View From the 2nd Row in Buffalo~ Jill


Extra tickets for sale.

 I’d like to contact those attending the Feb. 26 concert at the Chicago Theatre.  My friend finds she is unable to attend so  I have an extra seat  in Section LOGE2R  RowAA, seat 210 or 212.  It’s a long story buy I purchased a resale ticket, so not cheap, but I’d sell it to the best offer 😉  It would be fun to meet another Ilvolover that way. ~ Lois Hartwig

Also Chicago…Main Floor, Aisle 4R, Row H, Seats 418 and 420. Aisle 4R section is right in the center if the stage.   The amount for these tickets are $305.50 (99.50 x 2 = 199.00, Donation for PBS is $106.50).  They are currently being sold by others for $313.oo each. ~ Laura Badtke

 I have 2 extra tickets to the San Antonio concert! They are on the 4th row, orchestra! I ordered them and then realized it did include M &G! I’ll make some one a good deal! ~ Dorothy Henderson

The Flight Crew is not selling these tickets.  Contact us at and we will give you the sellers email address.  


Now Jill’s story…..

Jill Finkley
Photo Jill Finkley

The concert was great!

Lighting and sound was a bit of an issue. The lights blinded us from seeing them at time and the orchestra’s sound, though incredible, was overpowering at some parts.

Some people who weren’t at the concert said the videos showed a rather subdued crowd. I will agree, there weren’t girls rushing the stage and singing along. Personally, I like that. I went to hear and see them perform, not to hear other people sing. I think we had an older-than-me (47) crowd overall. I’m not sure if the concert was sold out. I’m thinking it wasn’t as my niece decided to go at noon and got tickets. I’m hoping that even if it wasn’t, they won’t cross Buffalo off their list for their next tour.

Ignazio forgot his belt! I think he forgot to come in during one of the earlier songs because there was silence and GG and PB just looked at him. He also didn’t go for those high notes in Grande Amore. I can’t blame him, those are some hard-work notes. I was so impressed with his duet with Piero, I have never heard him sing with such power.

Piero is definitely the Power House. I’m not picking on him at all because I truly adore him, just were some things I noticed. Piero seemed to be the receiver of the audience – from a woman who approached the stage who wanted (and got) a hug to a little girl showing her poster, to me who gave the candy, it was Piero who received. Oh my goodness, he blew me a kiss and shook my hand! I hope they actually tried the candy and shared it with Barbara, her name was on the box, too! I also shook Gianluca’s hand. He looks much smaller and cuter in person and so close up. The last time I saw him was a hotel and he was beat. Anyway, Iganzio was playful as always and I just love their interactions with each other.

At times I closed my eyes just to listen and fully absorb their sound without the distraction of their good looks!

A few notes (not sure if you read them on Facebook), if you want a mug ($15) get it early. We were there about 1.5 hours before the concert started and they only had 6 left. The women’s t-shirts run small. I bought an XXL v-neck thinking it would be big but it is big on the top but so tight in the boobs (can I write that?) and belly that I can only wear this at home. The t-shirt has their picture but no dates on the back and came in grey or white for $25. They had the unisex/men’s regular cut shirts with the concert listing on the back. They also sold pins for $5, their cd and the Pompeii dvd for $20.

Nobody prevented us from taking photos or videos (at least nobody that I was near). The M&G in Buffalo was nice, not too rushed. They had time for a Q&A though it’s only what I heard. Evidently the M&G was sold out in the first hour so I don’t feel too bad about not getting them. I had an aisle seat in the 2nd row which was great. I’ll save up for the M&G for the next time they are in town, though there are two available in Albany and I’m tempted….anyone going? I’d be sitting by myself which is okay. I think that’s all the news from the concert.

I loved it and am so happy that I could see them in my home city. The last time I had my chorus concert and ended up seeing them in New Jersey but that was okay, I saw them in our hotel while in my pajamas and that’s a cool story. The most important thing to remember when going to the concert is to enjoy every moment. The videos are nice as are the pictures and I took plenty but I also put my phone away for a bit so I could really focus on them and being in the moment.


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  1. Its 4:30Am Pacific time and I can’t sleep. Thank God there is the Flight Crew and I get to read about the Buffalo concert. Thanks Jill for getting the report out so quickly. Now what is this about Ignazio forgetting his belt? How can a guy do that? Very mysterious…I am so looking forward to seeing them in March it seems like it is so far yet. Anyway it is now 4:35AM and I am still awake and on to see if I can stir up something interesting at this hour.

  2. Thank You Jill! Piero blew you a kiss? That should keep you smiling for a while! Sounds like a great time.

    Ignazio forgot his belt? See there… I have said all along that I need to be his dresser. Please God…I ask for so little.

    I’m working hard on not being jealous, Jill since I have nearly a month before my first concert in Miami. Thanks to your experience I’m more excited than ever.

    P.s. Pirate, Have that molting bird sing you to sleep. He’s got to be good for something besides pooping on your shoulder.

    1. Marie, I didn’t know you were going to the Miami concert. I had three tickets for front row, but couldn’t remember who the other two were for, so I sold them for a great price.

  3. Of course I posted the wrong address for those tickets! The one I posted will just bring you back here. Let me know here in comments and I’ll make the connection. Sheesh Marie, pay attention.

  4. FYI! The tickets I have for sale DONT include M and G, but they are excellent seats! Marie, thanks for helping!

  5. Thanks, Jill!!! . Piero shook your hand & blew a kiss!!! Have your feet touched the ground yet?? He is such a love & gracious! Get the ticket to the Albany Concert, it’s impossible to get enough Il Volo!!! My Concerts are not till Vegas, LA, & San Jose!!! Love these beautiful young men!!!

  6. Thanks Jill for sharing your experience. I am a first time “live concert” anxious goer and I am checking out all the do’s and don’ts. Making a study of all the posted “Meet & Greet” pictures. I do not want to wind up blabbering. I have been here 65 years but when stressed my accent gets real pronounced. But I will try at least to say ” I need to hug Ignazio so I can make Marie jealous”.

    1. Thank you so much Lydka I didn’t know how I was going to get a copy of my photo on my email & computer & I was able to send to my famiy also, I am so glad you are so talented.

      1. If I helped you, so I’m very glad. 🙂 I am happy that you had good time on concert. 🙂 I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best !

    1. Thanks Lisajoy I am glad I was able to meet you at Buffalo because I would have been disappointed to not finding you in Las Vegas. Isn’t Ignazio a treaure he gave you a beautiful hug what was he saying. It seems you & him know each other so well & when he came off the stage last year to give you a hug & kiss he is so loving. That show was spectacular & the meet & greets are so special just the fact that they are there.

      1. Hello Again Loretta! It was wonderful finally meeting you. The hug during the concert he was asking if I was well and he was happy that I was there. The hug during the meet & greet, Ignazio was singing to me in Sicilian. He calls me Big Mama! He is a dear and a scoundrel but love him eternally. Well I love all three eternally! I love the new meet and greet format.

  7. Jill seems to me that you were not in a Il Volo concert but in a Piero and Ignazio concert or at least you were only for them. That Gianluca is cute all already knew about, no one word about his performance was very weird. Sorry but when people say about IL VOLO I expect to read about all of them.

    1. Josie, all of us love ALL of them. I am sorry you that you usually feel we slighted someone. I have asked you several times not to comment so negatively. This is not the place. People who post and comment here do their best to put a smile on all our faces. Please remember that here we “Share the Love”. You are always welcome here, However, it’s fine if you would like to comment on another website.

      1. Marie I used to be part of this group since when was in the Il Volo Music site and were very nice because there were space for all of them and for all of us, but here have changed a lot. I don´t make negative comments, I am just stating something very obvious in this group. You don´t need to ask me to come out of here, I never feel welcome here, so will be my pleasure to go out.

  8. Josie Gianluca is a true proffesional on stage as usual & received standing ovations from loads of people including me. He sang the Arabian song & another of the best crooning he has done which I forget the name of the song. He expresses himself so well with his body language & voice & I love to watch him. In my pinion all 3 guys did a magnificent performance & did a spectacular job of every song they sang. I would love to hear Ignazios sing the airias that Piero does because in my opinion he is every bit as good as Piero and in a diffrerent tempo. It was an amazing evening right down to the meet & greet

  9. Really great Jill..Thanks for the description of the night…They are SO aweswome! I would go to EVERY concert if I could!! I am going to Kennedy, and Hershey. What great guys.

  10. Jill, thanks for the great article, and the “heads up” about the sizing of the t-shirts (which I will want one of)! I’m a bit on the “fluffy” side (I love that word…it sounds so cute) and will want to be sure to get one that will fit. 🙂

  11. Hi Jill, I enjoyed reading your article and I will be going to the Albany concert with my daughter and mother-in-law (3 generations!) I hope that you decide to go, the Palace theater is a beautiful, historic theater, perfect for the guys! 2500 seats approx. I can share your excitement of Piero waving to you, because when we went to see them in CT. my daughter and I made a sign, held it up and finally Gianluca saw it…pointed at it, smiled, blew us a kiss and a little wave….we screamed and blew that kiss right back at him!! So, I would tell any concert goer that if they make a sign…they just might acknowledge it. We cannot wait for the Albany concert next Tuesday, Feb. 16th, for the first time we have Meet and Greet tickets, so that will be quite an experience….I hope that I dont pass out!!!

  12. Thanks for posting my plea for a concert companion using my extra ticket on Feb. 26 at Chicago Theater. I’ll watch for a reply. If no IlVolover needs it, I may put it on StubHub by Feb. 15. I can sell it for less than the balcony tickets still for sale thru Ticketmaster. Just hate to see it go unused. Unless the Creeks rise, or the airport closes, I’m planning to be there.

    1. Thank you, Marie, for letting us know that good seats chaare still available. We got our tickets via Chicago PBS and they were wonderful. After Ticketmaster came in the picture, we wanted to get a M&G (of course), but the management changed and we had to purchase a ticket and M&G together. This is why I have two extra tickets for Chicago. The PBS tickets are wonderful , wonderful tickets. They are main floor and the section 4R, Row E and seats are 418 and 420. They are right in the center. I looked on Ticketmaster and other seats are not as good, but they are reselling $313.00 for each ticket along wiith a processing fee. If anyone is interested, please let me know. They will have a wonderful time!!!!

  13. To those posting with tickets for resale, please be very careful to PUBLICIZE you will “make a deal” because PBS let me know a couple years ago that they take this matter seriously. (i.e.) Being undersold on their own tickets as Resale. I do not know what they would do, but please check first wherever you bought them as to rules on selling them yourself. (It’s probably not as big of a deal though as if you were making money).

    1. Thanks for the warning Sharon. I think they’re ok since they are not scalping tickets and making money from the resale. If not. Lynn has bail money set aside.

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