Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport 2016 Tour; Caserta




I’m a day late–sorry!  Isn’t technology grand — when it works?

We bring you Caserta…

~~ Kelly


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Tour nei Palasport – 2016  Caserta Photo Album ~~ Il Volo – Fan Club Italy Facebook



Grande Amore

Il tu sguardo manca 

Il Volo – Live Tour 2016 Photo Album ~~ Dino Borelli (owner) and Carmine Aymone



Solos and Duets

Gian and Piero

Piero and Ignazio





Il Volo Live 2016 – Castel Morrone Photo Album ~~ Mariaenza Di Lena Facebook




Per te ci sario

Il Mondo

L’amore si Mouve



Tour 2016 – Caserta Photo Album ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook





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Playing Around/Crowd  Reaction

11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport 2016 Tour; Caserta”

  1. Thanks Kelly for collecting the videos. I think we all wish to hear them in full concert but since it is not possible the little ‘peaks’ into their tour is appreciated.

  2. Kelly and Lydka! Thank you! Great coverage. Better than chasing all over the IV pages trying to find each video! Like the new songs and wonder what the song lineup will be here?
    Does anyone know, on last year’s tour in the US and Canada if they did the same songs for each concert?

  3. Thank you Kelly and Lydka for the videos and photos. Seeing them is the next best thing to being there in person. I love so many of the new songs and also think all the duets have been great!

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