Lydka Found Some Sparkle!

 This morning was nice when I saw the new video clip of  boys. 🙂 Very nice and beautiful scenery, wonderful countryside and lake..Now is cold, but without snow, but it would be very nice if I could go for a nice autumn walk, perhaps also to Lago di Tenno.  🙂 I think the guys have done a great promotion for this part of Italy and next year many fans will visit this lovely place. 🙂

Christmas is coming and I personally very much like this video: Il Volo Sings Christmas Classics A Cappella – Yahoo Interview

Now is a good time to put in your a bling13a.jpg!

 Approaching Christmas time…It is a time when you spread love and everything shimmers..

I love these beautiful Il Volo images, I found them on Blingee. But….

a bling a bling 2 a bling 3 a bling 4 a bling 5 a bling 6.gif a bling 10.gif
…I created my first own Blingee Il Volo image! Here is my artwork :

a bling 11 hers.gif


This photo is from Eurovision, the moment before boys went to the podium in the final. 🙂

a bling 12.gif

And here is my Christmas picture with Il Volo, I created it myself and I again used the photo from Eurovision, I feel that this picture expresses unity is strength. 

Il Volo

I like this video – pyrotechnic show – beautiful fireworks in the second part sounds Grande Amore (started at 4:12) :








27 thoughts on “Lydka Found Some Sparkle!”

  1. LYDKA THANKS FOR THE FANTASTIC “Blinking Boys”. There are not enough “Hearts” to express how a lot of us feel about them.

  2. Moc krásné ,děkujeme Lydko.Napiš nám,co by ti v příštím roce 2016
    přineslo nejvíce radosti.Myslím že by se ti tvé přání mohlo splnit !
    Moc ti to přeju.

    1. Rough Google Translate: Very nice, thank Lidko. Napiš us what those next 2016
      brought most radosti.Myslím that you can fulfill your wish!
      Thank you so prefer.

  3. Great post today Lydka love everhting about it the interview and all the Blingee posters. Makes me smile. You are so talented. What a great way to wake up. Thanks for the great post. Have a great day.

  4. Wonderful happy pictures Lydka you are so talented. So appropriate to have sparkles on the boys pictures & the fire works were amazing. I hope the guys see these pictures & can take the sparkles home with them for Christmas, Just imagine how they must be counting down the days, I wish for you Lydka an amazing Christmas full of sparkles & Christmas presents & a happy family reunion. Lots of love sent your way

    1. You are so very nice Loretta ! Thank you for the nice words and wishes ! 🙂 May the air of Christmas lift your spirit; the sun brighten your destiny and may moon of the season glow with God’s favour in everything you lay your hands. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas ! 🙂 Have a wonderful day ! Also I am sending much <3 towards you..

      1. They are the merriest wishes I have ever received I am sure my Christmas withbe spectacular thank you loads of love sent your way

    1. Every person enjoys the kind and sincere words, it is so easy to make each other happy. We know to caress others with the beautiful words, as well as with hands.Today’s world needs a spreading of love, beautiful things, good actions and wonderful honest words ! 🙂 God bless you, may the good times and treasures of the present become a golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you all the best. 🙂

  5. Great post, my Sweet!! The parrot is fascinated with the Blingees!! He stopped singing Grande Amore!! Hallelujah!! More Blingees please! Heh! Heh! Lynn

  6. Hey All! Looks like we’re getting a new Il Volo video! Hang on for it!! Don’t know when but it looks like Soon!

    1. New music video (was filmed in Verona ) Si me falta tu mirada will premiere this Thursday, 10 December at Univision Primer Impacto, and Friday, December 11, on VEVO channel.

  7. My favourite video is Canzone per the. Love, love! Do you know that they have announced a fall tourfrom September 2016 to November 2016.I live close to London,Ontario in Oct. And the next day they will be back to the Fox in Detroit. Most seem to be new to them Already there is a big sign in London. .So excited!

  8. Donna I am in Brantford did they say what cities they were going to be in & is this including Detroit? I’d like to e excited also, what theatre are they going to be at in

  9. Donna! Where did you find the info on the tour? We need to be able to announce to the blog via Kelly. She handles all Professional updates. Thanks! Lynn!

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I wish you all the peace and joy of the season! Christmas is not an eternal event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart. Christmas is not a time nor season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and kindness, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas. May you have a blessed Christmas.

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