Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Buffalo

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website




Welcome to the USA, Boys!

First stop in Buffalo.  I will update the post as more videos become available.

~~ Kelly



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Video: Deliah; from Jill






Article: ~~ All About Il Volo


Pictures: World Tour 2016, USA and Canada Photo Album  ~~  All About Il Volo



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Pictures: Il Volo in concert at Kleinhans Photo Galleries ~~ Buffalo News



Article: ~~ All About Il Volo

19 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Buffalo”

  1. Interesting statement about not knowing what the two singers were singing (in Italian) about but maybe it is better that way. Point is: the meaning of all music comes from the actual music as much as and maybe even more than the text if the song is done well.

    1. The men of Il Volo are such experts in expressing feeling and emotion in music through their voices and facial expressions….these feelings coming from the heart and not contrived to fit the occasion. They are true masters of this ability, which due to their youth, must be intuitive.

  2. I always want to know about what singers sing, when I don’t understand the language.Thus, I have always read the English translations of lyrics of Italian and Spanish songs by Il Volo. I feel more comfortable when I know the meaning of words and can better delve into the depths of the music and songs. 🙂 It’s a more impressive experience,but personally for me then just suffice to remember the main theme of song and then be guided by my actual emotions and feelings,.because sometimes isn’t necessary to understand the language, music is the universal language,our intuition with an open heart to the feelings of the music tell us what we shall feel in the perception of songs.Emotions that come spontaneously from our own heart in response to what evokes in us the song and the singer’s voice, when he puts his feelings, love and passion for music into song, so somehow we naturally perceive music and just listen to it through the heart and our soul and our brain does not need to analyze fact that does not know the meaning of words. 🙂
    Surely in Buffalo it was beautiful concert and I wish to boys good luck in the coming days full of concerts and successful continuing adventures ! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  3. One of these days I’m going look into “java script”….I have Soooo much to learn!!

  4. The concert was great! Lighting and sound was a bit of an issue. The lights blinded us from seeing them at time and the orchestra’s sound, though incredible, was overpowering at some parts. Some people who weren’t at the concert said the videos showed a rather subdued crowd. I will agree, there weren’t girls rushing the stage and singing along. Personally, I like that. I went to hear and see them perform, not to hear other people sing. I think we had an older-than-me (47) crowd overall. I’m not sure if the concert was sold out. I’m thinking it wasn’t as my niece decided to go at noon and got tickets. I’m hoping that even if it wasn’t, they won’t cross Buffalo off their list for their next tour. Ignazio forgot his belt! I think he forgot to come in during one of the earlier songs because there was silence and GG and PB just looked at him. He also didn’t go for those high notes in Grande Amore. I can’t blame him, those are some hard-work notes. I was so impressed with his duet with Piero, I have never heard him sing with such power. Piero is definitely the Power House. I’m not picking on him at all because I truly adore him, just were some things I noticed. Piero seemed to be the receiver of the audience – from a woman who approached the stage who wanted (and got) a hug to a little girl showing her poster, to me who gave the candy, it was Piero who received. Oh my goodness, he blew me a kiss and shook my hand! I hope they actually tried the candy and shared it with Barbara, her name was on the box, too! I also shook Gianluca’s hand. He looks much smaller and cuter in person and so close up. The last time I saw him was a hotel and he was beat. Anyway, Iganzio was playful as always and I just love their interactions with each other. At times I closed my eyes just to listen and fully abosorb their sound without the distraction of their good looks! A few notes (not sure if you read them on Facebook), if you want a mug ($15) get it early. We were there about 1.5 hours before the concert started and they only had 6 left. The women’s t-shirts run small. I bought an XXL v-neck thinking it would be big but it is big on the top but so tight in the boobs (can I write that?) and belly that I can only wear this at home. The t-shirt has their picture but no dates on the back and came in grey or white for $25. They had the unisex/men’s regular cut shirts with the concert listing on the back. They also sold pins for $5, their cd and the Pompeii dvd for $20. Nobody prevented us from taking photos or videos (at least nobody that I was near). The M&G in Buffalo was nice, not too rushed. They had time for a Q&A though it’s only what I heard. Evidently the M&G was sold out in the first hour so I don’t feel too bad about not getting them. I had an aisle seat in the 2nd row which was great. I’ll save up for the M&G for the next time they are in town, though there are two available in Albany and I’m tempted….anyone going? I’d be sitting by myself which is okay. I think that’s all the news from the concert. I loved it and am so happy that I could see them in my home city. The last time I had my chorus concert and ended up seeing them in New Jersey but that was okay, I saw them in our hotel while in my pajamas and that’s a cool story. The most important thing to remember when going to the concert is to enjoy every moment. The videos are nice as are the pictures and I took plenty but I also put my phone away for a bit so I could really focus on them and being in the moment.

    1. Jill! I’m going to the Albany concert . If you want to meet up we can do that! Marie will give you my email.
      Hello Marie are you there? Heh! Heh!
      Great post Kelly! Thanks Lydka! Good comments everybody! Loretta sent me an absolutely stunning photo of her and Ignazio. OMG !! Both of them looked fantastic! Hope she posts it!

  5. Great post Kelly! Jill, I loved your account of your evening. Sounds like you really had a great time. So excited to read these reports and to think they are HERE and not on the other side of the world!! 🙂

  6. Jill,thank’s for the info on the merchandise at the concert,I know I will be buying a t-shirt at the Las Vegas concert. But, you can’t say” pajamas,hotel,and them(we know who them are) in the same sentence and not tell us the story! Pleeeese!

    1. lol…so in June 2013 I was going to NYC and staying in NJ. Imagine my surprised when I found out the guys (OUR guys) were in NJ for their concert. And imagine my surprised when I realized they were performing around the corner from our hotel. I got tickets. No M&G, they were either too expensive or sold out, or both. I was happy to go to my first Il Volo concert. After the concert, we walked back to our hotel and I was in bed when I realized I never e-mailed my lesson plans for the next day! So, I went downstairs to the lobby in my pajamas (nobody was going to see me anyway) to send the plans to my school. As I was doing that, I saw someone walk by and I swore they were wearing red glasses. Hm. I’m sure it’s not Piero because, well really, what would the odds be. I kept typing…and then thought, “I should just check to see”. Afterall, how many guys wear red glasses so I peeked around the corner not wanting anyone to see me because, afterall, I was in my pajamas. It WAS Piero! OH MY GOD. So I very casually (outwardly anyway) went up to the front desk as he was checking in and told me how much I loved the concert and blabbered about how I coudln’t see him in Buffalo becauase I had my chorus concer that night. He was kind and patient (this was after his concert and M&G). As I’m talking to him…up walks IGNAZIO!!!!! MY Ignazio! Heart begins beating faster. So now I’m talking to both of them at the hotel desk. They can’t find Ignazio Boschetto’s name on the room list. Now I’m blabbering to both of these guys who I just saw perform when in walks Gianluca who didn’t come to the desk. He was probably afraid of the crazy lady in her pajamas! “We” (as we are friends at this point) spoke with Gianluca. I asked if I could take their picture. I think it was Piero who said, “Barbara….would you take our picture?” Barbara is my hero. So she did. I said goodbye and asked if I could hug them and I did while giving them a kiss on the cheek. As soon as I got in the elevator I freaked out and jumped on the bed of my exchange student (who wasn’t as excited as me). It was the best M&G ever and free, and….in my pajamas. I thought of hitting the gym in the morning to “bump into them again” but thought that would be a bit much, I’d make a fool of myself and they deserve time to themselves. Someday I’d like to have a picture of me with them wearing something other than pajamas. Anyway, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. So, while I was disappointed to not have M&G tickets to Buffalo, I carry that miracle memory in my heart.

      1. Sorry for all the typos. I was shaking with the excitement while remembering all of those memories and now I see I typed a bunch of mistakes!

      2. Jill, nice and funny story, you have the experience of a lifetime. 🙂 Thank you that you have shared this story with us. I think that I would have never came out from hotel room in pajamas. I do not know, but maybe the reason is that I haven’t representative beautiful pajamas. 😀 But ladylike looks with dignity no matter how dressed. 😀

  7. Thank you Kelly for this wonderful post !! And thank you so much Jill for sharing your terrific concert experience !!! We all hunger to hear every little detail !! Especially because Buffalo was their first concert in our country !! When we see them in concert they enchant us with their magnificent voices and charisma leaving us wanting more and walking around on cloud nine for months !!
    I can’t wait !!! My first concert is at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC February 19th !!! Only 12 days away !!! Yay !!

  8. Hello everyone I’m Penny from NYC wanting to say thank you for this fabulous site. I too ADORE Il Volo and check in here everyday to read the latest news on them and/or look for new videos!! I am seeing them next week at Barclay Center …can’t wait 🙂 One thing that upsets me is the comment about the lights and ‘sound’ (!!) that were found to be a distraction. This is the same comment that was a theme if you read (as I have) comments from way too many fans who saw them in 2014. I said to myself this is disappointing because how could they and Michele have allowed this …I can understand a problem with one venue but according to the reviews that was not the case, Now- fast-forward 2 yrs and we’re hearing this talked about again! Does anyone know how the guys could not be aware of this and… Is there anything you can do to pass along what I am going to call ‘a problem’? I love Il Volo as much as you all do and want their tour of America to be a humongous success!!! Thank you all again for this wonderful website!!

    1. I did not find the lights in 2014 to be a distraction. But they definitely are this year. They are very strong and they move/rotate/change color. Sometimes one of them hit my eye like an oncoming headlight. I think it depends on where you are sitting how much it will bother you but there is no way of knowing beforehand. I was in the fifth row, center section on the right aisle.

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