Il Volo Professional ~~ They’re On Their Way – and We Love Them

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo



Hey Everyone!

It’s finally here!  The North American Tour is starting this week, and what a tour it will be!  Gonna keep us busy keeping up!

As much as we can’t wait, Gian and his mom have given a little peek into what it means to go on a world tour:


I wouldn’t even begin to know where to begin packing for a trip of this magnitude! 


“We are leaving for a trip that will take us away for so many months: on the one hand can not wait to sing on many new stages, to meet those who follow us overseas and Europe and live the atmosphere intense and enjoyable that there only tour!
On the other hand I know that I miss you, everyone and everything.
My family, my home, my friends and the affection that each of you makes us feel in this wonderful land that is Italy.
See you soon, wait for us!
I will carry all of them with me, in a special place in my heart.
See you to the arena of Verona!
# Ilvololivetour2016 The North American tour will start from Buffalo on February 5th!”

I’m pretty sure Gian was a poet in a former life!  Beautiful words… make sure they know how much we love and appreciate them, OK?  😀


While we wait for them to make their way to us, here are a couple of reasons that we love to love them:


Making a Child’s Wish


Ignazio Makes the Kids’ Day

So are you guys ready?  Do you have your badges printed?  Do your cameras have batteries?  Do you need to review the post again?

Ah; I know you guys are more than prepared.  I hope you all have the best time ever!  🙂


32 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ They’re On Their Way – and We Love Them”

  1. Oh Kelly! I’m more excited than ever now! I can feel that they’re on their way here! I can’t wait! What happens if I really can’t wait? Will the anticipation kill me? Will I explode? It would be just like me to explode right before a concert! Dang! Um…Ineke…you might not want to stand too close.

    1. Marie
      Do you know if they will be making any TV appearances / interviews? I don’t want to miss a thing!

    2. as ‘my little guys’ (as I call them) 😉 would sing: ”E poi vorresti ESPLODERE/ In cento milla lacrime/ Ma resti immobile/Tornera’ Il Volo!” Hahaha! 🙂

  2. Marie, kelly, I have a very BIG favor to ask of you. I need to ask you if you or anyone can print my BADGE for me and I will gladly pay you for your time and materials. I have linayard already. Please let me know.. My email is I don’t have a computer or a printer. Marie, did you get my message for Gianluca’s birthday greeting? Thank you so much ladies. I can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas.

  3. Yay! Yes, it feels great just knowing they are on their way!Marie, I sure hope you don’t explode! 🙂

  4. Hurray !! Hurray !! They’re on their way !!! The anticipation is killing me too !!! But I will survive and so will you Marie !!! Soon they will find out just how much we love them here in the USA !!!! They are going to get more hugs and kisses then any three young men in the whole wide world !!!

  5. Marie I am afraid that there is a very big possibility that there will be a double explosion going to happen ~~ how are we going to cope????

  6. Hey Kelly I am so excited. I hope they guys will feel just as loved by us as by their fellow countrymen and countrywomen. I know I’m so excited I can hardly stand the wait. Hurry up March 25.

  7. Thanks for removing videos and whatever to make the site work again. I was just about to go bananas trying to access it. You all have such interesting and pertinent info I was lost without it. Thanks.

  8. North America just shook with excitement when three pair’s of Il Volo’s feet touched the ground!
    We just had a mild earthquake in Hawaii, and my neighbor just asked if I felt it? I told her it was Il Volo
    ( she does’nt know who they are,what!!!!!!) I educated her. Welcome to America guy’s , we will see you in Las Vegas. Watch out for Marie, she will be everywhere you go!

    1. Another Il Volo recruit. Good job, Jill! I felt the earth shake too. I hope that overpowering love bomb that hit them when they stepped off the plane didn’t scare them too much.

      They can’t hide from me!

  9. I too am excited and hope they travel safely and can keep up with such a busy schedule. So happy that they have some parents accompanying them also. I’m sure they appreciate their love and support. It’s always lovely to see how caring and kind Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are, especially with children.

  10. Since I am new and don’t know you ladies yet, I have been looking around and founds some interesting posts from March 2015. One about the lucky girls in the video in particular was from Jana, #4 question of her post. Geez, this older woman (me) is wiping her brow after reading that. Now I need a glass of ice water to cool off.

      1. Hi Jana,
        It was about the Grande Amore video and the girl with Ignazio and the clay pot. Do you remember now , you had some questions about the girls in the video.

      2. Rose Marie – ah, sort of… I’ll have to dig it up! That was definitely my favorite part of the video! Lol!


  11. Rose Marie – ah, you mean “this” #4….lol!

    4. Igna’s girl – could you feel his heart beating against you? Was your heart beating in rhythm with his? Did he blow in your ear? Did you feel his breath on your neck, did it take your breath away? Did you get chills? Was he good with his hands? You were both smiling, did you have a good time? Did he make you laugh? I forgot to add for Igna’s girl – did he whisper something sweet or funny in your ear to make you smile in the video?

    Marie – so, were you able to read it again? 🙂 LOL! Talk about coincidences? I/we wrote that almost exactly a year from when the “real” Vegas bash is going to be!? Can’t remember, was that planned already then?

    Yes, I think I made my own heart do a flutter or two?!

    Sorry, I have a very, wild, crazy, and creative imagination… 🙂


    1. Ahh…double sigh…

      Yes we had a lot of fun with this post. Lots of fun comments!

      Hey, maybe we can ask the guys some of these when we see them? I keep wondering why they don’t show this video at the concerts when they show all the others for the other songs with the videos? Maybe ignazio is embarrassed? The others aren’t half as heart stopping as grande amore.

      1. They don’t show Canzone Per Te either! I guess they don’t want any disrobing females on a big screen behind them!

  12. I looked up the Barclay’s Center today out of curiosity–it certainly wasn’t around when I lived in NYC umpteen years ago. It is the venue for NYC concert. And for those who are as ignorant as I was, it is the home stadium for the NY Nets basketball team, and it holds–wait for it–19,000 people for concerts! I wonder if it will be sold out?

  13. funny, was just looking at the venues… didn’t see Buffalo listed, maybe it is sold out or not on ticket master? Barclays still has lots of seats left, but looks like the outer wings and back seats of the stage are “unavailable” for sale – wouldn’t want to sit there anyway… lol!

  14. Wow, really disappointing. Buffalo still has over 500 seats left!! Hope the guys aren’t going to be disappointed with the US fans… after sell-out concerts to the tens of thousands in Italy and we can’t even sell out small theatres! Detroit still has way too many seats left also! 🙁

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