We Have a Birthday Coming Up!!

gianluca birthday2


Didn’t Gianluca just turn 20 yesterday?  What have I been doing for the last year?!  Well, no matter; February 11, 2016 is exactly one month away, so it’s time to get your poetry loving brains percolating so you can write you birthday wishes!  😀

Please e-mail us your wishes (ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com) by February 10.  They will be included in a post for him to receive on his birthday.  Since he’s going to be in the US touring during that time, it will be one of the many greetings he gets from the Flight Crew, I’m sure.  🙂

Have fun, and thanks for participating!

~~ Kelly

9 thoughts on “We Have a Birthday Coming Up!!”

  1. I love that video! He has always been such a sweet and thoughtful young man and with all his success, he remains the same.

  2. Our baby has grown into a man to be admired for his talent and beautiful
    personality…..It doesn’t seem possible that time has gone by so fast since
    I first heard him sing…..He is all the “grannies” sweetheart and the young
    girls swoon over him…..I love this guy and his beautiful voice and I get to
    hear all the Il Volo group March 20…..I’m looking so forward to the concert.
    Happy 21st birthday young man, we love you.

    1. Happy 21th Birthday Gianluca. May your life always bring you much happiness. You are truly are a lovely young man with big heart.

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