Personally Speaking~Culinary Skills

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Although they are not red

I baked this one for you.

Culinary 4

Culinary 1

Culinary 2

Culinary 3

All three guys have shown us their culinary skills at one time or another.

Early on, Ignazio displayed his talent for making chicken marsala, sushi and pizza.

Piero has shown us photos of him grilling meat on an outdoor grill.

Gianluca recently has shown us a cake he made and now this beautiful rose pastry.

Is there anything these three CAN’T do?  I don’t think so.

Extremely talented well rounded individuals.  So adept with their music plus constantly letting us see just how proficient they are in other areas as well.  Soccer,  diving off high boats, horseback riding, salsa dancing,  able to speak in many languages, Ignazio playing the saxophone (OK, maybe he needs some more work on that one…).  I do think the list goes on and on.

They seem to strive for perfection, the highest degree of excellence, in all that they do.

Gianluca, your rose creation looks absolutely amazing. I  only wish we all lived closer to you and could have sampled it!


10 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Culinary Skills”

  1. Jane, you are so right about the many talents of IlVolo. It seems that Italian men are right at home in the kitchen, and our guys seem to really enjoy it. They all have their specialties….I think I read that Piero’s is breakfast and Ignazio seems to be able to handle everything from pizza to chicken Marsala. Gianluca favors pastries, I think.
    I love the neat photos that you have included. Such a sweet article.

  2. Jane, I tried cooking Chicken Marsala because of Ignazio. Turned out really well! Now I’ll have to try Apple Roses! Jane, at the M&G ask him to give us a private lesson!!! Piero must be the steak griller. I do that too!

    Hey! In my opinion, they all “COOK” when they’re not cooking!

  3. Cookin Hot…all 3…yep, I would agree to that!! OK Marie, that will be the one thing I ask Ignazio…now what to ask the others? 🙂

    1. Ask for cooking lessons from all three and we’ll have a great dinner! Grilled Steak with California Sushi rolls and Apple roses for desert!
      Do it Jane! Do it!

  4. You ladies have convinced me to look for an Italian husband in my next life. My late husband (RIP) loved to cook Chinese. He had about 4 different woks. Boy do I miss that, although he always left a mess for me to clean up. Count me in on the cooking lessons with our boys. I think, tho, that I would be so distracted by the teachers, I wouldn’t hear a thing they said.

  5. I agree that all three are so multi-talented. Besides singing so beautifully and being wonderful performers, they play music, cook, bake, dance, play soccer, tennis and are just all around amazing young men. And even better, they love and treasure their families, babies, small children, teenagers, adults and even seniors!

  6. Jane – all of them will certainly make marvelous husbands one day! They cook, they clean, they will protect you, they will sing you to sleep? They love children? They love their mothers? They will make you laugh! I love Ignazio’s version of chicken Marsala and actually made it for his birthday with the cinnamon in it – it was very good, except I think I added a bit more than his “little bit!” It’s also very good with my secret ingredient – adding cocoa to the flour mixture! I would love cooking lessons from all of them! Their next book should be a cookbook!! 🙂

  7. Maybe it’s not a coincidence but I just saw how this was created on TV. Yummy. Yum and WOW.

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  8. I just love the fact that they aren’t afraid to try new things. The fact that all three od them eat and enjoy sushi just tickles me…No one ever wants to go out for sushi with me! So I’ll just go myself and pretend I have three handsome Italian studs with me. Then Piero can take me salsa dancing because he is MINE!

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