Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Orillia, ON, Canada

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website


brrrr too cold outside even for a snow day temperatures freezing Moscow 2014
brrrr too cold outside even for a snow day temperatures freezing



Next up: Orillia, Ontario.  Stay warm, everyone!

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Amazing  Non-Concert Photos by Elen Photo by Eleonora!  Please respect her watermark…

Link:  Elen Photo by Eleonora Photo Album



Who’s 21?

This young man’s birthday is this week!  Please get your wishes to us! gianluca birthday2

19 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Orillia, ON, Canada”

    1. Joan! I read somewhere that Piero’s dad, Ignazio’s mother and Gianluca’s mother will be with them and then they will swap out parents for the second half of the tour.Whether this refers to the US/Canada only, I don’t know!
      The parents sure will be well traveled in the US! I hope they are enjoying themselves even though it’s a grueling schedule. Did you notice that Piero got to go to a hockey game?

    1. It was a packed house! They even oversold it. I don’t know how that works but that’s what I was told.

  1. How come no orchestra? Just curious? Have to get Penina’s thoughts on the concert? Great photos! The packed house looked impressive!
    Thanks Kelly and Lydka!

    1. Thanks only Kelly !! It is her work. I am not helping with posts about American Tour. So praise deserves only Kelly ! I do not want any misunderstanding.

      1. Website wrote that Maestro Diego Basso will travel and conduct with Il Volo during some of the concerts in the American Tour. Maestro Diego Basso said: “It will be a unique emotion for me to be able to conduct the guys in the most important American theatres. I will stay with them for a month, there will be many dates and for sure it will be tough; but due to the harmony that has born and the bond that unites us, it will be a pleasure – beyond an honor – to me to go on world relevant stages together with them”. And, he adds: “I will reach them for the first date in Boston at Wang Center, to continue in Wallingford , New York at Barclays Center, Washington DC at JFK Center, Chicago, Detroit at Fox Theatre and – as last date – on March 5th in Miami ”.

      2. Looks like the orchestra will be with them from Boston to Miami only. I’m disappointed about San Jose and Las Vegas, but I know I will LOVE the concerts anyway.

    2. They never travel with an orchestra–it probably costs too much. They have some sort of recorded music plus the live piano, 2 guitars and a drummer. But every now and then they have trouble with the prerecorded music. They did not sing Core N’Grato because–Ignazio told me when I asked him why they didn’t sing it–they had trouble with the music. This happened once before at a previous concert I was at. I don’t remember what song it was the earlier time but I do remember being disappointed they didn’t sing whatever it was. And not hearing Core N’Grato when I was ready to leap to my feet and shout BRAVI at the top of my lungs was a real blow!

  2. Went to the concert in Orillia with my Daughter and Granddaughter and what a great time we had, Gianluca even remembered my Granddaughter from the 2014 concert in Toronto, and brought her up front and sang to her, we also went to the meet and greet event after and it was so friendly and informal and we didn’t feel rushed, it was great, I sure hope they come back to Toronto or nearby again, It was also nice to meet some of their family and of course Barbara, I really appreciate all the people who worked so hard to make it a success.

  3. Annie! Which family members did you meet? What were the conversations ? What did you say to them? Oh, almost forgot to ask about the guys!! How did that go? Can you post photos or have Marie put in the post she’s planning with photo’s etc! Especially of your granddaughter.

    1. Piero’s Father, Ignazio’s Mother and Gianluca”s Mother, I think the only who spoke some English was Ignazio’s Mother, the guys were really friendly, I don’t really know how to post photos and where would I post them, I only do it on Facebook, so I don’t know if there is another way.

  4. I am so excited for everyone. Enjoy every minute, every second, of every concert!!!
    Weather Channel is reporting on next storm – Nacio. Coincidence??

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