Personally Speaking~Drawn to him~by Jane


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Some people are naturally drawn to others.  It’s a kind of magnetism that certain people possess.  We are drawn to each other out of curiosity,  compassion, intrigue, love, respect, for oh so many reasons.

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People are drawn to Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio for all of the right reasons.  They are simply incredible human beings and you get a real sense of that just by being around them.

Gianluca and his father recently visited the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, in Pescara.  Just look at how these children are drawn to Gianluca.  They are very young children, but know when someone of greatness is near them.  Gianluca’s genuine warm, kindhearted, sincere way about him just naturally draws children close.  They feel safe and loved when in his presence.  Most children are so expressive of their emotions as the world has not told them yet how they should act, but they act in a very true spontaneous nature.

Gianluca, being 20, has lived long enough for the world to have told him many things.  Being raised by great parents has allowed him to become someone special that people of all ages are drawn to, especially children.

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23 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Drawn to him~by Jane”

  1. Oh Jane, I agree he reeks with magnetism! He is such a sweet, sweet young man. Can’t wait to hug him!! I think he is more relaxed and comfortable with children than adults. I think they all are!

    Is it wrong to wish to be around long enough to see them all with bambini? How sweet will that be? Hey! I need to be around to tell Ignazio to stop throwing his children up so high!

    Thank you Jane for these beautiful pictures! The looks on those children’s faces are priceless.

  2. Marie, I don’t think it’s wrong to wish to be around to see them with bambini! I wish the same thing. They have such a connectedness with children. Would love to be a nanny for ANY of their future families, but I don’t know who would get more attention from me, the bambino or the padre!

  3. Marie, I just realized that could be my new position in retirement…a Grannie-Nanny!
    Sort of has a nice ring to it, huh?

      1. A sweet post, Jane. I would love to be an assistant Nanny-Grannie with you and Marie, but if that is to be Gianluca will have to hurry up.

  4. I just want to gather Gianluca in my arms and smusssh him. What a wonderfully sweet man he is! A man who isn’t afraid to cry in public or grab a bunch of kids into a huge warm hug. A man who isn’t afraid to stick up for his native place despite the rolled eyes of his comrades! He is clearly the introvert in the group but just hand him that microphone and he is fearless!

  5. You wonder sometimes how ALL THREE of these guys came from good families. There could have been one bad apple in the bunch ? There could have been one that does drugs or treats girls like a toy or does booze to extreme ?? But – NO – so far that is not the case . I just hope and pray that it stays like this. Three great guys – period !

    1. I have given this some thought too Myron, what are the odds that they all came from good homes where they were not beaten or bullied ?( Maybe chums at school called Piero Dumbito for those ears) I often wonder if Francisco or Ernie are ever jealous of their famous brothers but there has never been a sign of that! This all points to the value of good nurturing. Yes, I want to see what they will be like when they start having bambini, Piero is just chopping at the bit to have wife and children. All three will make fabulous Papas!

  6. Gianluca, as we all know, came from a very painfully shy childhood. Well, the shyness is still there but he has learned how to manage it so well. One-on-one in conversation you can tell he finds that more comfortable. I bet that when he gets back to the hotel room (or home) he really unwinds .

  7. Thanks for posting these sweet photos Jane !! I just love Gianluca to bits !! He has an inner tenderness and sweetness that makes him so very endearing !! You really do want to hug him tight with all your might and never let go and I did just that last May in Roseto !! He loves everyone from the very young to the very old and we all love him right back !! He once had a photo on Twitter with an older woman. They were looking into each other’s eyes deep in conversation with his hands on her shoulders and hers around his waist and he said “that’s love fans of all ages”. It really touched me. I can’t wait until I can hug him once again and let him know how very special he is !!

  8. You are so right, Joanie. They all 3 give fantastic hugs filled to the brim with love, but his are extra warm! 🙂

  9. These pictures just show us again how sweet and loving Gianluca is, especially with children. I too agree that besides Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca being so talented, all three have the biggest hearts! It is amazing to me that three young men are so comfortable with people of all ages but even more so with little children. They show so much affection for them. Their parents have done a wonderful job raising them.

    1. Just remember that wiwiblogs does polls on everything! It’s what they do. Since Il Volo has garnered so much business for them Wiwiblogs will make Il Volo polls for everything.

  10. Jane, I love those pictures of Gianluca with children. It is so natural of him to hug these children – he is not doing it for the cameras. I hope they remember this occasion when they become older and Gianluca has become a super-star, along with his “brothers”. Of course, to me, he already is a super-star.

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