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Toronto, concert No. 1 of IL VOLO WORLD TOUR 2020, it was a success, but let’s go in order.

Let’s start with this beautiful message made by Piero in the afternoon before the concert.

IL VOLO World Tour 2020
I can assure you that I have not yet got used to the idea of doing concerts around the world. In fact, every new tour I relive it as if it were our first live performance. Adrenaline, enthusiasm and even a pinch of anxiety are always the same!
Today we kick off a new American “coast to coast” tour. We start from Toronto which was one of our first stops ten years ago.
So friends, fans, and to those who will see us for the first time live, get ready because we are all going to meet again in this crazy adventure.
The stage awaits us, so let’s sing all together.


Toronto 01

Really sweet Piero. ❤️

But here we are on the evening of the concert. The photos and videos that have come to us are beautiful, many people full of enthusiasm.

Thanks also to Eleonora Ginoble who made some excellent shots.

Toronto 02

Toronto 03

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, elegant and in excellent shape, have bewitched all the audience who have reacted with such affection.

Toronto 04

Toronto 05

Toronto 06

Even the master Grani came to accompany them !!

Toronto 07

But let’s see some amateur videos.












Gianluca goes down into the audience, fantastic


incredible Piero



Some joking on stage

The End

More photos

Toronto 08

Toronto 09

Toronto 10

Toronto 11

And here are the first impressions of Penina Honig, who was present at the concert.

The first concert is now over. It was a smashing success played to a packed house. I am traveling today and doubt if I will have the time to write a full report but I will say here that there were NO Italian solos with the exception of No Puede Ser. Ignazio sang Memories and Tonight and Gian sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters and She’s Always a Woman.

Piero’s other solo was Love Story. While those are beautiful it was disappointing not to hear the two we were all hoping to hear, namely Mi Mancherai and Almeno Tu Nell’universo.The only song from Musica they sang was Musica Che Resta. It was a beautiful concert, the guys were full of energy, Iganzio was at his funniest, Piero had some silly moments and the crowd loved every minute.

Gotta run! If I have time I write a better article and send it to the new address.
I didn’t meet anyone although I did bump into Loretta in the hallway on the way home.

Toronto 12

It seems to me that it was a great success!

I went through the photos of the Meet & Greet, I don’t know all of you personally, but some do, and I’m sure this is Loretta Foley with her son. Well Loretta, once again you managed to take the photo close to the boys and close to Ignazio! 😄

Toronto 13

It was a very beautiful event!!

Grazie mille, Penina, for your report.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, you are fantastic, your voices never disappoint.
And now go fast for the second stage of the tour: LAVAL.


Toronto 14


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


That’s right, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca: IL VOLO,  are leaving for the tour and their destination is AMERICA !!!!

Finally the long-awaited time has arrived, a few more days and they will perform in their first stop in Toronto and then there will be a continuous succession of concerts in different cities.

I think I interpret that the patience of the long wait has left you, and a frenzied agitation has taken over that leads to joy, to finally be able to see them live and to be able to have the emotion of a whole concert with them.

Best Of 01

Do you have your tickets ready ??

Please dear friends, to communicate your wishes, write me the date and the city of the concert where you will go and let me know the three absolutely favorite songs of all, which you would certainly like to listen to (they can also be solos). Pat will be able to make a list and ranking of favorite songs.

It will be interesting to find out what you would like to hear.

Best Of 02

Are you all ready to dance and sing with Il Volo?

Are you ready for a shot, a warm hug, a sweet kiss, or to make a tug of ears at these tender brats?

How about a hug like this from Piero ???? It would be magnificent!

Best Of 03

In this article by Antonella Esposito, the start of the new tour is announced, I translate for you:

ZON.it Article – Click Here

The celebrations for the first 10 years of Il Volo’s career continue. The trio that bewitched the world, setting record sales and sell outs, from January 2020 will be engaged in a series of live events. It starts with the “North American Tour”. From 28 January to March the Il Volo boys will perform in the most important symbolic places of world music.

Touching sacred temples of art, such as the Radio City Music Hall in New York, (February 6th) Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will delight the ears and hearts of a multigenerational audience that for a decade now has been following them with affection and admiration. In June and July it will be the turn of Germany and Poland with the addition of new stages to a calendar full of commitments. Summer will mark the return of the group to Italy, with two dates in Verona in August and two dates in September in Taormina.

November and December will sign a really important tour which today has 37 dates, without excluding any additions. Turin, then Milan, to end in the capital on December 4th. A riot of live events not to be missed. Everything is ready for the first stop, on January 28th, in Toronto, from the prestigious Meridian Hall, the guys from Il Volo will perform for the Canadian public. Fasten your seat belts, let’s go. The journey of Il Volo begins, the most important one, the Best of, proud banner of a journey that began 10 years ago and which still today tells credible stories of sacrifice, passion and gratification.

Best Of 04

By the way, have you all heard of the beautiful IL VOLO FAN FAIRE DINNER that Jeannette Giglio is organizing for March 15th at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas??

It will be a beautiful event and there will be an opportunity for you fans to get to know each other personally and maybe even some surprises !!

Best Of 05

I have another request for you.

For those who go to a concert, please write your impressions, for better or for worse, even a few lines, which we will then publish and it will be interesting to read the differences between one concert and another.

Also tell us about the fans you met at the various concerts.

Best Of 06

So Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are closing their bags, in a few hours they will leave.

Are you all ready for your concerts?

It will be awesome!!

I await your comments.



Credit to owners of all photos and video.


Penina and the Canadian Italians

Penina’s story is next, but first I have to add these photo’s of Loretta and Ignazio at the concert the other night.

Loretta and him

Loretta sent them to me 5 times, two were duplicates.  Then she sent them to Lynn and asked Lynn to send them to me in case her’s didn’t go through.   I’m afraid if I don’t post them she’ll send them again!  Guess what she wrote on my email subject line?  “Save these to your computer.”  

IMG_1631 2

OK Loretta, I got ’em.  Here they are and they’re absolutely wonderful!  Darn!



Now, Penina at the concert:

The audience in Orillia was about 90% Italians. And not just Italians, but Italian speaking Italians! Someone in the crowd early on shouted to the guys to speak Italian. Which they eventually did, to my regret, as I missed the best joke of the night–because Ignazio said it in Italian.

I have to concur with Jill about the lights and the music accompaniment.  The lights were a real problem, they glared, they washed out, and even worse, they moved.  Just as you framed a picture, a light would wash the whole thing out.  I really think where you sit will have a big determining factor on the quality of pictures you get–and there is no knowing ahead of time whether you are in a good seat for pictures or not.  All of my pictures save one was washed out by lights.  A fellow two seats over got great pictures. The quality of the photographers certainly had some part in this!  (lol) But I refuse to believe that is the sole reason my pictures were a flop.

My one good picture
My one good picture
Very little new was sung that wasn’t an English song. The new songs in Italian listed on the Buffalo playlist (Si Me Falta Tu Mirada, L’amore Si Muove, and La Vida) were not sung. Neither was Core N’Grato to my great disappointment. On the other hand they did do Beautiful that Way and Eternally. And instead of La Vida they did Surrender. So there was a lot of old stuff here, mixed in with some new, although the only new songs outside of the duets in Italian was L’immensita, Piove and Grande Amore.


Me & Ignazio
Someone gave the guys these little hats. Gian took his off after the picture with this lady–he was worried about his hair, if what he did after he took it off is any indication! He spent the next few minutes finger combing it and fiddling around with it. Piero took his off after a little while, but Ignazio kept his on.

There was a good deal of funny stuff,
with Ignazio doing his Godfather routine, and demanding Piero kiss his hand with the ring coming at the introduction to My Way. Another funny interlude came with Piero trying to introduce Ignazio when he was about to sing Memory. However most of this dialogue was in Italian. I forgot to say, Ignazio’s mom, Caterina Boschetto was sitting directly across the aisle from me! She sneaked in after the show started and I didn’t see her come in. I noticed she was there somewhere during the program, and when Ignazio said whatever it was he said that convulsed everyone, she put her hands over her face, and shook with laughter. I wanted to say hello to her after the show, but she left the way she came–before the show was 100% over, and I didn’t see her leave.
Lousy picture of me and ignazio
Lousy picture of me and Gianluca

The meet and greet was very different! We were all herded into a space they set up in the end of the hallway outside the concert hall by blocking off a section with a big divider backdrop thing.  The photographer got us to make a big circle and he told us he would take pictures quickly, one after another, and once the pictures were done, the boys would be available to talk to us informally. The line went around, people gave quick hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc. lined up and took the pictures. What was nice about it was you saw everyone’s interactions with the guys.
Piero and me
Piero and me
There was one little old Italian grandmother with her granddaughter who had everyone in stiches.  After the group picture the granddaughter wanted a picture with them by herself and she tried to shoo her grandmother away.  But grandma was having too good of a time and wouldn’t leave.  Finally the photographer told her she should leave and she said she would leave if she could take Ignazio with her! After all the picture taking the boys just waded into the crowd, answering questions, getting hugged, taking selfies, etc. I managed to get selfies with all three of them! Piero was holding forth in a little circle of people when I came along he was telling someone about the rigors of the schedule and how happy he was his father was able to come along with him. “He brings me breakfast in bed! He makes me pasta! I would never be able to stand such a long schedule if he weren’t here with me.” Such a sweetie! And then he broke some very interesting news. He said they are doing a concert on July 1 (which I have already seen advertisements for) that will be a very special concert. Apparently July 1 is the anniversary (20th? don’t remember) of the 3 tenors first concert and Il Volo is doing a tribute concert to them, and Placido Domingo is going to be the conductor.
And he said, you are the first to know this–no one else knows! And he said it would be an international concert. Whatever that means! It sounds amazing.
And with that, time was up and all three left the area and we all went home.
Il Volo and me