Penina and the Canadian Italians

Penina’s story is next, but first I have to add these photo’s of Loretta and Ignazio at the concert the other night.

Loretta and him

Loretta sent them to me 5 times, two were duplicates.  Then she sent them to Lynn and asked Lynn to send them to me in case her’s didn’t go through.   I’m afraid if I don’t post them she’ll send them again!  Guess what she wrote on my email subject line?  “Save these to your computer.”  

IMG_1631 2

OK Loretta, I got ’em.  Here they are and they’re absolutely wonderful!  Darn!



Now, Penina at the concert:

The audience in Orillia was about 90% Italians. And not just Italians, but Italian speaking Italians! Someone in the crowd early on shouted to the guys to speak Italian. Which they eventually did, to my regret, as I missed the best joke of the night–because Ignazio said it in Italian.

I have to concur with Jill about the lights and the music accompaniment.  The lights were a real problem, they glared, they washed out, and even worse, they moved.  Just as you framed a picture, a light would wash the whole thing out.  I really think where you sit will have a big determining factor on the quality of pictures you get–and there is no knowing ahead of time whether you are in a good seat for pictures or not.  All of my pictures save one was washed out by lights.  A fellow two seats over got great pictures. The quality of the photographers certainly had some part in this!  (lol) But I refuse to believe that is the sole reason my pictures were a flop.

My one good picture
My one good picture
Very little new was sung that wasn’t an English song. The new songs in Italian listed on the Buffalo playlist (Si Me Falta Tu Mirada, L’amore Si Muove, and La Vida) were not sung. Neither was Core N’Grato to my great disappointment. On the other hand they did do Beautiful that Way and Eternally. And instead of La Vida they did Surrender. So there was a lot of old stuff here, mixed in with some new, although the only new songs outside of the duets in Italian was L’immensita, Piove and Grande Amore.


Me & Ignazio
Someone gave the guys these little hats. Gian took his off after the picture with this lady–he was worried about his hair, if what he did after he took it off is any indication! He spent the next few minutes finger combing it and fiddling around with it. Piero took his off after a little while, but Ignazio kept his on.

There was a good deal of funny stuff,
with Ignazio doing his Godfather routine, and demanding Piero kiss his hand with the ring coming at the introduction to My Way. Another funny interlude came with Piero trying to introduce Ignazio when he was about to sing Memory. However most of this dialogue was in Italian. I forgot to say, Ignazio’s mom, Caterina Boschetto was sitting directly across the aisle from me! She sneaked in after the show started and I didn’t see her come in. I noticed she was there somewhere during the program, and when Ignazio said whatever it was he said that convulsed everyone, she put her hands over her face, and shook with laughter. I wanted to say hello to her after the show, but she left the way she came–before the show was 100% over, and I didn’t see her leave.
Lousy picture of me and ignazio
Lousy picture of me and Gianluca

The meet and greet was very different! We were all herded into a space they set up in the end of the hallway outside the concert hall by blocking off a section with a big divider backdrop thing.  The photographer got us to make a big circle and he told us he would take pictures quickly, one after another, and once the pictures were done, the boys would be available to talk to us informally. The line went around, people gave quick hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc. lined up and took the pictures. What was nice about it was you saw everyone’s interactions with the guys.
Piero and me
Piero and me
There was one little old Italian grandmother with her granddaughter who had everyone in stiches.  After the group picture the granddaughter wanted a picture with them by herself and she tried to shoo her grandmother away.  But grandma was having too good of a time and wouldn’t leave.  Finally the photographer told her she should leave and she said she would leave if she could take Ignazio with her! After all the picture taking the boys just waded into the crowd, answering questions, getting hugged, taking selfies, etc. I managed to get selfies with all three of them! Piero was holding forth in a little circle of people when I came along he was telling someone about the rigors of the schedule and how happy he was his father was able to come along with him. “He brings me breakfast in bed! He makes me pasta! I would never be able to stand such a long schedule if he weren’t here with me.” Such a sweetie! And then he broke some very interesting news. He said they are doing a concert on July 1 (which I have already seen advertisements for) that will be a very special concert. Apparently July 1 is the anniversary (20th? don’t remember) of the 3 tenors first concert and Il Volo is doing a tribute concert to them, and Placido Domingo is going to be the conductor.
And he said, you are the first to know this–no one else knows! And he said it would be an international concert. Whatever that means! It sounds amazing.
And with that, time was up and all three left the area and we all went home.
Il Volo and me

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  1. Great post. I wish I had the guts to be like the grandmother who wanted to take Ignazio with her or the lady that just hugged and hugged him. I plan on being brave but I know me I get ‘formal’ and loose the opportunity.

  2. Penina, thanks a bunch! That was a hoot! Who’d have thought there would be that many Italians in Canada! Maybe by the time they get to Texas, they’ll be so tired, it will be easier to get them to ride away with me into the sunset….forget the rest of the tour! Any way I can dream, can’t I? .Glad you had such a good time!

    1. When I first moved to Toronto in the early 70s, Italians were the largest ethnic group here in the city. That remained the case until Hong Kong reverted to the Chinese in 1998-9 and many Chinese who held British citizenship emigrated to Canada. The Italians moved to one of the suburbs (Woodbridge) and so did the Chinese! There were so many Italians at this concert that the fellow sitting next to my husband looked around at one point and said, “I think all of Woodbridge is here!” Maybe not all, but a good portion of it certainly was!

  3. Thanks to Loretta and Penina! I’m disappointed that there will be so many repeats of songs they have done previously when they have so many wonderful new songs!!! La Vida and L’Amore si Muove are amoung my favorite!!!! I know just seeing th guys live is a huge treat, so complaining is silly, but we are used to expecting the songs thy have been doing at concerts in Italy and have high hopes based on what they did there. I hope and pray they stay healthy and the weather cooperates for all!!!

    1. Maybe they will do more Italian songs when the orchestra shows up, Ignazio said they didn’t sing Core N;grato because they had trouble with the music for it.

  4. Lorreta, love your photos!! They are wonderful!!!

    Penina, what a great time you had!!! Their Concerts are “The Best Day Of My Life” for each of us!!! I am so glad that GG & Iggy’s Mamas & Piero’s Papa are with them!!!

  5. What great detailed posts. Thanks so much to the contributors. An evening that will be long remembered.

  6. Penina, thanks for sharing your concert and M&G with us. Sounds and looks like you had a great time! Funny story about the Grandma.

    Loretta, I’m happy for you. Both of you have great smiles! I have to admit it though, when I first saw the pictures I wanted to scream, “LET GO LORETTA!”

  7. I don’t think here the audience will be 90% Italian so I hope they will speak in English. Glad you had such a good time Penina Joanie G

  8. Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing your time at the concert Penina! I’m sure it was wonderful. I do hope they can add some of their new songs which are so beautiful. In any event, seeing and hearing them live is a great experience!

  9. Loretta, Loretta, Loretta -what a lucky woman you are!! You and Ignazio both look so happy and content. The pictures are beautiful. And just think, you’ll get another opportunity in Vegas.

  10. Penina, this is a great review. My spell checker keeps changing your name to Peninsula, so forgive if it does it again before I send this. I am so glad the parents are with them and the m&g was more informal. Looks like everyone had a good time.

  11. Oh Loretta, you are a sly one, you cracked me up! Thank you Penina for your great report. I don’t know if I like the sound of that M&G but if it worked for you well I will hope for the same. Who took those shots of you and Ignazio? The photographer?

    1. Pirate, the one of me and Ignazio was a selfie taken by Ignazio! I managed to grab each one for a selfie. I don’t know why Marie didn’t post the one I took with Piero.
      Maybe she wanted to spare your feelings! LOL

    2. Pirate it was not contrived it was the way he took me by the shoulders. I couldn’t put my arms around his neck so I had to put my arms around his waist & there was nowhere for my head to go so I put it on his chest. I am short so it fit so well. As I said to Marie he didn’t look as if he was hurting. The couple I was with told us to turn & look at him that is the second picture & the picture of Ignazio is so wonderful. The first picture was taken by Il volo Mundial because I found it on Mundial I thought it was another picture taken by the photographer,
      I hope every who is going to any concerts next have a wonderful time & a terrific meet & greet

  12. By the way there was an orchestra in Buffao. Bu twhat browned me off they had flood light which kept coming on, there were 3 in front of the aisle I was at right at the edge of the stage
    that kept coming on periodically to block out us seeing the guys & taking pictures. The lighs were so strong that I had to put my hand up to block the brightness because I couldn’t see the stage.
    I got the feeling it was supposed to imitate the way they did the lights in Italy at heir concerts for certain songs.

  13. Thank you ladies for sharing your events. And the pictures are
    priceless…..Everyone looks so happy and no wonder, they are
    with their idols.

    1. I liked that article! NIce to have an article that focuses on only one of them sometimes. I was amused by the description of Piero as the “charisnatic” one.

  14. Thanks Penina for the info on the concert date for the tribute to the first concert of the Three Tenors (Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras), it’s for the 25th anniversary, it will be near Roma, at the Terme of Caracalla. I wish to attend, the tickets go away so fast, and they are not avalable now, I hope they’ll be soon!

    1. Since the M & G I have heard that the concert is on July 4. So I don’t know which it is, July 1 or July 4. For sure it is the first week of July! I hope you get tickets–and report back here how wonderful it was!

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