Anticipation ~ Marie


We’ve missed you so much!


And soon….

They’re here and I’m here.

Can it be that I saw them just last July? It seems like years!

Now, standing outside the theater just before the concert and later the meet & greet, my breathing is shallow. This is the moment I know I possess a strong heart. Forget the treadmill…It’s this – pre-concert – standing in line – palms sweating – anticipation making my head spin – exercise that really gets the heart pumping.

I’m about to spend a quick two hours with “Them”, standing right there.. LIVE and IN FRONT OF ME… singing and dancing and fooling around. Oh, it’s all going to be so good!

After the concert at the meet & greet I will touch them to assure myself, once again, that they are real. Three hugs, six quick cheek kisses and my memories will sustain me for months (Maybe just weeks or at least through the next day) until I begin to pine for them again.

Is there a chance one of them will remember me? I have spoken to them many times now. I mean, they’ve only met a hundred thousand or so people since we last met. So, why not?

Oh, the theater doors are opening! Finally, finally time to go in.

To be continued….

…by you!


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  1. It fees like my children came home from a trip. A sigh of relief. Now we must enjoy their visit and hopefully show them how much we missed them.
    I so hope that we get videos from each concert and that way my wait for March 19 will be shorter.

  2. Yes, Marie we all slept well last nite knowing the guys were sleeping in their hotel in Buffalo, NY, USA!!! They will remember you!!! Amazing their memories!!! Our wait for our Concert will speed by & we will have our magical, enchanted evening!!! And more beatiful memories!!! Grande Amore!!!

  3. Gina, I know the feeling! It was good to learn, this morning that were on the ground! Wish I could join you in Dallas, but can’t stray that far! Will take good care of them in San Antonio and send them to you!!! Thanks, Marie….I already have jitters! I never got to see Frank or Elvis, but this should more than make up for it! I’ve waited a lllllooooonnnnngggggg time!♡

  4. Marie, they will remember you…how could they not? 🙂 This is a wonderful post…full of excitement and joy…they are HERE!!

  5. Wow! They are breathing our same air. I just bought my airline ticket to L.V. Hope they have a meet and greet ticket for me. I think they may run out. Ugh! Joanie G

  6. I’m so glad they made it here safe Marie I am so excited already even though I won’t be able to attend the official meet and greet after the Las Vegas concert but staying in the same hotel they are who knows what might happen all day before the concert? I’m getting ready though. To everyone who is going to see IL Volo live this trip have a wonderful time. I’ll be with you in spirit. God Bless IL Volo.

  7. Marie, Of course Mr. Dimples will remember you, for your enthusiastic dimple kissing over the years….and Piero will surely remember taking a picture of your ankle tattoo in the exercise room. But whether they do or not, YOU remember the good times spent with them that has made them seem such an intimate part of your life. And now–more good times ahead. We have anticipated their arrival for so long it has just exacerbated our enthusiasm to an explosive degree….I’m so looking forward to sharing the Las Vegas adventure with you.

  8. I will share with everyone some trivial news: I know that some concerts are sold out and that is great. Here in Vegas, I have complained that the venue has been slow to do publicity. a lot of word-of-mouth. There should have been more TV ads. However, The 2500 seat concert hall only has 187 seats left – it is almost sold out. I am happy about the tickets sales report but there still should have been more publicity !

    For the Fan Faire- we just added another 5 people. We are near capacity.
    Also, the people from PBS will be joining us for part of the afternoon (but not the dinner). the PBS people have their own private meet & greet which may end up being combined with us since we have the big crowd.

    1. Good to know, Myron! I have been a little concerned about the lack of promotion by the Il Volo Team. Obviously they don’t need pre-publicity too much anymore.

  9. Marie, OF COURSE they will remember YOU! Why, just your name alone will trip their memories of:
    E-cstatic (every time she sees her boys!)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Las Vegas Meet and Greet (s) – Ticketmaster and OMG-VIP have a total of 75 meet and greet people scheduled for Vegas AND we have about 64 of those same people in our Fan Faire. HA ! (sorry. didn’t mean to sound smug . )

  11. That may have been confusing. We have around 100 people attending the Fan Faire but only 64 of them have meet and greet tickets. If we are able to combine the OMG meet and greet with our Fan faire Il Volo visit then both will happen in our room one after the other . ( twice as much Il Volo boys – you might overdose ). If that happens there will not be an after concert meet and greet. It will all happen in the late afternoon with us.

    1. Sorry Myron. I read what you wrote above about the 64 people without a meet and greet, etc. It still sounds confusing to me. The $150 we paid for our meet and greet over and above the price of the tickets will mean we “paid” for them to come in and visit us, and their appearance with us will in effect BE the meet and greet, you said we “might overdose” on IL VOLO. I realize that was written in jest. But does this mean we may only be seeing them the one time, when they join us at the fan convention if there is a “combined” meet and greet. I remember reading that Barbara wanted to insure there would be “quality time” with IL VOLO, but not sure what that would entail. Thanks!

  12. Myron, that’s great there are only 187 seats remaining for the concert. Hope they sell out!! Don’t those venues get lots of people who are staying in Vegas and just buy their tickets last minute for these shows?

    1. yes, you are right. Visitors coming to Vegas usually look at what is playing at the various hotels and pick & choose right on the spot. The same theater is doing publicity for Il Divo which will be here in November. However, the TV ads are helpful to get the locals out to concerts on the strip.

      But the bottom line is: when they are sold out that is all that matters.

      I am hoping that in the future the boys will come and do 2, or even 3 nights here.

  13. This morning before I left for work I stood at the side of my refrigerator and gazed at my IL VOLO ticket/M&G and my airline ticket to San Diego. It feels as if I have been waiting forever but now that they are in America, I know it will come all too soon and not soon enough!

  14. My comment above about meet and greet in Vegas was confusing so a little background: The boys come from Phoenix by about mid day. Then they have to do sound check, tech work and orchestra. Plus they are committed to three (3 ) forms of social events – our Fan Faire social, the OMG meet and greet and the PBS meet and greet. But that is a lot of time the guys have to do. Some of it is pre-concert and some is post-concert.
    But it is hard to go too late because they have a really hard day the next day in L.A.

    If they go with the plan I talked about it would mean that The fan Faire people would get their social with the guys and then the meet and greet people would be ushered over to another area of the same 52nd floor where they would get their gifts and their own private photo sessions.

    The PBS meet and greet either would combine with the one above or they would go after the concert. There are only 20 of them.

    Everyone will get what they paid for and yet the boys will not have such a late time.

    Now they can still choose to go a different direction. There is some disagreement between OMG and Il Volo management which is frustrating for us since we wanted this settled a month ago.

    1. Myron – will we still have our “room” until midnight? Hope so, we will all need a place to “decharge” after the concert is over. Maybe the guys will even stop by to say hi, anyway? That is, if all the meet/greets are before the concert. Will be a little disappointing not to see them afterwards though, to tell them how wonderful they were? I’m sure they’ll be too psyched to go to bed anyway? Am I missing something here? What is the OMG meet/greet? If they have 2 meet/greets before the concert, will they even have time to rehearse before it starts?

      Oh, to be the Buffalo gals tomorrow!!

    2. This doesn’t sound as if there is any relax time for the guys. And I thought that is what this was supposed to be just us & them. Now it seems others are crowding them where they are working instead of relaxing & enjoying comaraderie with the Flight Crew.
      I am not blaming you Myron but where does time for them get into play. It seems to me they are always working with no enjoyment

      1. I know, I will also be a bit disappointed, as I thought our fan faire was supposed to be a private event, just for us? I would be bummed if it got joined with another group, more people, less time with the guys? For the PBS one in July, there was only about 50-60 people and that took over an hour and we have close to 100? Doesn’t sound like they will have a free moment once they get to Vegas? Maybe they will crash after the concert? Igna does need his beauty sleep! lol! 🙂 It must get to them… often in pictures they just stand there and don’t even smile…

  15. Yes Myron,thank you for all the hard work you did for us on this project. I won’t be able to pick up my ticket’s at the box office until it open’s at 12 noon on 3/25, as my plane does’nt get into Vegas until midnight the night before.I guess I would have plenty of time to get to the Fan Faire before the guy’s get there because they have other thing’s to keep them busy for a while. What time are the festivities going to be in the afternoon? I don’t want to miss a thing.I want to remind everyone that I still have that extra ticket for the concert. Floor 103(in the middle)
    Row M, and I think one seat over from the aisle.
    Marie will give you my E-Mail address if you are interested.
    Marie of course they will remember you, did’nt they take out a restraining order on you? Lol
    I had better start being nice to you, because we will be meeting face to face soon! No really, I will be so excited to meet all of you.

  16. Ok Marie, when you said “continued by you….” did you mean that literally, or figuratively, like after we really see them live? If you want my dream scenario, here goes….the doors open, I walk, and walk, each step taking me closer and closer to the stage. I see my seat, just a few breaths from the stage. I try to sit down, but I can’t. I am so nervous, my heart is beating so fast. I sit, then I stand, then I sit again. Waiting, but not patiently for the lights to finally dim. Then, it gets quiet, just like the calm before the storm. Wait, the orchestra is tuning up, then quiet again. The curtain opens, the first chord of Per Te Ci Saro is played! I look and there is Gian, his ever-serious look on his face, “Sono qui…”.ah… there is our sweet Ignazio, his voice caressing my soul…si mi dolce, io te per te ci saro! He looks right into my eyes, “Io ti proteggerò…” Ah, I enter my dream state, only to come out when the last chorus of Grande Amore is sung! Or, uh, so I imagine, that is… 🙂

    Three more weeks, 21 more days…seems like only yesterday we saw them in July!

      1. Thanks, Mom! 🙂 I forgot to add….The crowd is on their feet. Their thunderous applause is deafening, but I don’t hear them. I am caught in a trance, with a sideways glance; from Ignazio, and his one-dimple grin, just for me! 🙂

        Ok mom, hope you took your BP meds today and have that glass of wine handy for a quick chaser! Lol!

      2. I was sitting next to you and the one-dimpled-grin was really for me.

        Took my meds…drank the wine.

        Think we’re ready for the Jerry Springer show, Daughter?

      3. Yes, well, maybe not quite yet – wait til after Vegas! Lol!
        (ok, but you are not here with me in Detroit, so the grin is all mine!…) 🙂 He’s all yours in Vegas…. 🙁

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