Looking Back ~ Ann & Gina

Happy 2016.   As we celebrate a brand new year, it is only fitting that we look back at those youngsters we fell in love with and watch them grow. ~Marie

Video submitted by Ann.

“Amazing video showing Il Volo thru the years. The difference in their voices is amazing from when they start to where they are now.”



new year gina 2



Here’s Gina with “Auld Lang Syne  

Old Father Time with his scythe, carrying in the New Year, 1870. (Photo by Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images)
Old Father Time with his scythe, carrying in the New Year, 1870. (Photo by Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images)




14 thoughts on “Looking Back ~ Ann & Gina”

  1. ann and Gina, Thanks for the video. the boys are getting better and better. The sky is the limit for them. I wish I could be around to see it. Joanie G

  2. Ladies and gentlemen we must get ready. It is January 2016 a month before the boys start their US tour. I believe that Buffalo, NY is lucky to be the first stop.
    I am getting serious about my “Ignazio hug” practice.

  3. Thanks Ann & Gina for the reminder of those amazing videos of our precious young men, they were a joy to watch. And yes I am looking forward to Buffalo. I will be there with bells on & running into Ignazio’s arms.

  4. What a great video so neat to see how adorable they were then and how much they have grown in to handsome men and their voices now incredible and you know they still have fun when they are together. Can’t wait till March in Vegas to get to my Piero.

  5. Thanks Ann and Gina for the trip down Memory Lane. I loved them way back then, and I love them even more now, if that’s even possible. Looking forward to 2016 to see how high our boys will fly. Can’t wait for March, and the FanFaire in Las Vegas!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing ! It is so beautiful and amazing how these 3 sweet boys have grown!! I love all 3 boys the same but Gianluca has a special place in my heart!! With one look , I was in love with him!! He is so sweet , shy and sensitive and has that beautiful smile!! He is handsome!! I am going to their concert!!

  7. What fun to listen to those young boy voices not only singing, but talking as well. It seems like so long ago they were so young, but it really has not been that long at all. Thank you for the great post!

  8. I am putting careful thought into what I want to say to them when I see them. I will let management hurry me along instead of how I hurried myself!!!. My grandmother used to always tell me “Don’t wish your life away” whenever I said I wished some event would hurry up and get here and I have to say that at 62 I really understand that but ohhhhh….March. There will still be plenty to keep us all occupied until we finally get in breathing range of the same air they breathe!

  9. I have every one of these videos (and about 50 more!) in my collection; seeing the clips back-to-back gives a unique glimpse in their development over the years. Good work! And now at least I can say that I’m going to see them THIS YEAR at the meet-greet in Connecticut NEXT MONTH!

    1. Wow John! First time anyone has said, “next month.” That got my blood pumping this morning! Can’t believe it’s almost time. Feel like a kid on Christmas eve.

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