Re-Post “Il Volo is Coming to Town” ~ Anon. Crew Member

flying vienna style Il Volo Marsala

While we are all anxiously awaiting the next visit from our guys – to hopefully a town near us, I changed the words to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” to adapt to the ll Volo version… “Il Volo is Coming to Town…” Here is my version:

“Il Volo Is Coming To Town”

You better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why. 
Il Volo is coming to town!

They’re planning their tour,
From coast to coast.
Gonna find out who loves them the most,
Il Volo is coming to town!

From town to town they’re singing
All of our favorite songs.
From Granada to Surrender
We all want to sing along!

Oh, you better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why. 
Il Volo is coming to town!

Long musical interlude…

Piero, Gian, Ignazio
We love you all so much
Can’t wait until we see your smiles
Can’t wait to feel your touch!

Oh, you better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why.

Il Volo is coming
Oh yes they are coming
Il Volo is coming to town!

Can you guess who wrote this?  No, it wasn’t me, Jane nor Mary.


21 thoughts on “Re-Post “Il Volo is Coming to Town” ~ Anon. Crew Member”

  1. I love it!!! Can’t guess who wrote it! You are all so talented!!! Milan tonite & Buffalo on Feb 5th!!! On US soil, happy, happy day!!!

    1. Thanks for the video. It brought back great memories. What a remarkable year it has been for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. God bless them and keep them strong and safe traveling.

  2. Well i just don’t know but I like it a lot. I just hope and pray the weather over here cooperates for the boys and for all their fans along their concerts. God bless they are coming yes! I’m getting goose bumps.

  3. I love the song!! Good job!! I am so super excited to see them in 3and a half weeks!! God Bless them and their families and friends for safe travels all over the world!!

  4. T’aint me nor the bird. When we sing its IL Volo hits or pirate ditties Its a nice little song all the same!

  5. Concert in Milan was wonderful !!!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks Il Volo (and RTL) for beautiful evening with your splendid music, " meraviglioso " voices ! I enjoyed every minute of concert ! I felt like I was in the crowd. 🙂 It was interesting and exciting to see the on-air concert l I'm very grateful, because at least this way I had a chance to see " live" the concert of " Live Palasport Tour" . 🙂 Good night everybody. <3

  6. Let’s just hope the guys don’t need the help of Santa’s sleigh to get through the northeast part of their concerts!

    Barry sang She? Don’t know must not have that album?

    Don’t know, I vote for kitty or gina. 🙂

  7. Loretta, I wish that it was me that wrote that lovely poem, but I do not have the talent ~~~~ unlike some of the ladies on this site!!!
    Lydka, thank you for sharing this adorable video with us. Like you, I was able to enjoy the concert in Milan last night. It was like a wonderful sweet taste of what is to come!!!! OUR GUYS VOICES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!
    For me it will only be another 34 days before it will be my turn to be sitting in the front row, just like those lucky people in the concert last night. Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

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