Personally Speaking~Welcome Back To America!

Dear Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio,

To say we have been anxiously awaiting your return is an understatement.  We wish we ALL could have been at the airport with OPEN ARMS as you stepped back onto American soil.  You have been missed more than you could ever imagine.  Our tickets have been purchased for CONCERTS, PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES.  Now we just count down the hours until we see you on our stages once again!

To your loving parents who graciously accompany you here and to those who stayed at home to keep the home warm in your absence…we say WELCOME BACK!  We are so delighted you are here!  Your presence is such a testimony to the outstanding ways you have raised your sons and continue to support them in life.  We love and respect each one of you.  We sincerely hope some of us will get the chance to see you and speak with you along the tour.  Welcome  back and may you all have a wonderful tour!

25 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Welcome Back To America!”

  1. Jane, that welcome was perfect! Thanks, for putting into words what we are all thinking! I love it that some of the families get to come, too! We should have a big “meet and greet” just for them! Without these wonderful people….there would be no “FLIGHT”!!!! LOVE FROM TEXAS!!

    1. Thank you, Dorothy. I love it that we all think so much alike here on this site! I love your idea of a meet and greet with the family members who travel with them. Wouldn’t that be fun!!!

  2. So well said, and certainly a warm welcome to all. The next few weeks will be wonderful, following Il Volo around the country as we watch the various performances on YouTube

  3. Thanks Marion. That’s a good point. If you go to YouTube and put in “Il Volo, the name of the city, then the year,” you will get almost immediate videos after concerts.

    Some people upload their concert videos before they leave the venue!

  4. Thank you, Jane for the wonderful welcome to our guys!!! You covered it all!!! I would love to meet any of their families!!! Just hope I don’t have complete brain fade as I will have family with me, who have never been to their concerts!!! Tonite the Flight continues!!!

    1. Anne, that is so wonderful you are able to bring family with you who have not seen them before. I sure wish my family would attend one some day and see what they are missing! Enjoy your concert with family!!

  5. I am all choked up. Welcome welcome to the boys families who are traveling with them. Can you imagine what that is like? Joanie G

    1. Joan, as a parent I can’t imagine how ANY of this must feel except for the bursting pride they must hold in their hearts every day they wake up and realize what an amazing life not only their children are living, but THEY ARE TOO!

  6. Beautifully said Jane !! We welcome our endearing Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero and their loving supportive parents with open arms and hearts !! I am so excited and can’t wait to see all of you at the concerts and M&G’s !!!

    1. Joanie, I know I am about as excited to see our guys as I am to meet so many from this site in Las Vegas!!

  7. Beautifully said Jane! It is wonderful just knowing they are here and it’s lovely that their beautiful families can still come and be there to support them. It’s a long time to be away from home, family and friends. They are still so young and even though they have done it many times before, it can’t be easy. I wish that some day when they didn’t have such a full schedule, they would have time to really see our own beautiful country!

    1. You are right, Margaret. It would be so great if they could actually spend more time looking at what makes America so beautiful. Maybe someday when they have families of their own they will bring them here and share with them what they love most about our country.

    “Just Looking at your picture makes me faint,
    wonder what’s going to happen when I meet you?

    You’re beautiful especially your eyes…
    It’s hard to look at you
    just like sunrise.

    Every Night I dream about you,
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    Everyday I write your name a thousand times..
    hearts and smiles on the lines.

    I know to you..
    I don’t exsist,
    I love you like a love song.
    Aisha Alansari

  9. Jane that was beautiful said. What an exciting time for all of us as we watch our guys here in the states thankful that they are all right and their wonderful parents as well.

  10. That was a wonderful welcome to our guys, Jane. I wonder if they have any idea just how much we have missed them, and how we are all looking forward to their concerts with so much excitement that we feel we just might explode! I’ll add my Welcome to the USA, Gialuca, Piero, and Igazio!

  11. Jane, what a lovely welcome to our guys to the good
    old USA. And Dorothy I think the idea of a meet and
    greet with the parents and siblings is a great idea
    although I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to get
    it organized or even if it would be possible. But it is
    a nice thought. I will be bringing my daughter with
    me who has never seen IL VOLO before and I hope
    she will enjoy the concert as much as I will. I hope
    every concert is sold out. Does anyone know at this
    point how the ticket sales are going ? ?

    1. All I know Gale is that the concert I am going to at Orilla Ontario is sold out.

  12. Buffalo was amazing & cold. The show was like looking at one of the videos so I knew what was coming except they only sang 1 new song which was disappointing. They stuck to the songs we have heard before. BUT I WAS THERE. I tried t see if the balcany was full & I didn’t think it was but Leanne said it was. What browned me off Piero & Gianluca got most of the standing ovations. Ignazio did sing Tonight which I thought was beautiful & I told him that he was perfect on stage. What I didn’t like was a photographer taking over the meet & great as a VIP with nothing like the VIP in Detroit. I think he must have talked Kleinhans into letting him have the meet & greets to make money. He took 3 pictures at a time of the same pose then said the boys voices had to be saved so we have one question to ask the guys. Totally unorganized he stayed at one end of the hall & was flitting around & then he stood in front of me & I grabbed his shirt & when he turned around I was sitting on my walker & told I wanted to ask a question & he seemed surprised & said OK. So I stood up & aked Ignazio if I could have one of his famous hugs. I had given Gianluc a birthday gift & he came over to me & gave me a kiss & Ignazio said Hey your name is not Ignazio. Ignazio took me in his arms & gave me a magnificent hug & I have pictures with my head on his chest. Enzot took pictures & I think the photographer took pictures again of us. I hope so.The first pictures I took with the guys is when I gave Gianluca his birthday gift & the picture I took was with my arms around Ignazio’s waist & I told him that he was magnificent on stage. He might have remembered me from last year because when I was standing clapping he looked at me & nodded his head. I did ask him if he remembered me from last year & the gentleman he is said yes. I gave him & Piero each a gift s well & then left.
    I did meet LisaJoy there finally & I am glad I did because she can’t go to Vegas because she is working and I also met Piero’s father & Enzo with me transated what I said. Enzo said Mrs. Bochetto & Mrs. Ginoble were there but I didn’t see them not even Barbara which was disappointing. This meet & greet was a mismash. When I bought the tickets in the summer It was not a VIP, I bought directly from the theatre then 2 weeks ago I get a call from Kleinhans to say I have VIP tickets & have to be at the theatre to sign in to get a pass for the meet & greet. Don’t think I’ll go there next year. Leanne & Enzo are converts & they will go with me again which is great. They got married a year ago & he is here in Brantford where he came with his company from Italy. Leanne is my daughter-in-laws daughter.They are super people thoroughly enjoyed the show & Enzo was singing along with the guys
    I have neverl loved anyone in my life as much a I love Ignazio. God had him hidden when I was younger. My lose.
    I m sorry if this is so long this looks as if it is double spaced. I so hope Las Vegas is a complete success becaue I can’t wait i need another hug.

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