Interesting Finds From Your Flight Crew Pals

From LynnK:

ann I love Il Volo small

From Gina:



ann I love Il Volo small

From Gina:

“Why did I get none of the talents the man upstairs handed out.” G

ann I love Il Volo small

From Ann:

Quirky Italian Habits that Don’t Work Well Here
aaa3Some things – like kissing our friends goodbye or eating dinner after AT LEAST 7 p.m. – are just not understood by non-Italians or Italian Americans.

Here are few other quirky Italian habits that we’re all probably guilty of! >

ann I love Il Volo small

From Gina:


This year on tour we’re not alone… In many of the Italian there will also be a small great guest: Shari Noioso, who with his voice has charmed the audience of tú yes que vales… And also all of us!
For those who have chased as a small child, the dream of music is a pleasure to have you on stage, to share our passion and live together an adventure that every day surprises!
Because the music has always need new energy.
Because the music must continue to be born, grow and excite.
Welcome aboard Shari! (translated from Italian)

ann I love Il Volo small

From Mary Strickler:

This is the cover page of the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall’s 36 page brochure for the 2015-2016 Season.   It was included inside our Sunday Naples Daily News this morning.
ann I love Il Volo small

From Suzy:

Stump removal alternative!

ann I love Il Volo small

From LynnK:



10 thoughts on “Interesting Finds From Your Flight Crew Pals”

  1. The past 2 years , I am so happy to find out about IL VOLO!! I first seen them on PBS when my mother introduced me into watching them. With one look I fell in love with these boys. I will be attending my first concert next month too see them ,and going to the meet and greet!! I am so thrilled!! They are the most talented group today!! They seem real sweet!! Everytime I see them, love radiates from them!!

  2. LYNN K. how many bathrooms in the Michelangelo house? Need to know before I commit to the purchase.
    MARIE thanks for a fun posting.

    1. Gina! Eight, for crying out loud! Take a look at the article. Very interesting. It has had only three owners since Michelangelo owned it.
      $7.5 mill !! A little steep for the Crew but the owners will eventually come down from that! An outrageous price even for the name! They’re dreaming !
      I’ll put in a low bid and start the bidding war and see where it goes! We better come up with some bucks here!
      I don’t dare kick in the Las Vegas Bail Fund until after the Fan Faire. (if there’s anything left, that is!!) Y’all behave yourselves out there! Ya hear!

  3. I am going to contact Barbara B. Mann to find out what time the Meet and Greet actually begins since my tickets for both the M&G and the concert have the same time imprinted. 🤔

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