Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo Palasport Live 2016: Torino




The Italian leg of their world tour is winding down.  Last night was Torino.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly


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Tour 2016 TorinoJan 27 Photo Album ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook



Grande Amore

Beautiful That Way



14 minutes from Il Volo Abruzzo!



Il Volo #LiveTourPalasport2016 – Torino – 1/27/2016 Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo



Delilah into Gianluca and Piero Duet




You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me



Article/Gallery: Torino: Pala Alpitour sold out per il trio “Il Volo” ~~



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Il Volo nei Palasport 2016 – Torino Photo Album ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook



Best Day of My Life



dont forget


The Milan concert will be aired live and live streamed on RTL 102.5 at 9 PM Italy time.

Link:  Convert your time here

9 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo Palasport Live 2016: Torino”

  1. Well I guess I won’t be going to any Italian concerts because I would be commiting harikari to the people around me especially the idiot with the whistle.
    They do not how respect to Il Volo. I am glad I am a senior who appreciates excellent muskic & show Il Volo the respect they deserve.

  2. Thanks Kelley and Lydka for the videos. I know it is a lot of work to gather some that are longer then a few seconds. I Love “O paese D’ o sole” and not many videos out there that are almost complete.
    I always wished I could talk to the arrangers and ask them why they have the endings of some of their songs so long because this confuses the audience when to applaude.
    In Italy the boys sing songs that are famous and dear to all Italians. I think that is one reason the audience joins in. Italian people are spontaneous and expressive and maybe it is a compliment to Il Vole that people find so much joy in their concerts.

  3. Thank you so much Kelly and Lydka for posting all these wonderful videos !! Now we can all revisit their concerts on this site over and over again !!!
    The Italians as well as the Latin Americans are very expressive people and show their emotions openly !! The boys love when the audience knows the words to their songs and sing along with them !!! It is the biggest compliment they could ever imagine getting !! It would blow them away if we could learn to sing Grande Amore in Italian and sing it at our concerts !!! It’s not easy but I’ve been practicing !!!

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