Waiting for Ignazio ~ Mary Bohling

Don’t they look disgruntled? They have arrived in Canada and can’t find Ignazio….he has disappeared again!!
Gianluca looks worried!  That Igna just wanders off without telling them, and he should know how they worry when they don’t know where he is!  Piero doesn’t know whether to kiss him or kill him when he turns up.  Is he just being funny or did he accidentally (or on purpose) wander away?  Piero isn’t sure what to think.  His dad is obviously very upset.  Being a father and somewhat responsible for watching out for the boys in Canada, he is carrying a load of responsibility.  The guitar player seems the least upset.  He might actually welcome a respite from all of the head massaging and hanging on that Igna likes to tease him with during a performance.  The last guy might be a passerby that just thought it would be nice to sit down and join this group.
Well, whatever is going on, Ignazio is sure to turn up sometime.  Just hope it’s in time for the concert.  They really couldn’t do without him.  Maybe they need to put a bell on him like in the story of belling the cat.  He surely is hard to keep track of.  C’mon, Ignazio–have some consideration for the rest of the guys..stay with the group and BEHAVE—Oh right, I’m talking about Ignazio.  Maybe behaving is out of the question.  We love you, Igna, please don’t scare us by getting lost.
 “It’s okay, folks…This is just in fun–not a news flash.”

19 thoughts on “Waiting for Ignazio ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. He probably is in some corner taking a little nap. He seems to need a lot of sleep.
    His mama is with them so i am sure she can keep him in line.

  2. Goodness, Mary, you scared the daylights out of me. I was picturing him lying somewhere with all his valuables gone like the time that was written about in their book. Both Piero’s Papa and Gianluca look so very tired that I can readily believe that Ignazio has just slipped off to get a nap somewhere that’s quiet.

  3. US/Canada border crossing ! Checking passports! Searching bus!
    Likely looking bunch of terrorists! Gaetano looks particularly disgruntled.

  4. He’s is also worth running after, Probaby getting something to eat. Marie you should have old me earlier & I would have been there looking for him also. Good way to get another hug.

  5. Perhaps some lucky border agent wanted to frisk Ignazio one more time just to be sure he is as sweet as he is! 😉 (Just kidding, but I wouldn’t blame “her!”)

  6. They don’t look worried to me they look tired out to me. Ignazio is probably close I have a question who do you think is taking the picture maybe it’s Ignazio. himself.

    1. Thank you, Zdena for sharing this lovely seductive video with us. The scene went by all to quickly in the original video. So great to be able to enjoy it again. Right Marie????

    2. I just found this today. OMG thank you. I saw a post by Ignazio a while ago, thanking the girl (sorry don’t remember her name), her abuela (grandmother) and her boyfriend for their support in her filming this spot with him. Love the slow motion version.
      Rose Marie

  7. The last guy is the second guitar player! I remember looking at that picture a few days ago and thinking maybe he is one of the other musicians. And sure enough, last night I saw him–he is one of four musicians that are touring with them, the pianist, the drummer, and two guitar players. You’ll see him on the right side of the stage.

    1. True Penina, but I love Mary’s line “The last guy might be a passerby that just thought it would be nice to sit down and join this group.” Very funny!

      1. This guy plays in the dark so no one ever recognizes him! He is in that group photo–the one where Barbara and Caterina Boschetto are way in the back.

  8. This is really cute! I’m not getting to this till almost5:00 in the evening! Was out this AM & didn’t get home till about 2:00. Things to do so am finally getting to FB! I always have CD’s in the car, the guys go with me when I am driving!!! Everyone looks tired, I still don’t know how they keep up these schedules!!! Nice to know that Ignazio’s Mama is there too! Glad our Court Jester was not actually lost again!!! We Are Love to All!!!

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