absolutely breathtaking province and vastly under promoted. The drone video was done as part of Abruzzo’s participation at Milan Expo. The producer of the video has other beautiful videos from around Italy and other countries. He’s very good!
      That’s where we’re scouting for an abandoned hill town to restore for the Guys to retreat to !! Heh! Heh! Are you in on this?!

    1. Hey! Zdena! Just beautiful! The music and Vltava video!
      Is this the city where you live? Tell us more about it.
      I know you are from the Czech Republic. Need to do a little research about that! Haven’t heard from you in a long while. Please post more often. How did you discover Il Volo? How long have you been following them?
      Maybe in the coming years Il Volo will start holding their concerts in the eastern parts of Europe! Your city maybe and Bratislava or Kosice for Lydka!! Fingers crossed!!

      1. Hi Lyn,
        thank you,I´m glad that you liked our music.Vltava is the longest Czech river,she runs the capital city of Prague,photos are the places through which it flows.
        IL VOLO and FLIGHT CREW I wath from their beginnings,I´ve got about 2500 photos.I got to know them so that they spoke on hte radio our best pop singer Karel Gott,who also sang clip Vltava.He greatly these “amazing children” and their beautiful voices admired.
        I send you greetings Zdena.

    1. Thank you Loretta,in Czech Republic = BOHEMIA are many castles,gardens and beautiful scenery.Next time I show some of them.Have a nice days Zdena.

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