Toronto, concert No. 1 of IL VOLO WORLD TOUR 2020, it was a success, but let’s go in order.

Let’s start with this beautiful message made by Piero in the afternoon before the concert.

IL VOLO World Tour 2020
I can assure you that I have not yet got used to the idea of doing concerts around the world. In fact, every new tour I relive it as if it were our first live performance. Adrenaline, enthusiasm and even a pinch of anxiety are always the same!
Today we kick off a new American “coast to coast” tour. We start from Toronto which was one of our first stops ten years ago.
So friends, fans, and to those who will see us for the first time live, get ready because we are all going to meet again in this crazy adventure.
The stage awaits us, so let’s sing all together.


Toronto 01

Really sweet Piero. ❤️

But here we are on the evening of the concert. The photos and videos that have come to us are beautiful, many people full of enthusiasm.

Thanks also to Eleonora Ginoble who made some excellent shots.

Toronto 02

Toronto 03

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, elegant and in excellent shape, have bewitched all the audience who have reacted with such affection.

Toronto 04

Toronto 05

Toronto 06

Even the master Grani came to accompany them !!

Toronto 07

But let’s see some amateur videos.












Gianluca goes down into the audience, fantastic


incredible Piero



Some joking on stage

The End

More photos

Toronto 08

Toronto 09

Toronto 10

Toronto 11

And here are the first impressions of Penina Honig, who was present at the concert.

The first concert is now over. It was a smashing success played to a packed house. I am traveling today and doubt if I will have the time to write a full report but I will say here that there were NO Italian solos with the exception of No Puede Ser. Ignazio sang Memories and Tonight and Gian sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters and She’s Always a Woman.

Piero’s other solo was Love Story. While those are beautiful it was disappointing not to hear the two we were all hoping to hear, namely Mi Mancherai and Almeno Tu Nell’universo.The only song from Musica they sang was Musica Che Resta. It was a beautiful concert, the guys were full of energy, Iganzio was at his funniest, Piero had some silly moments and the crowd loved every minute.

Gotta run! If I have time I write a better article and send it to the new address.
I didn’t meet anyone although I did bump into Loretta in the hallway on the way home.

Toronto 12

It seems to me that it was a great success!

I went through the photos of the Meet & Greet, I don’t know all of you personally, but some do, and I’m sure this is Loretta Foley with her son. Well Loretta, once again you managed to take the photo close to the boys and close to Ignazio! 😄

Toronto 13

It was a very beautiful event!!

Grazie mille, Penina, for your report.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, you are fantastic, your voices never disappoint.
And now go fast for the second stage of the tour: LAVAL.


Toronto 14


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

45 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: TORONTO by Daniela”

  1. Piero, do not worry. You will be great, you voice is perfect and we love you guys. They say the great performer’s always have anxiety before a performance. il volo will be great. God has blessed you. Love always. One of your most devoted fans. Great Grandmother Helen

    1. Sara or great-grandmother Helen, Piero (as well as Gian and Ignazio) has that hint of anxiety, which makes us understand, the humility with which these guys come. And we like this.

  2. What a great start of their American tour! Thank you for your impressions. It is a little disappointing to hear that they don’t sing the Italian solos. Good intentions on our boys part to sing in the language of the audience, but I hope someone tells them that we love Italian!! I guess we just have to make plans to travel to Italy for their concerts 😘 In the meantime I only have to wait 16 more days until I see them in Chicago 😁🤩🤩🤩

    1. Just to clarify it, I love everything they sing no matter what language….Ignazio can sing a shopping list -haha🤪-and I would love it 😘🥰❣

      1. Anna, I agree, Ignazio could sing a shopping list and I would love it as well. Penina, I do appreciate the writing of the concert and the song titles. I am more than a little surprised about 2 of the song choices of- She’s Always A WomanTo Me and Tonight. I have heard mentioned that Il Volo studies the audiences opinion of the songs they perform, so I am really surprised about those 2 choices. They have sung so many powerful songs and have a huge repertoire. I will love it any way when I see them in March.

      1. Oh but they’re wrong about that! Even if we don’t understand Italian, it just sounds somehow better, romantic and most of all authentic coming from them. And besides, when you look at Ignazio’s face when he’s singing, meaning of any song comes out loud and clear. You feel his soul. But in any language they are magnificent. 🥰❤

      2. I love hearing them sing in Italian. It doesn’t matter that I don’t understand a word of it. It’s beautiful. We hear English all the time.

  3. “My Guys” I have put that handle on them! I will be seeing them in a month in Arizona. Whatever songs they choose is fine with me, I enjoy all of them even when I don’t understand the words. They are super entertainers and besides their songs, they have personality plus. This will be my first concert and not up close to the stage, but I would love to give them a hug. I wish you and your family joy and good health and enjoy America while you are here. Thank you for your wonderful songs, the heart you put into them, and most of all, the fun and camaraderie you have when performing. Thank you IL Volo for bringing sunshine into my world and also a thank you to Daniela who does s superb job writing your stories. See ya in Arizona…. love and hugs to “my guys”!

  4. I never dreamed that Ignazio would not sing Almeno Tu Nell’universo. I love Memories too. I love Smile! I love them and look forward to seeing/hearing them in Atlanta, GA!

      1. We all have to tell them at the meet and greets! Every one of us! Maybe they will get the message…

  5. Disappointing that Gianluca would not sing Mi Mancherai. I think that is the best solo I have ever heard him sing. Maybe because he didn’t have Alessandro Quarta there who did play a big part in that. However, whatever they sing is fine with me. I’m just glad to get a chance to see them again.

    1. Susan, I tried to get the message that “I MISS YOU” would be perfect in every way.
      I am still convinced that Alessandro Quarta will be in a concert.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful article and all the videos My time is getting closer Hope they sing more Italian songs by the time they get to Florida After they hear that fans want more Italian songs they maybe will put a few more in No matter what they sing is good but most of us fell in love with them when they sang Italian songs even though a lot of us don’t understand a word the music is so wonderful

  7. Hi Daniela,
    I loved the videos and the guys loved the audience reaction to them on stage.
    I hope Master Grani will be in Las Vegas with them, he is so talented and his personality is a perfect match with the guys.

  8. Daniela, I am happy to see you back writing for the flight crew… I know you needed your time away as did I… I am back and back in time of the start of the Il Volo Concerts in the USA… Thank you for this article… As always a magnificent job… We love and appreciate you my sweet friend…

    1. Dear Jeannette, I have been distant, due to family problems and also to a move. But now I’m here!
      How’s your shoulder recovery going? Painful, isn’t it?
      Soon you will enjoy the beautiful concerts of IL VOLO. You read that in my previous post, I speak of the dinner you are organizing in Las Vegas, it will be beautiful !! I am very happy for all of you. 🙂

  9. What a surprise to see my mom (Loretta Foley) and myself’s picture from Toronto concert on the blog..
    We both had an amazing time while in Toronto
    Mom was so Thrilled and HAPPY !!
    Tonight we see the boys again, but in Laval Quebec…
    and she gets to hug Ignacio and the boys all over again
    What a great 10 years of music concert these guys performed..
    Their voices have improved so much over the past 10 years… it was also fabulous hearing their solo musical talents too..

    1. Steven, it was a pleasure to see your photo, but I was in doubt to publish it, because I was afraid that you didn’t want to. But now I thank you, because you were pleased to see your photo. I am really happy that Loretta had her concert and you also repeated with Laval. From your words, I feel satisfied with the performance of the boys, but I had no doubt, but in any case it is very nice to hear him say it. Thanks again and say hello to Loretta!
      You are a son’s treasure, you have fulfilled your mother’s wish !!!

  10. I love Il Volo. I have listened to them every day for 8 years–in the car–on walks. I also hope they sing more of the Italian songs that we all love by the time they get to San Rafael CA. They are Italian–they brought back and sing the “bel canto”–why not showcase it!!!!!

    1. Lynn, sometimes the most obvious things seem trivial, you’re right, Il Volo has brought back the “belcanto”, but they are afraid that not everyone will like more Italian songs, mistake !!

      1. It seems that we of the Flight Crew want the Italian songs. Il Volo’s first PBS presentation was almost all Italian and we were hooked. Maybe unbeknownst to us, since they have over a million followers, other people feel differently and want more English songs. Maybe a solution would be to sing some songs in both Italian and English, like Anema e Core. They have such a large repertoire maybe they could please all of us.
        At any rate, in the end, we so love them we’ll love anything they do, even singing the signs on the road as their bus goes by.

  11. I’m sure whatever they sing will be wonderful, but I too wish they would sing more of the Italian songs. There are people that want the English songs but they are the minority. I know fans have told them but they listen to their advisors instead. I would be an advisor for free.. I would also love to see Alessandro Quarts join them on the tour. That would be awesome!

    1. Laura, when the CD MUSICA CHE RESTA was released, at the instore, I told the boys that Americans want more songs from the last CD, and in particular more Italian songs. They are afraid of exaggerating!

  12. A great start for Il volo and 2020, our year cannot go wrong if we read and see all of this. Every time we are surprised how much energy and love they radiate to their fans. I am already looking forward to seeing them myself, I have to wait until June. you are doing well, we love that boy, how they achieve everything, PROFICIAT

  13. Thank you for following us so that we can experience this from a distance. Wait a little while for me, but it is really great to see how many fans are happy now. I admire these men. Their spontaneity, their energy, their laughter, hearing their voices make us happy every day

    1. Claudine, a really good start and surely the whole tour will be like this.
      I also think every time: “but how much energy” and I am moved as the first time, they are really strong !!

  14. Wonderful begining of the tour 😍. I’m sure that all the concerts will be great as always. People love them because it’s impossilbe not to love these wonderful guys. Thank you Daniela for sharing the beautiful photos and videos 🤗

  15. I hope they are resting at Foxwoods. Looking forward to whatever Igna has in store foe us. Thank you, Daniela.

    1. Hi Daniela,
      We were just saying that there is never any sound check reservations in the United States, and now we get emails telling the people in Mashantucket that they can get tickets for the sound check.
      Maybe they will have them in a lot of other places in the US also🙂

  16. This year’s Dallas concert will be my third time. I did Dallas years ago and then Las Vegas. I love the boys but I am also disappointed that they did not bring some new songs. Everyone loves the Italian songs and some of us love their Spanish ones. I know the younger generation would have loved some of their “less classic” songs. Wish people would allow these young men to have more then one career. Sorry but I had to vent.

    1. Regina, I am sure that when they arrive in Dallas, something in the lineup will have changed, I hope for some more Italian songs but surely there will be more Spanish songs.

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