Nice show… Just stay away from our Guys!

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The Power of Mt. Etna filled my mailbox this weekend here are some:

From Kelly:

111fire 1

From Ann:

The Italian – Sicilian – American Page with Ballesteros Cecilia Yaneth.

Mt Etna in Sicily erupting last night…12/3/2015

The Italian - Sicilian - American Page's photo.
111fire 1

From Lynn K.  “Here is a video of Mt. Etna volcano on the rampage!” 

Mount Etna lights Sicily’s night sky with red hot lava – video



111fire 1

From Mary Strickler:

Mount Etna’s stunningly violent eruption was among the strongest in decades

Mount Etna erupts on Thursday morning. (“Nico di Messina” via Twitter)

Early Thursday morning, southern Italy woke up to see this remarkable display — Mount Etna, Sicily’s tallest peak and active volcano, was erupting after two years of silence.

The sky glowed red above Sicily, seen above from Calabria, Italy’s most southern region. The skies were cloudless on Thursday morning and Mount Etna was capped in white snow.


111fire 1

One more from Lynn K.  “WOW! It’s on my bucket list to see a real volcano erupt! In person ! But not too close!  Told the parrot it was a real feather singeing experience. He took off in a spectacular hurry!! Heh! Heh! Love harassing that bird!!”

Italian Mount Etna erupted with spectacular lava fountain

Italian Mount Etna erupted with spectacular lava fountain

Mount Etna in Sicily (Photo credits: Barcroft)

Mount Etna dominates Sicily’s skyline on the island in the south of Italy, and has been giving people an incredible show pouring ash and lava into the night.
Flashes of lightning dance around the ash cloud as the explosion blocks out the stars. Before now, it hadn’t erupted for two years but people were able to predict this explosion from activity inside the Voragine crater over the last month.
News by METRO


16 thoughts on “Nice show… Just stay away from our Guys!”

  1. I’ve been watching all the photos of the eruptions! It’s upset cause the boys are not at home! Seriously, hope this is all show, and doesn’t endanger our Italian friends! I’m not very brave, I would not even be that close! Thanks for sharing !♡♡♡

  2. Here in California we have volcanos also. Mt St Helen erupted violently about 30 years ago. I hope she will stay silent a long time now. Joanie G

  3. Thank you Lydka for the chance to vote for Il Volo……
    They would be the perfect international group to sing
    at the Olympics.

  4. Bottom line: Glad our guys are safe!

    And Yes, a volcanic eruption up close and personal is amazing! Lynn K & Joan G, I was in Washington 17 miles South of Mt. St. Helens when it erupted on May 18th 1980. (Those who were 17 miles North didn’t live to tell the story.) My story is on my website if you want to see. …What an experience!

    For now, we in the NW are trying not to float away. Lots of high water. Good time for me to listen to IL VOLO and get projects done!

    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Thanks, Marie!

        Yah, what I remember most was how muggy it felt being right close to the mushroom cloud.

        Love ya,

  5. My husband and I were on Mt. Etna just about 5 weeks ago during a tour of Sicily. It is an awesome sight even when it is not erupting!!!

  6. Jeanine thank you for the in formation on the erupting of Mount Helen & the history & stories of the eruptions. I enjoyed reading & absorbing the history lessons. That is one thing I love about the site there are so many people here who are so knowledgeable about so many things in history, recipes, CD’s, music etc. Love reading every thing especially about Il Volo. I wish I could have found the link that they were talking with fans today.

    1. Sure, Loretta!
      I’m not actually much of a history buff, but when you life it, that’s another story.

      Another tidbit… Spirit Lake actually moved location. Actually, Myron is the one who told me about that!

      Wishing everyone a lovely and safe week,

  7. Many many years ago I was on a cruise ship with my mother coming from Australia to England we were going around the southern tip of Sicily at 2am when Mt Etna was erupting, it was a beautiful sight.
    Now I live on Hawaii island where we have several volcano’s .The main one is called Kilauea and has been erupting non-stop since 1984. The lava flow. has destroyed many homes on its way to the ocean
    When the lava hits the cold ocean water it becomes
    solid and in doing so gradually makes the island bigger. Many people that moved here from mainland U.S.A. Have to move back because of breathing problems . I wonder if it affects Piero as he lives the closest to Mt Etna.

    1. Jill! Kilauea is the volcano I would be most likely to see! And want the experience of climbing up to the caldera and looking over into it. Just to scare myself to death!
      I did see a smoking volcano in Guatemala but it was a good distance away. Not scary enough!

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