The First “Who’s Going Where!?” and a few other details…

Ok folks!  First, thank you to everyone that sent in things to the new email address!  We got a few of you letting us know where you’ll be, but I know there is a lot more of you out there!  Here is the info for the first 3 US concerts:

Joanne Wolff


Julie Bernache
Anne Marie Prior and cousin
Roxanne Pappas


Leslie Kinn
Rose Marie Paliobeis


Ok, I’m sure there are more of you going to New York, because it is sold out!!  So, please respond on this post if you want to meet up with any other Flight Crew fans.  It is up to you to make arrangements, etc.

Several have asked about Vegas.  There is no “official” Fan Faire this time, although Jeannette Giglio has arranged and reserved dinner for a group of about 50 at the Palms restaurant, The Lucky Penny for dinner before the concert.  They will allow seating, starting at 3:30p.  I believe concert is at 8p.  If you are interested in attending, please email Jeannette at:, so she can keep track of the number for the reservation.

And speaking of Vegas…. I will be travelling from MI alone, to Vegas.  I will arrive Fri night and going home on the red eye on Monday. 🙁  I have booked Fri/Sat at the Jockey Suites, which is next to the Bellagio, right on the strip, and Sunday at the Palms.   Rooms for Fri/Sat are a tad over $400 for both nights and they are currently sold out.  SO, if there is anyone thinking about going at the last minute and is looking for a room, please let me know by emailing me at the Flight Crew email below, as I’d be happy to have a roomie to share the cost!  🙂   I upgraded at the Palms for a Studio Suite.  Both hotel rooms have a full kitchenette.  The Palms is totally non-smoking in the Palms Place. 


Ok, for those of you that are fan club members, we got a surprise email today stating they would be doing soundchecks in the US on this tour!  I tried to go in there and it just took me to the renewal site and I couldn’t get much anywhere else that said anything about the soundcheck for Mashantucket?  So, it still remains a mystery!!


That’s all for now…..  Again, our new email address is: 🙂





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  1. I am going to BB&T in Sunrise Florida on February 22nd along with 2 friends new to Il Volo. Will there be any other Il Volover going to this concert ? Really looking forward to the concert !!

  2. Hi! Linda, Admin for Il Volo American Fan Group We Are Love. We joined with Jeannette in setting up the pre party for Vegas. We have about 25 or more attending from our group! Cannot wait!

  3. j
    Jana, thank you for your post 2/1/29. I am attending the February 6th Il Volo performance at Radio Music Hall. I am a fan club member. I do not know the new email address, I have 3 VIP tickets.
    Can you please let me know how I can make the most of my attendance at the concert?

    With sincere thanks,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Wow, that’s awesome and what a great question! A few suggestions….
      First, just take it all in and then close your eyes. Listen…. embed it into your mind, open your eyes again and look all around you. Remember all of the sights and sounds; people and laughter.

      If you have meet greet tickets and this is your first time. Be prepared with what you will say to each one. Decide who you want to be near when it’s time to take the picture. Practice what you will say. Envision your time and hugs. You will have about 30 to 45 seconds!

      If you are very close, try to look into their eyes.

      Take a few pictures, but don’t ruin your time trying to take pictures, relax and enjoy the show. 🙂

      Hope this helps…. jana

  4. Ciao Jana , Thank you for the updated email address:
    I will be attending 5 concerts , beginning with RCMH, Washington, Tampa , Dallas and of course Vegas.
    Hoping to meet many of IL Volo lovers at all of the concerts .IL Volo per sempre..
    Many Thanks !!

  5. I will be attending Il Volo’s concert at Radio City Music Hall and will be going with one of my sons to see them in Bethlehem on Gianluca’s birthday. I would appreciate any information about the soundchecks which hopefully they will have at these venues. I believe I have read that once you go in for the soundcheck, you must stay there until the show begins. I know you must be a member of their Fan Club and notices will be sent if they are having them.

    1. Gosh, I hope you aren’t still waiting in Canada? They were already there in Toronto and Quebec. Now it’s on to the USA. Pick a venue, there are lots of remaining tickets!

  6. I wish ILVOLO would have their concerts in New England in late Spring or early Summer. Feb. and March can bring very bad winter storms to that area.

    1. I know, I remember last time they had to cancel Boston! 🙁 But no snow this year! WE can’t figure it out either…?

  7. I will be attending the concert along with the sound check with my husband at Foxwoods tonight. We will also be attending the concert and meet and greet in Boston Monday night. We are very much looking forward to both concerts!

    1. Diane Fusco, I am also going to Atlanta, Georgia concert on Feb. 17th. I do not have a M & G for this concert. Would love to meet you. Where is your seat? My seat is C-FT OR, Row K, seat 108.

      1. I’ll be going to RCMH with a friend new to ilvolo. Would love to meet other ilvolovers there. Don’t think i will be going to soundcheck but planning on getting there early.


    I will be attending Mashantucket, CT tonight 2/1 and Boston on 2/3, both with Meet & Greets.

    Stay tuned for more!

  9. Sound check is being announced a couple days before the concert and has to be booked by 11am the day of the concert. Only Boston one up right now.


    To participate you need:

    book on the following form
    print the reservation (or have it on your smartphone)
    hold the physical concert ticket (or equivalent digital ticket to present at the entrance to access)
    that the name displayed on your profile corresponds to that written on your identity card (Please update your profile if the names do not match)
    show us a valid ID

    access to the soundcheck is reserved only for members of the Fan Club (accompanying persons without membership of the Fan Club cannot participate. The minimum age allowed to join the Official Fan Club of Il Volo is 13 years.)
    an adult enrolled in the Fan Club who has a child under the age of 13 who is NOT a Fan Club member, can participate in the soundcheck bringing the child with him ONLY IF both of them have valid identity documents and concert tickets.
    to enter the building your tickets will be validated, so at the end of the soundcheck you can go to position yourself in the places you have purchased
    A card is NOT required to make a reservation and take advantage of te initiative
    each booking is strictly personal, is nominal and cannot be transferred to third parties

      1. I had the same thought, but I know I am good until at least June or longer? I remember I checked to make sure when we were going to Italy? I sent them a note saying all I could see was the registration page. They are probably getting swamped with soundcheck questions! 🙂

  10. I’m going to Atlanta Feb and would love to go to sound check. Any information?
    Thanks Irene

  11. I am going to Las Vegas concert. I am also helping with the dinner set-up at The Lucky Penny which is in the same hotel as the concert – The Palms hotel in the Pearl Theater.

  12. So excited!!! This will be my FIRST il volo experience 🙂 🙂
    Hoping to snag a solo ticket for Chicago and HOPING to meet some you there!!!! ~maria

  13. Thank you for all the information! I love the guys so much…Gianluca is in my poor heart for all time.💙

  14. Will be attending only one concert this year. The Feb 22nd concert in Ft. Lauderdale (front row center!) Been to too many to count. Lucky me!

    Thank you, Jana.

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